About Tule

Tule Publishing is a small publishing house that focuses on authors. Our emphasis is e-publishing first, then print for selected titles. Tule’s publishing calendar is rapidly filling for 2015, but we are still accepting submissions for 2015 and beginning to plan ahead for 2016.

Tule is:

  • A full-service publisher. We pay for professional editing, cover art, formatting, e-conversion, marketing support, social media.
  • Selective. We do not accept every submission.
  • Generous. Our contracts for accepted work yield high percentages for the author.

Tule is not:

  • A self-publisher. We accept only manuscripts that fit our quality standards and imprint descriptions.
  • A cooperative publisher. We require no financial input from you, just quality writing and marketable books.
  • A volunteer operation. We employ experienced professionals to edit, format, e-convert, publish, and market your manuscript in the most successful way possible.

How do I submit to Tule?

  • Familiarize yourself with our imprints.
  • Select the imprint you are submitting for.
  • Send us your bio (with links to any websites or social media you have).
  • Send us a synopsis of your book and a first chapter.
  • We don’t require that you have an agent, but if you do, send us the contact information and we can forward a copy of our author contract.

When you’re ready, send your submissions to: