Meet the McLaughlins!

Hello Tule Blog!

I’m so excited that Tule has given my McLaughlins series a new home with beautiful new covers, and new titles. If you’re new to the series, or here for the insight, stick around and read more about the McLaughlin family, the pub they run, and the Island they call home.

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Why IN THE LINE OF FIRE’s Jett Smith-Jones Will Be Your New Favorite Book Boyfriend!

I adore my job, it’s the best thing ever and I absolutely love writing action romance, it’s such a fun way to spend my time. I mean, who doesn’t like to hang out with feisty woman and sexy, smart and capable men who can kick a$$? My hero in In The Line Of Fire, Jett Smith-Jones, has a master’s degree in kicking butt all over the globe. He’s former Delta, and a legend in the specs-ops community and, because he has more money than God, Smith Stone, the billionaire owner of Pytheon Security is the only person who can afford to pay for his particular skill set. Jett has one job, to track down The Recruiter, a shadowy international mastermind who is determined to bring Pytheon International down.

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Join Leigh Ann Edwards on a European Vacation!

I am really pleased to be featured on Tule’s blog today. I’m also very excited for the release of“A Witch’s Life”, book five in The Irish Witch Series. I’ve heard readers are impatiently awaiting what is in store for Alainn and Killian since the cliff-hangar ending of book four shocked even those who have followed the books since the beginning. I’m thrilled there are so many invested in my characters and their powerful love story, and while I promise there will be answers soon, in keeping with the series, there are likely to be more mysteries arise as well.

My husband and I have recently returned from a trip to the UK and Ireland. He is originally from a small city near Manchester England and still has family there. Since he hadn’t celebrated Christmas with them for eleven years, I am happy we were able to be there in December.

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Mallory Kane says ‘Let the Good Times Roll!’

There is a city in the United States that claims the distinction of the most unique city in the country. New Orleans has a multicultural history. The Spanish influence, the organically strong French influence, and perhaps most of all, the influence of the Acadians who settled there and are now called Cajuns have created a delicious étouffée that is called The City That Care Forgot. New Orleans has other nicknames too: The Big Easy, The Crescent City, City of Saints and Sinners, and Cut Throat City. There are more, but these are the most common. Obviously, this incredible area makes a fascinating backdrop for fiction, especially romantic suspense.

Authors love to choose particular settings for their books. It gives the books a continuity, gives the characters a sense of community, and allows the author to use landmarks and sensuous descriptions that help the reader feel at home in the stories. My setting of choice is New Orleans, for many reasons.

The historical Vieux Carré, or French Quarter, in the heart of the city on the Mississippi River, includes everything from the most elegant restaurants to the most dangerous streets in the city. I’ve used the vodun, or voodoo, shops, shotgun houses, fancy clubs, secret rooms for illegal gambling, abandoned warehouses, and the infamous Bourbon Street many times in my books.

The places are not the only things that make New Orleans such an interesting setting for romantic and suspenseful novels. The very smell of New Orleans is unique. The fishy, muddy smell of the river, combined with the pervasive scent of the spices used in Cajun cuisine, the faint odor of garbage and a slight waft of smoke from the boats in the port of New Orleans make the air in the French Quarter immediately recognizable. And, believe it or not, the odor is not disagreeable.

Ironically, the Eighth District building of the New Orleans Police Department, often called the Eighth Precinct, is located on Royal Street in the French Quarter, one block from Bourbon Street. The building is attractive and welcoming, with wrought iron decorative fences, white pillars and a lovely entrance. The fact that it’s in the middle of the Quarter is enough to spark lots of plot turns and suspenseful scenes.

The streetcars, including the famous one named Desire, named for Desire Street, run throughout the Quarter and the city–excellent for getaway scenes. Also, the idea of Streetcar Named Desire is also a provocative source of ideas.

New Orleans is a survivor. The City That Care Forgot is like an old madame who has been been through too much in her life, but still maintains a threadbare elegance that is heroic, admirable and constantly and continually unique and lovable.

I had the opportunity to write an eleven book series based on the concept of grandchildren of a prominent and infamous politician in Louisiana. In those books, the Delancey Dynasty, I explored how they coped with notoriety, love and the mystery of how their grandfather died. A real-life prominent and infamous Louisiana politician, Huey P. Long, gave me the original idea.

Now I’m writing a series called Louisiana Lawmen. These are three books featuring three honorable and hunky law enforcement officers in the NOPD who are dedicated to the people they have sworn to protect. No Hero is the first book, featuring Detective Devereux Gautier. A battered runaway child himself, he is committed to rescuing as many homeless teens in the city that he can. Reghan Connor is committed to prove that Dev is a liar and a fraud. The second book is called No Saint. Detective Rick Easterling admits that he is no saint. When he falls for a lovely waitress in a bar that’s a front for a Drug Lord, little does he know that Lusinda is an undercover cop who is out to prove that he’s on the take. Danny DeLuca is the third dedicated law enforcement officer in No Angel. He’s an FBI agent who travels to New Orleans in search of a dangerous serial killer. As he gets closer and closer to the killer, he finds himself falling more and more in love with the only victim who escaped the clutches of the New Moon Killer.

No Hero is out now. No Saint is due for release on January 29, 2018 and No Angel is scheduled for March 5, 2018. I hope you will travel with me to New Orleans, Louisiana, and that you will love these heroic lawmen as much as I do.

Mallory Kane

A Look Inside Kadie Scott’s Inspiration for Saving the Sheriff

Anyone else out there a Pinterest nut? I use it mostly to pin tons of inspiration for my books. My new release, Saving the Sheriff, is included in this pile of inspirational photos. I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite piece of inspiration with you…

Meet Holly Jensen

Holly is an odd combination of small-town Texas girl (and large animal vet) and gypsy free spirit who dresses and dances to the beat of her own drum. Jeans and boots at work, flowing skirts and lots of color on her off time. Holly has lost everyone she loved, leaving her very alone. But maybe a certain Sheriff can come fill that hole in her heart…






Meet Sheriff Cash Hill

Cash is your standard gorgeous young Sheriff. His stand-out feature is his eyes—the Hill blue eyes (and boy does my inspiration have those). Gruff and standoffish, but by circumstance not by nature, poor Cash has had his heart and his life stomped all over. Now his only focus is his job and his daughter. Maybe Holly can help him start living again…





Travel to Texas Hill Country



I grew up in the Texas Hill Country, and so, of course, had to set my stories there. I moved here when I was 8, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t what I picutres (desert, flat, dry). This gorgeous land is anything but with rolling green hills, trees, and, in the spring, blankets of wildflowers.

BTW… It’s not a coincidence that Cash’s family name is Hill, it’s set in the hills of Texas, the town is called La Colina (the hill in Spanish), and the series is named “The Hills of Texas.” Too much? Lol.


Real Texas Dancing

Okay… It drives me bananas that movies and media portray country dancing as line dancing. Here, at least, most of the time it is NOT. Instead it’s a usually two-stepping or sometimes a Texas style of jitterbugging. This video is of the Texas Aggie Wranglers. They’re a performance team, so obviously better than much of what you see in a country & western club. But actually, I see these moves often at these places. So, to set the record straight, Cash and Holly demonstrate and the local dance in the book.

And More…

I hope you had fun seeing some of my inspiration.

By the way… if you want to guess at what’s coming up with the next book in the Hills of Texas series—Resisting the Rancher—which is coming in April, check out the newer pins in the series board:




Our Favorite Swoon-worthy Moments!

5. Finn Surprises Willa at the Airport – A Bramble House Christmas by C.J. Carmichael 

This is probably our favorite airport scene EVER! Finn manages to surprise Willa and            Scout at the airport, proving his devotion and love to both of them.

Best line: “Finally, add most importantly, he was looking at her as if he knew her. No. Not as if he knew her. As if he loved her.”


4. Sutter Asks Dawson to Marry Her – A Country Love Song by Sinclair Jayne

Sutter and Dawson’s romance is one of our all-time favorites. They meet in the rain both wanting the other to commit to starting a new life with each other.

Best line: “Dawson Yates, ask me right now because you’re making me crazy and I’m freezing wet and…and I was afraid you were never going to ask, and Blue said I shouldn’t be so old-fashioned and ask you myself because I dreamed of this moment since, well, forever.”


3. Logan Savors His Second Chance with Arabella – Hot Mess by Amy Andrews

Logan and Arabella’s romance is so great, they had to have it twice. A reunion romance ALWAYS tugs at our heartstrings.

Best line: “I never thought I’d get a second chance at a first time with you.”


2. Cody’s Big Gesture – Cody by Megan Crane

Cody returns back to surprise Skylar in Marietta at Grey’s Saloon, he’s left the American Extreme Bull Riders tour to prove that he cares for Skylar.

Best line: “I ride bulls,” Cody growled. “My life is a grand gesture.”


1. Charlotte Steals the Deputy’s Heart – Tempting the Deputy by Heidi Rice

Charlotte runs away, worrying she’ll never be enough for Logan. The only option for Logan is chase after her, stealing a police car in the process. When he finally catches her with the sirens blaring, he tells her that she’s everything and more.

Best line: “And you made me see that what I had wasn’t living, it was existing. You made me want more, Charlotte, so much more. And that more is you.”

How Michael Phelps Inspired On the Edge!

I wanted to write about that guy, the one with zero time for anyone or anything except his own interests.”

When the winter Olympics came to Vancouver in 2010, I heard something that might have been urban legend, but it sparked my imagination. The rumor was, bowls of condoms had been set out in the athlete’s village and they had disappeared at an alarming rate.

The assumption was that athletes from less progressive countries were stocking up, but the very idea that bowls of condoms had been set out like bonbons on end-tables made me highly curious about what went on behind those walls.

I started thinking about all those healthy, ripped, gorgeous athletes meeting strangers who were also in peak condition. Maybe they didn’t speak the same language, but they lived the same lives of pursuing excellence. They all wanted release from the pressure of training four years for the most important competition of their lives, maybe needed comfort if things hadn’t gone as well as they hoped….

I tucked that idea in my back pocket and brought it out when I started writing On The Edge, the first book in my new series for Montana Born, Blue Spruce Lodge. I loved the idea of Rolf coming from that life of non-stop training in harsh conditions. The narrow focus, ignoring pain, overcoming injury and other obstacles, letting nothing matter but gold.

“Rolf might be retired, but he’s still in tip-top condition and under her bulky sweaters, Glory has a yoga-toned figure and a romance-author’s fertile imagination for love scenes.”

I also loved the Michael Phelps death-stare memes from the Rio Olympics. I wanted to write about that guy, the one with zero time for anyone or anything except his own interests. Rolf is selfish, rude even, but he does what it takes to get what he wants.

Then I made him want the heroine. Bad. And I gave Glory every reason to hate him, so he has to dig deep and learn to compromise if he’s going to win her heart.

Glory has her own version of gold. Not everyone is Eddie the Eagle and just decides to try making the Olympic team in ski jumping. She’s more like the rest of us, worried that if she goes after what she wants—which is to write romance—that she might fail.

As she watches how Rolf refuses to let anything get in his way, however, and recognizes that she allows just about everyone and everything get in her way, she begins to make changes and go after greatness. Along the way, she and Rolf use a bowl or two of condoms.
Rolf might be retired, but he’s still in tip-top condition and under her bulky sweaters, Glory has a yoga-toned figure and a romance-author’s fertile imagination for love scenes.

Look for book two, From The Top, on Feb 27th where Ilke trains her whole life for South Korea only to fail spectacularly. She returns to Blue Spruce Lodge to pick up the pieces. Grab a box of tissues. You’ll need it.

Award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani Collins, has written more than two dozen romances ranging from sexy contemporary for Harlequin Presents, to romantic comedy, epic medieval fantasy and even some erotic romance. Lately she has also been writing rancher romance for Tule’s Montana Born. Since she’s a small town girl at heart, this makes her feel at home.