Bitter Truth


CJ Carmichael

In the isolated ranching community of Lost Trails, Montana, Lacy Stillman, a rich elderly rancher has died of a heart attack in her own bed. What could be more normal than that? As Zak Waller, dispatcher with the local Sheriff’s Office, joins the town in mourning the loss of the community matriarch, some disquieting information makes Zak wonder if Lacy’s death was not what it seemed.

Meanwhile, Zak’s friend Tiff Masterson is overwhelmed by her mother’s escalating mental breakdown and her aunt’s stubborn denial of the problem. Tiff’s load becomes even heavier when family friend and local lawyer Justin Pittman looks to her for help with his own serious health issues.

When an unexpected connection is discovered between the Mastersons and the Pittmans, an old crime is uncovered with far reaching ramifications that will change everything.

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This book will begin shipping February 15, 2018

Bitter Truth is currently available in digital format only:


February 15, 2018