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Which Historical Hottie Do You Fancy?

Which leading hero from Holly Castillo’s Texas Legacy series is perfect for you?

GIVEAWAY: Tell us which of Holly’s heroes you’d love to have as your book boyfriend for a chance to win a print copy of Texas Legacy and a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Please include your email so we can contact you if you win, thanks!

Lorenzo Delgado has fought hard to survive in the rough land of Texas under the dictatorship of Santa Anna. Placed in the Mexican Army as a convict soldier, the biggest danger he faces is losing his heart to a beautiful Texan spy. Strong, brave, and driven, Lorenzo embraces life with unbridled passion.




Cade Barrett will die if he doesn’t find help, and he is surprised when it appears in the form of a beautiful woman fighting to aid the Texan Army. As he is nursed back to health, he proves he is nowhere near weak, and begins to believe his healer is truly his guardian angel. Cade does everything all the way, and his desires run as hot as the man himself.



Since he was a child, Trevor has known he would become a lawman. Little did he expect the job to lead him to a petite spit-fire woman who is determined to have her way. But subduing her and claiming her for himself proves to be the sweetest challenge yet. Powerful in body and mind, his hunger for justice is the only match for his desire for love.



Luke Davenport is ready to start a new life as a doctor in Texas in 1840, and leave his past behind him in London. But with secrets and falling in love with a woman he believes he can never have, Luke learns that a Texas Christmas can cure anything. Strong-willed and passionate, Luke embraces life, and love, with equal ferocity.

Holly grew up spending many lazy summer days racing her horses bareback in the Texas
sun. But whenever Holly wasn’t riding her horses or competing in horse shows, she was
found with pen and paper in hand, writing out romantic love stories of the wild west.
Later, in her professional life, Holly worked just blocks from the Alamo in a unique
setting where the buildings were connected with basements and tunnels. The exciting
history of Texas, the Alamo, and working in a historic building dating back to the
1800’s inspired Holly to write about the Texas Revolution, and has evolved into a
series all about Texas becoming the great State it is.

Today, Holly lives in a small community just south of San Antonio, with her husband
and two children. On the family’s 80 acre ranch, surrounded by cattle during the day
and hearing the howl of coyotes by night, Holly has endless inspiration for her


Keeping Up with Your Favorite Authors!

Ever wondered what your favorite author does when they’re not writing and creating your dream book boyfriend? Now, you’ll know with these 5 writers you must follow on Instagram!

1. Joanne Rock


Joanne shares fun pictures from reader events and gives a glimpse into her everyday adventures!

2. Jeannie Moon


The author of Then Came You, Jeannie has some beautiful photos that depict Long Island life. She also shares the cutest photos of her Border Collie, Riley!

3. Megan Crane

Megan’s Instagram will make you want to move to the Pacific Northwest. Her scenic photos are breathtaking and inspiring.

4. Eve Gaddy

Expect giveaways, adventures with Eve and her best author friends, and the cutest baby pictures you’ve ever seen.

5. Jane Porter

Jane’s posts feature the charming beach town San Clemente, the family’s Great Dane puppy, and gorgeous photos from her travels all over the world.

RELEASE DAY! Explore Alainn and Killian’s World with Leigh Ann Edwards!

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I’m delighted to be featured on Tule’s blog today. I’m also very excited for the release of A Chieftain’s Wife – Book Four in The Irish Witch Series. It’s been nearly a year since the last installment was released, and I’ve had many readers wondering when and if the series would continue. I’m so thrilled to carry on with Alainn and Killian’s story and to be re-immersed in their world.

I’m often asked how I became inspired to write the series. Firstly, I knew I wanted the novel to take place in Ireland. I’ve always been drawn to Ireland, perhaps because of my Irish ancestry, but it seemed to call to me. I chose that historical time because there was a lot of information available for the Tutor period in England. Although Ireland had some differences from England, there had already been considerable English influence as far as clothing, food, customs and language.

When I traveled to Ireland the first time, I visited two castles in particular that were the initial inspiration for The Farrier’s Daughter and the series. Blarney Castle in County Cork was definitely interesting to tour, but it was the surrounding gardens that really caught my attention and mesmerized me. It wasn’t simply the various fragrant and beautiful flowers, the ancient, uniquely twisted, moss-covered trees or how very “green” everything was, there was something more…something enchanting. The way the sun shone through the trees and the dew glistened on the grass, it will likely sound undeniably cliché, but it was completely magical.

My daughters and some of my friends are very much into fairies. They collect figurines and read stories about fairies. While I certainly thought fairies were whimsical and lovely, I’d never been one to believe in their actual existence, but in that mystical location, I was truly half expecting to see fairies appear. Hence the reason for the fairy realm in my books.

It was also in this garden that I saw the first dolmen, in Ireland. These odd, and not entirely understood rock structures intrigued me so much, I knew I wanted to include one in the storyline and to make it have relevance to Alainn and Killian.

There was a very antiquated, darkened stone staircase leading to another area of the garden. When I began the descent, the bottom was entirely hidden and that made the hairs on my neck stand on end just a little, but it definitely began to make my creativity flow. It made me think witches, fairies and demons. I immediately thought, “What a wonderful setting and premise for a supernatural romance novel!”

It was the interior of Bunratty Castle in County Clare that inspired me to create Castle O’Brien where Alainn and Killian lived. When I stood in that castle’s Great Hall, I imagined what it would have been like to actually live back then. The room was immense, and cold. It smelled old and damp. The sights, the feel, and especially the scent of the room seemed to transport me back in time. The tiny grey chambers, alcoves, corridors and dungeons, where the people slept, lived and sometimes were imprisoned, helped me get a greater grasp of what sixteenth century life might have been.

It was Stirling Castle in Scotland where I got many of my ideas for the bustling kitchen. A combination of the three castles and the garden was my basis for the beginning of Alainn and Killian’s love story.

I hope this gives a bit of insight into the inspiration behind the Irish Witch Series. I am so pleased readers will finally learn what is in store for Alainn and Killian now that they have journeyed to their castle and begun their married life together.

Book Five- A Witch’s Life is scheduled to be released January 2018. I hope to be back here with you then.

Magical Wishes from Leigh Ann Edwards

Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in the Irish Witch series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.


Katherine Garbera Shares Her Exclusive Playlist for Gage! + GIVEAWAY

Hello Tule Blog!

It’s Katherine Garbera here, sharing my playlist that I listened to while writing the finale to American Extreme Bull Riders Tour! I love listening to music as I write in part because when I first started writing I worked full time as a secretary/receptionist and my boss used to let me write at work as long as I didn’t shirk my job responsibilities, so I can’t write if it’s too quiet. I also have a deep love of country music so when I write a cowboy book it takes me back to my childhood and the roots of who I am. I combine old artists with new artists. Here’s a sampling of the songs on my—no lie!—14 hour playlist.

While He Still Remembers Who I Am – Kenny Chesney
Anything But Mine – Kenny Chesney
Shoot The Moon – Norah Jones
Better Together – Jack Johnson
Wild Horses – Birdy
On My Mind – Ellie Goulding
I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow – The Soggy Bottom Boys
Country Boy – Ricky Skaggs
I’m Alright – Jo Dee Mesina
Already Gone – The Eagles
Take Me to Church – Hozier
Like a Wrecking Ball – Eric Church
Sangria – Blake Shelton
Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran

Comment below telling us which of Katherine’s songs you love for a chance to win an e-copy of Gage!


Tule Publishing Wish List

Hello Tule Blog!

As we approach the yearly national Romance Writers of America conference, we thought we would send out the call of what is on the Tule wish list for submissions for this upcoming year.

We are currently looking for titles that fit into the domestic thriller, new adult, LGBT+ romances, romantic suspense and the ever classic contemporary romance genres.

Here are some specific examples for what we are looking for in those genres:

  • New adult: Our editors are currently seeking new adult books with rich emotional layers and strong internal conflict between the hero and heroine (think Tarryn Fisher’s The Opportunist, Mia Sheridan’s Archer’s Voice, and Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless).
  • Domestic thrillers: We love suspenseful, page-turning stories with unique twists (think Sarah Pinborough’s Behind her Eyes or Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl).
  • Romantic suspense: We love romantic tales with unexpected chilling twists and turns (think Nicholas Sparks’s The Guardian and Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski).
  • LGBT romance:  Our editors are looking for realistic, emotional stories of love featuring LGBT (think Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy).

And of course, we are always interested in our favorite classic contemporary romance themes and tropes, from cowboys to tycoons, small town romance to international settings.

If your title fits into one the genres above, we would LOVE to read it! You can learn more about submitting to Tule here.

Sinclair Jayne Shares Dawson and Sutter’s Playlist from A Country Love Song!

Giveaway Closed! Congratulations to Toni Whitmire. 


So for A Country Love Song, I wanted it to be a bit of a tribute to how music teachers endure those awkward beginning years with their students and instruct and cajole and inspire and push through the challenges



I have always loved music, but especially country music because it’s really about the story and the characters in that song’s story. Many of them are not even necessarily a story I can relate to like shooting whiskey or keying some cheatin’ guy’s ride, but I see that girl, I can feel what she feels. Emotions are universal, no matter what event or person inspired them—-love, sorrow, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment. In the fall, I was talking to Jane Porter about music, what we listen to when we write, and we were wondering why Tule Publishing hadn’t received a lot of romance submissions where the characters were musicians or in the music industry. Country music, especially seems like a natural as Tule has the Montana Born and Southern Born imprints. Jane and I counted the music oriented manuscripts published, and it was only a handful. I don’t remember exactly what Jane said. I think we were drinking water with lemon, and really, we should have been drinking something far more exciting, because Jane said something along the lines of “get on that.”

We bandied about some ideas, her acting as scribe and generally groaning, nixing and throwing a pen at me over my cheesy ideas because I love to make her laugh. But later that night, I got a little more serious and started thinking about my middle school music teacher. I had loved to sing—-walking, in the car, in my room, at the mall. I was okay. Never more than that. But she always said “You enjoy it, keep singing.” So I kept joining choirs all the way through college.

She also directed a hand bell choir at my middle school and high school, and of course I joined happily. Unhappily I was the worst, always playing the F# in my left hand even though I KNEW the note was a G and the G was in my right hand. My brain said G. Right hand. I heard it, but my left hand charged out. Many of the other kids grumbled the first year, wanting to toss me out because when you play a wrong note in a hand bell choir, everyone knows it. That sucker rings out. Carol shrugged off the mistakes and explained it as a neurological issue of mixed left right dominance or something like that. “Keep playing” she said. So I didn’t quit. And the grumbling turned to sideways glares. And then those faded because I got better. And better.

So for A Country Love Song, I wanted it to be a bit of a tribute to how music teachers endure those awkward beginning years with their students and instruct and cajole and inspire and push through the challenges and build a foundation where the artist can find their own voice. So I created in my mind, a young girl, Sutter Knight—naïve, earnest, talented, enthusiastic and driven who could really blossom in a small southern town with a music teacher who believed in her, and also started thinking of her a little bit as the daughter she never had. And then of course I thought of the boy who loved her and performed with her in the school choir and musicals but reluctantly and oh so painfully let her fly far from him. Sutter Knight headed to Nashville to pursue her dream of being a country singer and songwriter, but Dawson Yates stayed grounded in Sweet Tea, Tennessee because he had family obligations and dreams of his own that don’t involve a stage—unless he’s building it.

Because I love reunion romances, the story starts ten years after Sutter has left. Her career is finally on the rise. She’s charted, toured and been nominated for an award. She returns to her home town to visit her music teacher before heading back into a Nashville studio, and that’s where she finds an unexpected challenge desperate for her talents and enthusiasm as well as the boy, now a man, she thought she’d left behind. But when Sutter sees Dawson again, she quickly realizes that her feelings aren’t as far in the past as she told herself.

Writing about a country musician who thinks in melodies and lyrics was a lot of fun and definitely a different experience. I listened to a lot of music, not all of it country. The song I listened to on repeat when I took long walks to think about how the story would unspool was Ryan Adam’s To Be Without You. That song is for me the best description of a post break up—where you are no longer sick with grief or anger and sobbing a lot, but have entered the acceptance stage. But you are numb. It’s all sinking in that it’s over, really over, and you aren’t sure how you are going to keep walking forward, but you know you have to. Because so much of Sutter and Dawson’s reunion keeps tumbling into the past, that song really put me in the mood to write a story where two people’s lives split even though their hearts never fully made the separation. And they trudged on with grim determination and found success but never that effervescent happiness they had as teens. The story is them at an emotional cross roads. Can they go back and retrieve what they lost? Do they keep moving on alone? Or Find a new direction together?

I listened to many, many more songs. Some of the songs or artists I mention in the book because Sutter does performs, but mostly because she is constantly taking her guitar with her and noddling melodies, singing in snatches and scrawling lyrics in a notebook. One song that makes an appearance is Setting the World on Fire by Kenny Chesney because I absolutely love the goofy energy of that song and the images and the sense of two people just drunk on love and acting silly and yet having a little ability to reflect and recapture those emotions. Keith Urban’s Boy Gets a Truck totally fit with Dawson’s personality and life as a teen in love with Sutter and also even later as a man glimpsing his 30s and wondering if he dare to try with Sutter again. When I was trying to think of a song that themed with Sutter, two songs really seemed to fit. Miranda Lambert’s The House that Built Me because Sutter is all about the town of Sweet Tea and her memories there and also Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind, because even with her shiny confidence and success, Sutter is still so sweet and determined to pay it forward for other musicians and kids and her home town and larger community even when the task of giving back is daunting.

One last song that I had on repeat on my play list was My Church by Maren Morris. The attitude didn’t fit Sutter at all, but man oh man could I relate to doing a lot of thinking and emoting while driving. And as I drove and played this really loud and sang along (my poor teens, but I’m not even that sorry) another, future character started to form—Tyler Knight, Sutter’s fallen pop star actress younger sister, who returns to Sweet Tea broken but determined to grind it out and become her own personal phoenix in a future Smoky Mountain Knight book some time down that long dirt road of writing.

I hope you enjoy A Country Love Song and find something to sing along to.

After teaching writing classes and workshops to adults and teens for many years in Seattle and Portland, she returned to her first love of reading romances and became an editor for Tule Publishing last year. Sinclair lives in Oregon’s wine country where she and her family own a small vineyard of Pinot Noir and where she dreams of being able to write at a desk like Jane Austen instead of in parking lots waiting for her kids to finish one of their 12,000 extracurricular activities.

Traci Douglass Shares An Exclusive Look into Blood Vowed!

Hi Tule Readers!

I’m so excited about the release of book three, BLOOD VOWED, in my Blood Ravagers series. Rev and Claire have both been through quite a lot before they even meet and end up going through quite a bit more before they earn their HEA. I had a blast researching and writing this story and I hope you love reading it as much as I loved creating it! To celebrate BLOOD VOWED’s release, please enjoy this super-secret, exclusive excerpt from the book just for checking out my Tule blog post. Happy Reading!

Exclusive Excerpt:

Three days later, Claire had recovered enough to start her fight training with Rev.

She looked forward to it, but not for the reasons he suspected.

Since he’d taken care of her during her sickness, a new level of intimacy had formed between them—and a new awkwardness. She’d thought by proclaiming her desire for him, it would open the door for more exploration of the sizzling connection between them.

Unfortunately, it had seemed to only make Rev retreat farther.

He’d remained attentive in his duties to nurse her back to health, but he’d withdrawn emotionally and she had no idea how to get them in sync again. Honestly, she hoped by fighting with him today it would force him into more intimate contact—both emotional and physical—with her.

They’d walked a short distance from his home to an open field in the middle of the woods. From the outside, it was easy to see now just how far his once-great estate had fallen into disrepair. It was also easy to see how the large mansion, built to resemble an old gothic castle, was a metaphor for the man himself. Battered, bruised, yet still brutality beautiful and resilient.

“Right.” He took a fighting stance across from her then waggled his fingers. “Come at me.”

Frowning, Claire narrowed her gaze. “You do not fear I might injure you?”

“I fear nothing.” Rev’s posture stiffened. “Hit me.”

Not backing down from his challenge, Claire crouched and reviewed the combat skills she’d learned from Jareth’s books. She might be smaller, but she’s survived the worst the Council could dish out. If he wanted her to prove her worthiness and her skill, she’d knock him on his ass before he laid a finger on her.

“No,” she countered. “You hit me.”

He clenched and unclenched his fists at his sides. “I have never in my long life struck a female. I refuse to start now.”

His honor unnerved her. Auric had never hesitated to strike her. Neither had Elon or Jareth. For Rev to balk at such violence left her unsettled, in a good way. Then again, maybe that was his plan. Throw her for a loop then strike while she was too dizzy to notice.

Claire raised her hands. “Fine. I’m going to do it. Punch you so hard you won’t know whether you’re coming or going.”

“Good.” Rev closed his eyes and exhaled.

Her gaze narrowed. “You should run.”

“Why?” He peeked one eye open. “Will that improve your aim?”

She had no idea how to react to his complete lack of fear. “My aim is perfect. Do you have a last request?”

Both eyes open now, Rev gave her a slow head-to-toe appraisal, his voice low and rough and infinitely wicked. “If I had one final wish, it would be to touch you and taste you and make you explode with ecstasy.”

Breathless and bewildered, Claire blinked at him. “You should not say such things.”

“Too late.” Rev smiled, stealing what was left of the air in her lungs.

Traci is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Her stories feature sizzling heroes full of dark humor, quick wits and major attitudes and heroines who are smart, tenacious, and always give as good as they get. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University and she loves animals, chocolate, coffee, hot British actors, and sarcasm—not necessarily in that order.

Annabelle Snow Reveals the Inspiration Behind her Hotel Hookup series

That’s what smart sex can do: it can fulfill.

Sex exists, whether readers talk about it or not. And talking about it in fiction provides a safe space in which to explore it.

That’s the impetus for the Hotel Hookup series. Through these novellas, readers meet professional women in four different cities. These are smart women who have smart sex.

The protagonists are not call girls, not adulterers, not one-night-stand-crazed college coeds. They make conscious decisions to have sexual experiences, all in high-end hotels. In these settings of luxe accommodations, the women have room and time to step away from their ordinary lives. Afterwards, there’s no amnesia or regrets. Their experiences are fulfilling, and they are better because of them.

That’s what smart sex can do: it can fulfill.

In Hotel Hookup, there is no “fade to black” in the scenes. Instead, readers are privy to the protagonists’ consensual, adult exploration behind the hotel door. Readers witness how sex drives couples together, but they further explore ways that sex is handled differently by different women.

Through this lens of fiction, readers can travel with these women and experience encounters alongside them, from the comfort of wherever the text is read. Still, readers might consider hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside their rooms when they begin the stories because, like the protagonists, they won’t want the fun to stop once it starts.

Annabelle Snow is a well-traveled author whose love of adventure (and luxury accommodations!) inspired for Hotel Hookup series. A fan of good coffee and high thread count sheets, she enjoys sharing fiction using real-life locations. Annabelle earned two undergraduate degrees before completing her Master of Arts degree in English and lives, for now, in a house. Maybe one day she’ll live in a hotel. 


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Hotel Hookup: Austin by Annabelle Snow is Here!

Erotica explores character interactions, peeling back the layers so readers can see the inner workings on a deeper level. 

Romance readers are dedicated, loyal supporters of authors, and with good reason: the romance genre is one of the most versatile genres. From historical to contemporary, paranormal to inspirational, from sweet to steamy to every degree in between, romances offer something for everyone. 

Within the last few years, one subgenre of romance writing that has garnered serious attention is erotica. This style of writing offers a charged storyline with a high heat level.  

But erotica is more than a story about sex.

Erotica explores character interactions, peeling back the layers so readers can see the inner workings on a deeper level. Erotica exposes thoughts, desires, and encounters in a behind-the-bedroom-door approach that lays everything out for the reader. It’s a chance for the reader to experience those interactions, no holding back.

Erotica progresses at a faster pace and with more physical interactions than a general romance work, allowing readers to safely explore sexual fantasies along with the characters. Erotica’s pace and honesty in storytelling are what appeal to many readers—and that’s precisely why readers return again and again to the subgenre.
The beauty of fiction—regardless of the genre—is that it allows readers to ask “What if?” questions and explore the world from another perspective. With erotica, that perspective is simply a more private one than most romances offer.
Erotica is as varied a subgenre as any. Within the broad umbrella, there are storylines to fit all kinds of sexuality preferences and comfort levels. So if you are looking to expand your library—and if you love a great story—consider adding erotica titles to your reading list. 

Annabelle Snow is a well-traveled author whose love of adventure (and luxury accommodations!) inspired for Hotel Hookup series. A fan of good coffee and high thread count sheets, she enjoys sharing fiction using real-life locations. Annabelle earned two undergraduate degrees before completing her Master of Arts degree in English and lives, for now, in a house. Maybe one day she’ll live in a hotel.