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Have you ever had one of those ‘things’ you’ve been meaning to do, something tucked away for a rainy day? Perhaps a half-finished knitted scarf, or a new author you’ve yet to read. (I’m not hinting, I promise!)

In my case, Her Dark Guardian was one of those things
‘tucked away.’ A story I’d written eight years ago, mostly to hone my craft for writing competitions. (And yes it did very well).
So I wrote the first chapter and loved it. But somewhere along the way I got sidetracked with other writing projects and Her Dark Guardian gathered dust. I did return to it from time to time, at one point I even turned that first chapter into a paranormal romance (think vampires).

In hindsight, changing its genre was a mistake. This book was always meant to be a contemporary romance. Was always meant to have a brooding artist hero and an emotionally scarred model heroine…this book was always meant to be written.

I have to say it’s quite an accomplishment to see something lying around and picking it up to turn it into something shiny and worthwhile. A story with seemingly real people. A story whose characters had something to say, something that needed to be heard.

But most of all, a story where unshakeable love and overcoming seemingly unconquerable fears is all part of the package. A story of second chance love.

Kane Sampson and Lacey Morgan share feelings for one another that distance or time can’t corrode. A love that has already been put to the test and survived.

I too survived the challenge of rewriting this story and finally typing The End. And I’m so glad I did! I feel privileged to be sharing this Valentine’s anthology with Christina Phillips and Karen Stivali, and beyond happy our stories were published with Tule!

What about you? I’d love to hear of your triumphs (big or small) from any projects that have been picked up and dusted off, and made to shine.

About the Author Teshco’s gypsy-like upbringing saw her living in many places along Australia’s east coast. Each new home stimulated an already over-active imagination, where she spent as much time dreaming about fantasy worlds as the real world – the fantasy sometimes being much better.

Now living on a beautiful rural property with views of the mountains keeping her two horses, three cats and one hyperactive Belgian shepherd happy, she is happily married with three gorgeous girls and two cheeky grandchildren.

She is a multi-published author with a love of the written word along with a short attention span that sees her juggling a variety of genres and heat levels in her stories. From contemporary to paranormal, inspirational to erotic, she hopes there’s a little of something for every reader out there to enjoy.

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  1. I have set aside some sewing projects when they weren’t going the right way and have come back to succeed. Loved this box set!!

  2. I have a lot of things I put on the shelf. My next project is to submit the manuscript I’ve been sitting on for months!

  3. I haven’t had the chance to read Seduced yet. But I did enjoy Lady In Red. I honestly can’t think of anything that I have put on the shelf. This can only mean one thing. I have set them aside for so long that I have completely forgotten about them. And with my scattered brain, it’s not hard to forget things.

    1. LOL – Janine you might be one of those people who like to focus on a project and stick to it! Sadly, I jump around on things quite a bit and tend to only stick to one ms when a deadline is looming!

  4. Unfortunately none of my projects have reached that stage of “shining” yet. But congratulation on your new releases. I loved reading Lady in Red.

    1. Elisabeth sometimes we’re our own worst critics! I really hope your projects get their day to shine :)
      And thank you so much – so glad you enjoyed Lady in Red :)

  5. Hi Mel, I read “Lady in Red” this weekend. I especially enjoyed some of the surprises in the book. For my project I have an app that I wanted to get my recipes entered and then share them with my girls and future daughter in-law. I realized that it didn’t have to be complete that it could be a project that’s ongoing. I gave each girl $$ to buy the app for their iPhone/iPad and computer. Emailed the girls an exported file containing the recipes that I had entered for them to import in the app. Now, all I have to do is email them the recipes as I add them. The project may not be complete, but then we would be missing out on what we can share now. Thanks again for the opportunity to read your book.

    1. Kay what a great idea! I can’t say I’m the greatest cook so something like what you’re doing would be perfect for someone like me!! (no imagination in cooking, I save that for writing).
      And thanks so much, so thrilled you enjoyed Lady in Red :)

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