Candice Y. Johnson

When she’s not on the hunt for the perfect taco, award-winning author, choreographer, and screenwriter Candice Y. Johnson, loves spending time dancing across the keyboard, penning heartwarming, swoon-worthy, emotional stories that inspire compassion, provoke thought, and of course…always bet on love. Out of the many accolades she’s earned (including serving as choreographer for a four-time Emmy award-winning television special), one of the Texas resident’s proudest accomplishments? Writing about her favorite food – TACOS, of course!

Just as unpredictable as the Texas weather, Candice loves writing in multiple genres (romance, women’s fiction, inspirational, holiday, non-fiction, children’s books), and spending time with her creative husband – whom she’s convinced the world to call “Hershey,” as they collaborate on stage plays, films, and concerts…or munching on tacos, with a side of cupcakes.

Candice Y.'s Books with Tule: