D. L. Koontz

An award-winning author and former journalist, D. L. Koontz writes about what she knows: muddled lives, nail-biting unknowns and eternal hope.

Growing up, she learned the power of stories and intrigue from saged storytellers on the front porch of her Appalachian farmhouse. Despite being waylaid for years by academia, journalism, and corporate endeavors, her roots proved that becoming a writer of suspense was only a matter of time. She has been published in seven languages.

D.L. (aka Debra Roberson) is a mom, step-mom, rancher’s wife, animal lover, and busy bee trying to write intriguing suspense novels one extraordinary day at a time.

She loves history and research, so her novels blend historical intrigue and modern-day suspense with romance, and a touch of the mysterious. D.L. is passionate about words, photography, health, yoga/exercise, her porches, and barn preservation.

D. L. 's Books with Tule: