We are currently accepting agented and un-agented manuscript submissions at this time. 

We recognize that love is both universal and personal and we are always interested in original story telling and diverse experiences.

Interested in writing romance or mystery for Tule Publishing? Come check out our imprints and find which suits your story best!

At Tule Publishing, we value our commitment to the author. We are a publishing company founded by an author, for authors. We are interested in working with authors who know their brand and vision, and are passionate about what they write. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you. We accept both agented and un-agented submissions that have not been previously published.

MYSTERY TIMING: Please note that our mystery editorial calendar is completely full for 2024. We are still accepting for 2025 and beyond.

ROMANCE TIMING: Please note that our editorial calendar is completely full for 2024.  American Hearts, Holiday, Montana Born, and Texas Born are still accepting for 2025.

SOME GUIDELINES: It is necessary that submissions to our romance imprints have a central romance plot with a happily-ever-after, or at least, a happy-for-now ending. We ask that for all imprints your stories fall within the categorized lengths below:

  • Short Novel: 50k – 69k words
  • Long Novel: 70k – 90k words

Please note that we are currently only accepting a limited number of romantic suspense and women’s fiction titles.

ALL OUR AUTHORS: As we are a digital first publisher, we would like to work with authors who have a strong online presence and who are committed to promoting and marketing their work, and we love stories with series potential. We accept both agented and un-agented submissions that have not been previously published.




Our Tule Mystery imprint ranges from amateur mysteries to in-depth crime novels.

You might be a good fit for Tule Mystery if you write:

  • Domestic suspense
  • Cozy mysteries
  • Private Investigators
  • Mystery stories with diverse characters
  • Detective mysteries with women sleuths
  • Police Procedural
  • Thrillers

Go for it! Submit your work!



You might be a good fit for Tule Romance if this describes your writing:

  • Fresh takes on classic romance tropes
  • Strong, savvy heroines
  • Quick, witty banter between hero and heroine
  • Stories with series potential
  • Reunion romances
  • Diverse stories that feature characters of color written by authors of color


American Heart

American Heart romances are the perfect escape for readers who love heartwarming contemporaries and sexy happy ever afters.

We are looking for:

  • Diverse stories that celebrate all cultures and voices currently present in America
  • New adult romances with some heat
  • Richly emotional stories



Be whisked away for a romantic escape. Holiday stories are filled with faraway places and irresistible romance, so pack your bags and enjoy the ride.

While our Montana Born, Texas Born and American Hearts imprints are tied to place, the Holiday imprint spans the globe. International cities or the wild places of the earth, even fictional islands or countries set within the wider real world are welcome here. Bring us places, spaces, and cultures you know and love. Wow us with relatable, unique characters. Above all bring us compelling, uplifting romance. Because love is universal.

We’d particularly like to see:

  • Stories with series potential (eg. Family led series).
  • Stories strongly tied to place (wherever that place may be).
  • Fully realized sex scenes or sweetly close the door. Your call.
  • Royals, bad boys and billionaires also welcome here (we’ve a soft spot for alpha heroes).



Calling all historical, paranormal, and fantasy writers!

We are interested in your historical, paranormal, and fantasy manuscripts. We are especially drawn to stories filled with alpha heroes and strong-willed women who can hold their own. At this point, we are not looking for sweet heat level stories for Muse.


  • Magnetic alpha heroes
  • All periods from Victorian to Vikings
  • Western romance
  • Classic tropes with a fresh take


  • Tough brotherhoods
  • Alpha heroes


  • Time Travel
  • Witches
  • All things magical
  • Complex worlds and/or mythology that can be developed throughout a series


Montana Born / Texas Born

Montana Born was the first and largest imprint by Tule Publishing and Texas Born came soon after. Come join us in any of our towns set in Big Sky Country or Texas, where western romance, small towns, and cowboys are always on the menu.

You might be a good fit for Montana Born or Texas Born if you write:

  • Strong alpha heroes
  • Cowboys
  • Sexy or Sweet romance
  • Small town romance
  • Western romance


How do I submit to Tule?

  • Familiarize yourself with our imprints and select the imprint you are targeting.
  • Send us your bio (with links to any websites or social media you have).
  • Send us a synopsis of your book and the full manuscript as two separate attachments in WORD.
  • For stories that are part of a series, please send us a short paragraph explaining how the stories will be connected.
  • We do not require that you have an agent, but if you do, send us the contact information and we can forward a copy of our author contract.
  • If you have a question about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.


When you are ready, send your submissions to:


Good luck!

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