Miracle on Chance Avenue


Jane Porter

Rory Douglas is the oldest Douglas and McKenna’s adored big brother, but this big, quiet cowboy rarely returns to Marietta, choosing to exorcise his demons by a life on the road, riding bulls every night on the American Extreme Bull Riding Tour.

Thirty-eight year old Rory needs a miracle, and he gets one when Sadie Mann, one of his sister’s childhood friends, appears on his motel doorstep, asking for a favor.

Shocked by Sadie’s request, Rory brusquely refuses, but when an accident in the arena sidelines him, he begins to wonder if granting Sadie’s Christmas wish, might just turn his life around.

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This book will begin shipping December 8, 2017

Miracle on Chance Avenue is currently available in digital format only:


December 8, 2017