How Michael Phelps Inspired On the Edge!

I wanted to write about that guy, the one with zero time for anyone or anything except his own interests.”

When the winter Olympics came to Vancouver in 2010, I heard something that might have been urban legend, but it sparked my imagination. The rumor was, bowls of condoms had been set out in the athlete’s village and they had disappeared at an alarming rate.

The assumption was that athletes from less progressive countries were stocking up, but the very idea that bowls of condoms had been set out like bonbons on end-tables made me highly curious about what went on behind those walls.

I started thinking about all those healthy, ripped, gorgeous athletes meeting strangers who were also in peak condition. Maybe they didn’t speak the same language, but they lived the same lives of pursuing excellence. They all wanted release from the pressure of training four years for the most important competition of their lives, maybe needed comfort if things hadn’t gone as well as they hoped….

I tucked that idea in my back pocket and brought it out when I started writing On The Edge, the first book in my new series for Montana Born, Blue Spruce Lodge. I loved the idea of Rolf coming from that life of non-stop training in harsh conditions. The narrow focus, ignoring pain, overcoming injury and other obstacles, letting nothing matter but gold.

“Rolf might be retired, but he’s still in tip-top condition and under her bulky sweaters, Glory has a yoga-toned figure and a romance-author’s fertile imagination for love scenes.”

I also loved the Michael Phelps death-stare memes from the Rio Olympics. I wanted to write about that guy, the one with zero time for anyone or anything except his own interests. Rolf is selfish, rude even, but he does what it takes to get what he wants.

Then I made him want the heroine. Bad. And I gave Glory every reason to hate him, so he has to dig deep and learn to compromise if he’s going to win her heart.

Glory has her own version of gold. Not everyone is Eddie the Eagle and just decides to try making the Olympic team in ski jumping. She’s more like the rest of us, worried that if she goes after what she wants—which is to write romance—that she might fail.

As she watches how Rolf refuses to let anything get in his way, however, and recognizes that she allows just about everyone and everything get in her way, she begins to make changes and go after greatness. Along the way, she and Rolf use a bowl or two of condoms.
Rolf might be retired, but he’s still in tip-top condition and under her bulky sweaters, Glory has a yoga-toned figure and a romance-author’s fertile imagination for love scenes.

Look for book two, From The Top, on Feb 27th where Ilke trains her whole life for South Korea only to fail spectacularly. She returns to Blue Spruce Lodge to pick up the pieces. Grab a box of tissues. You’ll need it.

Award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani Collins, has written more than two dozen romances ranging from sexy contemporary for Harlequin Presents, to romantic comedy, epic medieval fantasy and even some erotic romance. Lately she has also been writing rancher romance for Tule’s Montana Born. Since she’s a small town girl at heart, this makes her feel at home.

Patricia Rosemoor is WILD about Animals! Plus an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Animal Instincts

I’ve always been an animal person with a special love for cats. Despite being allergic to them as a child and my parents not letting me bring in the young cat I found outside my back door, I fed it and gave it water and lots of petting any time I could. When I was away at school, I got my first cat that could come inside. Currently, I share my home and computer with Blitzen and George, cats 14 and 15. But my love for cats goes beyond house pets.

When I volunteered at Lincoln Park Zoo, every week I visited the big cats in their outdoor enclosures. I would whistle softly to entice them. Usually I got an ear twitch, but one of the cougars responded by moving closer every time, usually rubbing against the fence. I wondered what it would be like if I could talk to the animals and they could understand and respond. Yes, I wanted to be a cat whisperer, and I gave my heroine Skye Cross that ability. Skye is an animal rescuer, something I’ve done in a minor way myself, so I guess she represents me as I wish I could be.

Rather than setting my stories in a paranormal world, I like using what everyone considers a normal human world with a paranormal underground. It’s the human vs. “something else” conflict that interests me.

Even though he is half-human, Luc Lazare is part of that underground. He’s a conflicted black panther shifter. Raised by his human mother in the human world, he also spent time with his father and half-siblings. Torn in two directions, he fought a war in which he assumed his conflict would be settled for him and he wouldn’t have to make a decision that would hurt one of his parents. Instead, his panther found its true power and he did things to the enemy that he wants to forget.

I got the idea for the Kindred Souls world from researching demons. Demons led to the Nephilim, children of fallen angels and human women. The Nephilim corrupted humans and Biblical history says that God sent the flood to destroy them, which meant Noah’s Ark had to play a part in Kindred history. Now The Ark, Chicago’s first casino boat, is run by the Lazare family. Kindred are corrupting humanity as did their Nephilim ancestors. I hope you enjoy this entry into their world…


The predators moved in on me. Trying not to show the anxiety that threatened to consume me, I curled my hands into fists and edged backward. They continued to advance on me. My heart was pounding, my blood racing. Knowing they could sense my fear, I tried to control it. Futile. No escape.

The hyena broke from the pack and rushed me. If I turned my back on it, I was dead for sure. I kept putting one foot behind the other and the wolf and the lion picked up their pursuit.

The hyena’s muscles bunched and it flew through the air at me. I threw up my hands to protect myself, but it never reached me. Instead, it was as if an invisible wall stopped it cold. It shrieked and fell to the ground in a heap.

What do you think you’re doing? Go!

The predators stopped and I sensed their sudden fear.

Now! the voice in my head thundered.

The animals fled and quickly disappeared into the night.

I flipped around. At first I didn’t see him. Then I caught a movement to my right and nailed him where he stood. Dark hair whipped around features so rugged they could have been cut from granite. High cheekbones. Broad forehead. Square chin. His eyes appeared silver in the moonlight, and they glowed at me, tightening my stomach and making it hard to breathe.

Trembling, I gasped. “What just happened?”

“You got into something that doesn’t concern you.” Forget about it.

I started. He hadn’t said the last bit out loud. There was something about him so powerful I almost agreed.

I fought the desire to give in. “I’m not forgetting about anything. Who are you?”

I felt as if he were trying to push the command into my mind.

Glaring at him, I pushed back.

“What are you?” he asked.

“Someone who protects animals.”

His silence told me that wasn’t exactly the explanation he was looking for. My pulse threaded as he stepped closer. I sensed both threat and something less tangible, something that made my stomach knot and my throat tighten.

Tule’s Most Anticipated of 2018!

Hi Tule Readers,

Today we are so thrilled to be talking about which books we are MOST looking forward to in the New Year!

Saving the Sheriff by Kadie Scott.  A heartwarming, sweet, tight-knit Texas community make this one of our favorites.

A Vicarage Reunion by Kate Hewitt.  This book is equal parts chick-lit, as it is romance surrounding the Holley sisters of the Thornthwaite community.

Bitter Truth by CJ Carmichael. CJ continues her fabulous Bitter Ends series with Bitter Truth, a thrilling sequel sure to please mystery fans alike.

On the Edge by Dani Collins.  A raw, high-stakes, passionate love affair between two very determined individuals.

One More Round by Shelli Stevens.  A hot, sexy second chance romance between the local girl and the Scottish bad-boy.

Thalgor’s Witch by Nancy Holland. An exciting entrance into an unknown world accompanied by an intense love between powerful individuals.

In With the Tide by Carlee James.  Friends turn to lovers in this emotionally poignant story.

Animal Instincts by Patricia Rosemoor. A paranormal sure to thrill and satisfy both your your romantic instincts and paranormal cravings.

Which of these are YOU most looking forward to? Let us know!

EXCLUSIVE Excerpt from Jane Porter’s Miracle on Chance Avenue!

Hello Tule Readers!

Jane Porter’s newest release Miracle on Chance Avenue is the second her in Love on Chance Avenue series.  Today, she gives us an exclusive excerpt of that new release!

Comment below telling us what Christmas miracle you’re wishing for this Christmas for a chance to win an exclusive prize pack from Jane herself!



She was back.
It had been almost a month since Rory Douglas had last seen her, so long that he’d almost

stopped looking for her every night. But now she was back in the stands, this time in Clovis, California, over halfway across the country from the last time he’d spotted her in Santa Fe, and before Santa Fe, it had been Nashville.

She was even more beautiful tonight, her brilliant copper red hair in a loose side braid, the expression in her brown eyes somber as she watched Kane Wilder dash out of the ring after his electrifying ride.

Rory’s pulse quickened when she turned her head and looked at him, finding him in his chute. Their gazes locked, and Rory didn’t look away, wanting her to know he saw her, and remembered her. Each time, every time. The first time he’d spotted her in the stands had been two and a half years ago in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It wasn’t a big stadium, and she’d been so beautiful she seemed to glow with light and life. She’d seemed familiar, too, but he wasn’t sure why.

Two and a half years later he still didn’t know anything about her, and yet his gut told him she was there for him, that her appearances at the various tour events these past few years had always been for him.

Or maybe he just wanted her to be there for him.

Maybe his ego needed to believe that beautiful, young things were still attracted to him, despite the fact that he was the oldest man on the American Extreme Bull Rider Tour, earning Rory the nickname Gramps from the other guys.

Rory didn’t mind the nickname. At thirty-eight he was too old to still be competing, and twice the age of the youngest athletes. But competing kept him on the road, and busy, and too tired and sore to think of anything but getting through the next day. He liked the guys on tour, too. Over the years they’d become his family, a tough, practical, uncomplaining family, which suited him just fine because his real family was far more complicated, which was another way of saying painful, and at times, more bitter than sweet.

Every night after Rory chalked his rope, taped up his hands, and stretched, he’d say a prayer as he settled onto the back of his bull.

He didn’t ask God to keep him safe. He didn’t ask for anything for himself, but rather he prayed that the good Lord would keep His hand over his sister McKenna’s head. He prayed that his brother Quinn would one day find a good woman and have a family. And then he’d pray that both of them would know peace after he was gone.

But tonight, just as he was about to climb into the chute, he’d felt that pull, that now familiar, taut, electric tension that told him she was there, the tension that made him lift his gaze and search the stands until he found her.

His mystery woman, a woman he’d come to think of as his angel.

Rory lowered his weight onto Hammerfall’s back and tightened the rope, wrapping it tightly around his hand as calm and resolve settled into his bones. He wouldn’t die tonight, not with her here in the stands. It wouldn’t be fair. It wasn’t the way he wanted to be remembered.

Attention now fixed between the bull’s massive shoulders, Rory nodded his head, indicating he was good to go. And then the chute opened, and Hammerfall charged into the ring, bucking and twisting, and Rory settled back into the pocket, or what he hoped would be the pocket, but

inexplicably Hammerfall gyrated the opposite direction, flinging Rory forward while the bull threw his head back. Rory knew a split second before the impact that it wasn’t going to be good, and he found himself praying just before all went black.

Give me a chance, Lord.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of forty-nine romances and women’s fiction titles, Jane Porter has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award five times and won in 2014 for Best Novella with her story, Take Me, Cowboy, from Tule Publishing. Today, Jane has over 12 million copies in print, including her wildly successful, Flirting With Forty, picked by Redbook as its Red Hot Summer Read, and reprinted six times in seven weeks before being made into a Lifetime movie starring Heather Locklear. A mother of three sons, Jane holds an MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and makes her home in sunny San Clemente, CA with her surfer husband and two dogs.

Tule Holiday Gift Guide!

We know that holiday shopping can be overwhelming, stressful and overall just not a pleasant experience when you’re short on time and money!  Well, stress no more, the Tule Holiday Gift Guide 2017 is here and ready to help you navigate what to buy for your loved ones this Holiday season!


For the historical romance reader in your life…

Texas Conquest by Holly Castillo.  Texas Conquest’s heroine Angie tries to protect her heart, while hero Lorenzo must overcome his own demons. With the Texians on the verge of attacking San Antonio, Angie and Lorenzo have to fight not only for their right to love one another, but also for their lives and the future of Texas.




For the contemporary romance reader…

Cody by Megan Crane.  Cody is a Tule office favorite because Megan Crane has written the best boyfriend EVER.  Cody, a bull rider on tour, will have you screaming saying his name over and over again.




Whiskey River Rescue by Justine Davis. When Kelsey’s sunny, open, and determined personality collide with a haunted man with no idea how to reconnect with the world, the sparks that ignite shock them both.





If you’re looking for a sweeter romance…

A Country Love Song by Sinclair Jayne.  This is a fun, sweet second chance romance! Sutter Knight returns home from her tour to relax, but instead finds herself falling for her high school sweetheart.





If you’re looking to spice up your readers life…

Exclusive by Mel Teshco.  Will Tiffany and Amos’ explosive chemistry shatter Tiffany’s infatuation with an ex-client or will she turn her back on Amos, the one man willing to give her everything, including his heart?





If you have a reader who loves to escape to worlds unknown…

A Chieftain’s Wife by Leigh Ann Edwards.  Set in 16th century Ireland, A Chieftain’s Wife continues the captivating story of Alainn and Killian’s passionate love. Past indiscretions, deep jealousy, a vindictive witch, and tragic hardships all threaten to disrupt Killian and Alainn’s happiness and future together.




Lastly, for your reader who enjoys a fantastic series…

Try the Love at the Chocolate Shop series, love blooms in and around the Copper Mountain Chocolate shop of Marietta, Montana in a twelve book series featuring authors C.J. Carmichael, Melissa McClone, Debra Salonen, Roxanne Snopek, Marin Thomas and Steena Holmes.


Fairy-Tale Fantasies To Satisfy Your Royal Cravings!

We think that May 2018 seems too long to wait for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? We COMPLETELY agree. To satisfy your royal fever until the big day, we’ve put together a selection of our most royal books!

The Royal Wedding Invitations series by Liz Fielding, Anne McCallister, Sophie Weston and Jessica Hart will make you feel like you actually are attending a royal wedding!  A lord’s daughter from Wiltshire is marrying into European royalty and the wedding is set to take place in her pretty Wiltshire village, in the manor house she grew up in. Each hero and heroine is providing a wedding service– catering, PR, security. They aim to make the Wiltshire royal wedding an unforgettable one. Love finds each of them along the way.

Want to satisfy your royal craving while also staying in the holiday season? We’ve got you covered with titles from Kathleen O’Brien, Scarlet Wilson, Robin Bielman and Barbara Dunlop!

Not to mention that we have some Royal titles that are fun any time of the year!

Our Must Watch Christmas Movies!

Happy Holidays Readers!

The Tule office is already bursting with holiday joy.  We’ve got our little heater going, the peppermint candles are lit and the tea is flowing.  But one of our favorite ways to get in the holiday mood is to watch Christmas movies! We thought we would share our absolute favorites with you!

Is your favorite below? Did we miss it? Comment below telling us your favorite and we’ll enter you in a giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of CJ Carmichael’s A Bramble House Christmas, which was recently made into a Hallmark Channel original movie!

Michelle M., Assistant Editor: Elf (2003), ” I always kick off the Christmas season with this film–an instant classic that spreads the cheer all year long.”

Sarah M., Marketing Assistant: White Christmas (1954), “This is old family favorite, I love the cast and the soundtrack.  You simply cannot beat the combo of Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby!”

Meghan F., Managing Editor: A Christmas Story (1983), “My family and I would try to watch the 24 hour marathon on Christmas Eve. My dad and I can almost  recite all the lines. A classic in my book. ‘You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!'”

Nicole A., Office Assistant: Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), “It’s a fun and classic Christmas movie!”

Sinclair S., Editor: Die Hard (1988), “It takes place during a high end corporate Christmas party and Bruce Willis is hilarious as this inventive, underestimated cop. The movie is so over the top, you are not for one moment encouraged to take one frame of this film or life seriously, and I love that escapism.”

Kelly H., Editor: Love, Actually (2003), “I watch it for the acting, for the dialogue and for theme.Nine different, interconnected storylines, each exploring a central theme that ‘love actually is all around us’.”



Four Writers, Three Besties, Two Time Periods…and a Ghost?!

Today on the blog, Julia Justiss is paying us a visit to discuss how the new Whiskey River Christmas series came to be! 

What happens when four long-time writer friends get together at a writers conference? They dream up a series!

It all began two summers ago when Eve Gaddy, Katherine Garbera, Nancy Robards Thompson and I were attending the national Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego. We had all worked on various projects for Tule, and over lunch one day, we talked about how much fun it would be to do a series together.

“Julia can write one of the ancestors, and we can write about their descendants,” Eve said.

“Why don’t we make it a Christmas series?” Kathy said.

“Yes, let’s!” Nancy said. “Christmas stories are such fun to write.”

That started us off. Kathy, Eve, and Nancy decided that the story would take place at at an inn just outside Whiskey River (a fictional town in the Hill Country of Texas set on a tributary of the Pedernales River.) Their three heroes and three heroines would be best friends, the guys “bad boys from the Barrels (the “wrong” side of town,) the girls all professional women who work together in the Whiskey River women’s charitable association. By the end of the lunch, we’d not only come up with who we thought our hero and heroines would be, we’d decided that, in a spin on Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol,” our stories would feature a matchmaking ghost. And as the “ancestor” writer of the group, we decided that I would get to create her.

Although my earlier story about Whiskey River founder “Booze Kelly” (SCANDAL WITH THE RANCHER) was set just before the turn of the 20th century, for this one, I decided to move to the next generation, just after the World War in which so many of them served. The hero would be Drew Harwood, a friend of Booze’s son, “Baron” (who plays a part in this story, but will get a starring role in his own—later.)

We had our besties and our time periods—contemporary and World War I. Now we just needed the ghost.

When my hero is wounded in the battle at Chateau Thierry, the image of the beloved fiancée waiting for him in Whiskey River carries him through the pain and months in hospital. He finally returns from France just before Christmas—only to lose Felicity, a victim of the world-wide Spanish flu epidemic.

But wait, don’t stop reading now! This tragedy has a happy ending.

Certain that warmth and joy have gone out of his life forever, Drew hires a friend to manage his ranch and turns his Victorian home into an inn, grimly ready to live a solitary life of duty to his land and family. But determined not to depart until the man she loved so much finds his way to a future full of the love and satisfaction that was denied them, the essence of Felicity remains at Harwood House.

When Red Cross nurse Audra Donaldson returns from France to stay at the inn the following Christmas to visit her brother, Drew’s ranch manager, Felicity suspects she might be just the woman to pull Drew from his misery—and bring both her beloved and this lonely widow to a happily-ever-after.

It’s not an easy task, helping a woman who doesn’t want to risk loving again and a man who’s set his face against happiness overcome the tragedies of their pasts. But, after a few subtle pushes, Felicity sees her hopes fulfilled as Drew and Audra gradually allow themselves to respond to the growing affection–and fiery attraction–between them.

Felicity’s satisfaction in seeing her love happy again is so fulfilling, she decides to return each Christmas and help other deserving couples find their way to true love.

Fast-forward to Eve, Nancy, and Kathy’s stories, in which this Christmas ghost, a charity ball, a freak ice storm and some hot chemisty create happy endings for three more lovelorn couples.

So, come along and spend Christmas in Whiskey River! I hope readers enjoy all the activities– and our Christmas ghost–as much as we did in creating them!

Christmas is Coming – It’s Time to Read!

Hello Tule readers, today we have Lynne Marshall writing a guest blog on her favorite holiday reads! 

Thanks so much, Tule, for inviting me to blog on this very special day – the release of Their Christmas Miracle, my first Christmas book in seven years. Why did I wait so long? No clue, but I’m so glad I finally wrote another.

Enough about me. Tule has asked me to blog about some of my favorite Christmas books, of which there are many, so hang on to your Santa Clause stocking caps and enjoy the wild holiday sleigh ride.

The book that first influenced me was a very short one, and it wasn’t really a book, but a poem—a poem that had all the delights, magic and excitement of Christmas from a kid’s perspective. You know what I’m talking about – The Night Before Christmas by C. Clement Moore. That small book influenced me so much, when I grew up, I used to write a new letter each year mimicking the poem, but filling in my family’s news and send it off with my Christmas cards. Isn’t copying the highest honor?

Another book that illustrates the true meaning of Christmas, besides, of course, the story of the Nativity, was The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. What better way to drive home the point of sacrificial giving and the joy it brings. Out of love Della cuts off her hair, her one prized possession, to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim’s prized possession—his father’s watch—and Jim sells that heirloom to buy tortoise shell combs for her gorgeous hair. The story taught me about the joy of giving over getting, and I am happy to report I love to give gifts far more than receive them. Though don’t get me wrong, no gift given to me has gone without appreciation!

In my tweener years, one book that frightened the dickens out of me—notice the subtle segue—was another classic, The Christmas Story by Charles Dickens. In the three stories of Christmas past, present and future, through an extremely frugal guy who hated Christmas and felt forced to give, which made him spiteful to anyone who questioned him about it, and who needed to be shown the hard way, I was riveted, frightened, amazed, and washed with emotion. Make your kids read it, not just watch the movies.

As I got older, I was so enchanted by the classic Capra movie It’s A Wonderful Life, I wanted to read the short story that inspired it. The Greatest Gift (there’s a theme here, see?) by Philip Van Doren Stern came to him in a dream. A guy so down on his luck he wants to die, but an angel shows him what life would be like without him in it. Why can’t I have dreams like that?

One December, I decided to read as many books set at Christmastime as I could. I discovered Maeve Binchy’s wonderful book of stories, This Year it Will be Different. The lovely stories ranged from widowers traveling to France to get away from Christmas, to a young woman getting stuck taking care of “the old folks” in a nursing home on Christmas Eve. Each story found its way to the true meaning of Christmas. Such a delight.

Debbi Macomber has written so many Christmas books, all of them good, but one I especially liked was Starry Night – A Christmas Novel. The story focused on romance, of course, but also second chances and finding love and the spirit of Christmas in the least expected places. In this case, Alaska!!

Which brings me to my current favorite contemporary Christmas romance book – A Bramble House Christmas by Tule’s very own C.J. Carmichael. This poignant story’s theme was love and forgiveness at Christmastime. A family’s motive isn’t a good one for sending Finn to Marietta to find out why their father gave $50,000 dollars to a woman when he died. What he discovers is a little boy named Scout and his mother Willa, with an extra special reason to celebrate this Christmas.

These are only a few books I’ve read and loved over the years. Why not leave a comment with your favorites? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Wishing everyone an extra early fabulous holiday season!


Where do Christmas stories come from? Barbara Ankrum explains!

I’m often asked, as a writer, where my stories come from. That’s always a hard question for me, because usually, I honestly don’t know. Sometimes they pop into my head from a scene and sometimes from something that happens to me in real life. Sometimes, I just have no idea.

My newest Christmas book for Tule, A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MAGIC, on the other hand, was not really a mystery to me. I knew the heroine, Holly McGuire. And I knew what she wanted. A child.

That goal was a familiar one to me. I have two of my own and three grandchildren now, but I remember feeling as Holly did that children would be an essential part of my life. And if I couldn’t have them for some reason, I had no idea who I would be. But I know I was lucky. Having children is not easy for everyone and I knew many of my readers would relate to her. And what better time than Christmas to think about the gift of children? So that’s where the story began.

But where it went surprised even me.

Holly and Trey were a perfect match because I knew Trey, the enigmatic P.I. from my Canadays of Montana series, had a secret and that secret was his love for his best friend’s wife. Now that she was a widow, there was only one thing that stood in the way of making her his at last: Holly. She had vowed never to fall in love with another military/ex-military man like her husband. Then again, she had her own secret about Trey, as well. That’s sort of how the story came to me. Just like that.

But I will share with you a story that inspired a crucial scene in this book so maybe you’ll understand better when you read it.

My own mother died many years ago, just after my own two children were born, and way too soon. I’ve missed her every Christmas (which she loved to celebrate) and every day, really, since I lost her, but especially when big things happen that I want to share with her. Weddings, college graduations, book sales…

It happened that an old high school friend of mine contacted me a few years ago and told me he had been having dreams about my mother and father, whom he had known. I know this sounds very woo-woo, but he wanted to let me know my mom had some messages for me. As we were talking, I lamented to my friend how sorry I was that she had never met my grandkids and that she would have loved them. He said, “You should know that she told me she kissed all of your grandchildren into the world.”


Now, whether you believe in such things or not, isn’t really important. I don’t mind if you don’t. But the very idea of it gave me so much comfort I chose to believe it and remember that for years. And because Christmas is such a magical time, I knew I had to include this little memory into my story. It’s quite personal. But I share it with you because I felt like it was a gift that might just find its’s way to the right person who might need a little comfort at Christmastime.

Holly and my hero, Trey are two of my favorites, and I hope you’ll enjoy their second chance love story. And if you recall the days when we believed almost anything was possible at Christmas, then maybe A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MAGIC will give you goosies, too. And maybe a smile. Happy Reading!