Tule Author Q&A: Michelle Pace unlocks the mystery of ‘True Gold’

New Tule author Michelle Pace took the time to talk about her new release, True Gold.


Why did you choose to set True Gold in Alaska?

My husband was watching several reality shows set in Alaska while we were wrapping up our last series, Carved Hearts. I’ve always been obsessed with Alaska (I even considered attending college there when I was in high school).  I love researching, which makes me a mega author nerd. I have a long time reader who lives in Alaska and was willing to beta read for me, so it was time to set something there.


What is Connor and Lilah’s song? Has it changed over the years?

Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson was released about the right time, and that song suits them.  The more things change with Connor and Delilah, the more they stay the same. The same applies to their song, it’s just more poignant now than it was when they were young and blissfully in love.


Check out Michelle’s True Gold playlist on Spotify.



Michelle names Jason Momoa and Angelica Celaya as her muses for Connor and Lilah.


Writing mothers often takes a pinch of sentimentality: How did you come up with the character LuAnn?
I love strong women, and come from a long line of them. I hope my daughters will say the same someday. I don’t do ingénues, so Lu was bound to be a tough as nails character from inception. My mother and Lu don’t have much in common on paper, (my Mom is an academic and an introvert – Lu…not so much). However, like LuAnn, my Mom set a powerful example for my sisters and I. She supported four kids with virtually no help at all, and frankly, she didn’t need any.


There are three main characters who can pilot floatplanes. How did you research the logistics?

I watched a lot of documentaries and read as much as I could actually process and understand. The rest I just tried to keep simple and vague, so I didn’t put my foot in my mouth.




There’s a whodunnit element in True Gold. Did you start writing it beginning to end or end to beginning?

I’ve always been a sucker for a cold case, and was inspired by the D.B. Cooper caper.I knew that I wanted to toy with unfolding some old mystery, but being a pantser and not a planner, I wrote beginning to end. I’m sure my notes looked like the idea board of a conspiracy theorist.



What are you currently reading?
I’m usually reading one book and listening to another book on audible. Right now, I’m listening to NOS4A2 by Joe Hill for the second time, and I’m reading a wonderful book by Charles Sheehan-Miles called Winter Flower.


About the Author

Raised in small town Iowa, Michelle Pace is an international best-selling, multi-genre author. After studying theater and vocal music and directing and performing in numerous productions, Michelle went on to earn degrees in both liberal arts and nursing. Determined to avoid shoveling snow, she relocated to the Lone Star State with her husband, author L.G. Pace III. Michelle is a mother of three, and she enjoys traveling, live music, and is an enthusiastic amateur beer connoisseur. Still most at home while entertaining an audience, her mission is to write gripping fiction, not fairy tales.

Tule Author Q&A: L.M. Connolly’s ‘Hearts’ go on

Tule author L.M. Connolly takes the time to chat about Captive Hearts, the second installment in her Hearts on Fire series, that releases on Monday, July 1.

What is Ethan’s secret to being a great negotiator?
Patience and knowledge. He learns about his opposition, and then uses it for leverage. He also takes into account what the other side wants. If he can deliver that, he will.

Book One: Racing Hearts took us to Italy and now we’re in London with Ethan and Scarlett. Where will Hearts on Fire take us next?
We’re in Texas! Houston, to be precise. I love Texas and Houston is a vibrant, exciting city.

What are three things Scarlett always travels with?
Her phone, her hair tongs and her core make-up collection.

What is one thing Ethan wishes he could say to his family, but never does?

“Leave me alone.” His father is manipulating, and his late mother abandoned him when he was a baby. But his father continues to interfere with everything he does.

What are you currently reading?
“The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital” by Dan Cruickshank. It’s a fascinating read!


About the Author
I write. That’s what I do. And I love a happy ending, especially a well-deserved one.
I started writing in the historical romance genre, and I still love writing stories about those characters.

I write contemporary romance, too, about people you might know, or know of. Stories of passionate men and women who care for each other, set in places I’ve visited, like Houston, Florence, Rome and London.

But I branched out into paranormal romance and discovered a new world of Talents-shape-shifters (ever wonder where all those dragons went? They never left!), vampires, Sorcerers (a race of people with very special gifts) and others, as well as humans, who are not underestimated in my stories.

I’ve won awards and competitions, and topped the odd best-selling list, but that’s not why I write. I do it because I’ve always done it, though my career as a market analyst and then as a stay at home mum. I love to write.

I also make and fill doll’s houses, so I suppose I’m all about the worlds of the imagination, and trying to make them real. I live in the UK, but I try to get over to the US when I can, to visit friends and to attend conventions. If I could choose a city to live in, it would probably be Manchester or Paris. I know, strange choices! Or Florence. Or New York. Or all four!

Tule Author Q&A: Megan Ryder rides into Redemption Ranch

Tule author Megan Ryder looks some time to talk about her first in installment in her Redemption Ranch series, A Cowboy’s Salvation.

Your heroine Tara is an interior designer. Do you imagine that she was interested in design as a child or found it later in life?
Tara’s mom was a quilter and involved in art projects when she was growing up and Tara, by default, got involved in art as she grew up. She fell into interior design as a way to feed her creative side and, subconsciously as a way to connect with her mom, although I’m not sure she realized it. It also was a way to bring some color into her life and control her space when she felt out of control.


What was West’s favorite thing to do with his mentor, the late Mr. Rawlings?
He loved spending time with Douglas, riding or fishing. West was a very quiet man and so was Douglas and spending time together, not talking, was probably his favorite thing. They didn’t need to say anything but just spending time together was the best they could do.


Who is more stubborn: West or Tara?
That’s a toss-up. They both are pretty stubborn for what they believe in but they learn to adjust for each other because they love each other. But at the beginning, that was the biggest conflict – because they’re both pretty darn stubborn. West always considered himself as stubborn as the Granite that the town was made of and he thought Tara was as changing as the wind but he found Tara to be a relentless as the winter wind. So, I think they’re a perfect match.


Is there anything in particular that inspired you to have Tara based out of San Francisco?
I love the architecture of the Queen Anne homes in San Francisco and thought Tara would be draw to a place there, especially living there and designing there. I think the homey quality and the historic quality would appeal to her, even though her ex-husband was so not like that.



What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading the KGI Series by Maya Banks. I love connected series about brothers/families, whether they’re blood related or connected in other ways.


About the Author
Ever since Megan Ryder discovered Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught while sneaking around the “forbidden” romance section of the library one day after school, she has been voraciously devouring romance novels of all types. Now a romance author in her own right, Megan pens sexy contemporary novels all about family and hot lovin’ with the boy next door. She lives in Connecticut, spending her days as a technical writer and her spare time divided between her addiction to knitting and reading.

Tule Author Q&A: Joanne Walsh’s new Greek hero heats up

Tule author Joanne Walsh took some time to give us inside information on her new release, The Greek’s Bedroom Bargain.

We have to ask, have you ever been to Greece?
I’ve visited Greece many times.  I’m fond of all the southern European countries around the Mediterranean and Aegean, but it’s the Greek Islands that hold a special place in my heart.

Each island has its own unique character, and I love island-hopping by ferry to discover pretty whitewashed towns and villages tumbling down hills and mountainsides to the azure sea, and meeting the locals who are always hospitable and ready to share their culture, traditions and history—and serve their yummy cuisine. The best times have been when I’ve sat with friends and a gin and tonic on an idyllic, peaceful beach, watching a magnificently fiery sunset, or occasionally, when I’ve danced until dawn and then been treated to the equally unmissable sight of the sunrise on a pearl-gray-misted horizon.

I treasure the vacations I’ve spent in Greece, and it’s a joy and a privilege to share my memories with readers, weaving the sights, sounds and experiences garnered on those trips into the Greek Island Millionaires trilogy.

What about Kathos made your heroine Frankie pick it for the spot to heal her heart?
Frankie’s looking to find peace and answers. Her marriage has broken down in a hurtful way and all but taken the life she had in England with it. Her mom has an old schoolfriend, Alison Angelis, who settled on Kathos thirty years ago, marrying a Greek man and setting up a rescue shelter for the numerous feral animals that populate the island. It seems like the perfect time for Frankie to take the summer off, go stay with Alison, help out in the shelter, lick her wounds and think about next steps. She’s not looking for another relationship, but soon Nik Kontarinis, millionaire entrepreneur and a volunteer captain at the local firehouse, strides into her life. Although Nik makes it clear he’d like a fling with Frankie, she’s determined not to get involved…until it dawns on her that if she wants to make real the idea she has about staying on Kathos and starting over, she’s going to need him and…well, you can find out how that works out in The Greek’s Bedroom Bargain!

What inspired your hero Nik to become a volunteer firefighter?
Nik’s the kind of guy you want to have around in a crisis. He’s a natural leader, good at taking charge and keeping his cool, and he has strong desire to give back to the community that has nurtured him since he was orphaned as a baby after an earthquake struck Kathos in which his parents were killed.  He’s fit and works out loads (Frankie is left dry-mouthed by his muscular physique!), so firefighting is another physical challenge he relishes.

But there’s another reason behind Nik’s drive to be a first responder. He carries a good deal of guilt about Marco, his adoptive younger brother, who disappeared when he was a toddler while the teenaged Nik was supposed to be minding him. Nik and his other two brothers, Sergei and Dimitri, have never stopped searching and holding out hope that, someday, Marco will be found alive and well. Fighting fires and saving people and places helps Nik to manage how he feels about Marco’s absence.

Greece is known for great food. Does Nik have a dish he’s mastered?

When Nik first meets Frankie, he’s used to having food cooked for him—he owns two bar-restaurants and a nightclub and he knows all the best tavernas on Kathos. But once he gets to settle down, he becomes a dab hand in the kitchen, as readers will see in The Millionaire’s Marriage Proposal, book three of the trilogy, when he throws a party to celebrate his brother Sergei’s song-writing success, treating his guests to his signature dish: Lamb Kleftiko, in which a leg of lamb is sealed and roasted for five-and-a-half hours with lemon, garlic and herbs, and potatoes to soak up the delicious juices. This he serves with a Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, greens, and black Kalamata olives tossed in a mint yoghurt dressing.  Teleios(perfect)!

What are you currently reading?
An Orphan’s Wish by Molly Green, which is set in England during the Second World War. Molly is a member of the writers’ group I also belong to. I love historical romance fiction, and Molly is a wonderful storyteller—she has a real gift for penning vivid characters and heart-warming plotlines full of twists and turns that bring the wartime period beautifully but honestly to life.


About the Author
Joanne Walsh became hooked on romance when her grandma gave her a copy of Gone with the Wind for her birthday. The teachers at her strict girls’ school didn’t approve of a ten-year-old reading such a ‘racy’ novel and confiscated it. But Joanne still became a voracious romance reader and, later, an editor for one of the world’s leading women’s fiction publishers, where she could do two of her favorite things: work with her beloved alpha-male heroes and spend time in the USA. These days, Joanne lives in the south of England and divides her time between freelance editing, writing and spending time with her very own real-life alpha…



Tule Author Q&A: Lenora Worth explains inspiration & restoration

Tule author Lenora Worth took a moment to talk about her new release, Closing the Deal.

Is there a particular inspiration for The Brides of Blossom, Texas, series — either from your travels or TV/film?
The inspiration came to me when a wedding venue popped into my head. I imagined three friends making it work and I wanted to tell each of their stories. The idea held my heart so I’m glad I’m finally writing this series.

Did you have to do any research on home restoration?
I did a lot of research on Texas historical sites and what had to happen to received historical status from the Texas Historical Commission. I envisioned the house as a jewel that needed cleaning and shining. I love old houses and watch a lot of HGTV’s Rehab Addict.

Hill Country Texas is known for some great food. What do you imagine is Drake’s favorite dish?
I think Drake would like a good medium-rare steak and all the trimmings. He’s used to eating great food and since his friend Holt (hero of book two in The Brides of Blossom, Texas) runs a food truck, he’d also love tacos and a good barbecue sandwich, too.

What is Sarina’s favorite memory of her grandmother?
I think her favorite memory is of the wind chimes that her Nana loved. They are like a reminder from heaven that her grandmother loved her in spite of the tragedy that brought them together. Her Nana also left her the hidden history of her home, which is a turning point for Sarina.

What are you currently reading?
I’m currently reading Mary Kay Andrew’s Sunset Beach. I love a good beach read! And of course, I have several Last Stand, Texas, books on my Kindle app, waiting to be read!

About the author

Lenora Worth writes romance and romantic suspense for Love Inspired and also writes for Tule Publishing. Three of her books finaled in the ACFW Carol Awards and several have been RT Reviewer’s Choice finalists. She also received the RT Romance Pioneer Award for Inspirational Fiction. “Logan’s Child” won the 1998 Best Love Inspired for RT. She has made the NY Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. With eighty books published and millions in print, she enjoys adventures with her retired husband, Don. Lenora loves reading, baking and shopping … especially shoe shopping.

Tule Author Q&A: Jamie K. Schmidt gets in the Last Stand saddle + GIVEAWAY

Tule author Jamie K. Schmidt moseyed on over over to discuss her new new release, The Cowboy’s Daughter (the first installment in the Three Sisters Ranch series). Bonus: Check out the giveaway below!

Welcome to Tule! What is one thing you can tell our readers that no one else knows about you?
Hi!  Thank you!  The one thing that no one else knows about me is that I don’t really like coffee. Gasp!  I like the effect that the shot of caffeine give me, but in order for me to enjoy it, my coffee can’t taste like coffee.  So I doctor it up with heavy cream, and sugar free syrups.

This is the first cowboy book you’ve published. How did your approach to writing this novel differ from your others?
I’ve always loved cowboys. I think they’re so polite, in addition to being sexy and tough.  I’ve been to Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk in Texas.  That’s where I saw my first professional bull riding event and I was hooked.  We took my son when he was little to see a PBR show in the Hartford Civic Center a few years ago.  He was scared by all the pyrotechnics, but it was great to see a larger show.  When I thought about the Three Sisters Ranch series, I knew that I would have to have a bull rider as a hero.

The relationship between Trent and his daughter, Alissa, is so sweet. Where did you find the inspiration for this?
I’ve found that the men who sowed their wild oats when they were young, really appreciate their daughters and tend to be more protective of them because they are afraid they’ll hook up with someone like they used to be.

What song would be in the soundtrack to Kelly and Trent’s love story?
“I Can Love You Like That” by John Michael Montgomery.

What are you currently reading?
I’m not a faithful reader so I usually have two or three books going on at one time. Currently, I’m reading Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient, Shayne Silver’s Angel’s Roar, and J.D. Robb’s Seduction in Death.

To celebrate the release of The Cowboy’s Daughter, I’d like to
give away a bracelet like the one my hero is wearing on the
cover.  Just comment below with “I can’t wait to read this!”
and we’ll pick a winner out at random  at 7 p.m. ET on Friday, June 7.



About the Author
USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt, writes erotic contemporary love stories and paranormal romances. Her steamy, romantic comedy, Life’s a Beach, reached #65 on USA Today, #2 on Barnes & Noble and #9 on Amazon and iBooks. Her Club Inferno series from Random House’s Loveswept line has hit both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble top one hundred lists. The first book in the series, Heat, put her on the USA Today bestseller list for the first time, and is a #1 Amazon bestseller. Her book Stud is a 2018 Romance Writers of America Rita® Finalist in Erotica. Her dragon paranormal romance series has been called “fun and quirky” and “endearing.” Partnered with New York Times bestselling author and former porn actress, Jenna Jameson, Jamie’s hardcover debut, SPICE, continues Jenna’s FATE trilogy.


Tule Author Q&A: Kimberley Ash makes our mouths water & heartstrings pull

Tule author Kimberley Ash took the time from across the pond to share with us some insider details on her new release, Forget Me (Book 2 in The Van Allen Brothers series).

Laurel is converting a greasy spoon into a gastropub: What menu items can she keep on the menu?
Laurel has quite a learning curve to go through to adjust her prejudices against some of the comfort food that Sullivan’s offered before she got there. She asks the regulars what they like and after a couple of missteps, she finds a balance. The burgers remain, as do the chicken fingers, but she ups the game with things like top quality meat and a panko coating on the chicken fingers. She keeps the buffalo wings but adds a better side dish to offset their heat. And then there are her homemade rather than shop-bought desserts… which make her irresistible to Jonah.

Why did Jonah and Laurel break up originally?
Their initial relationship, ten years ago, was a heady three-month rush of an affair, kept secret because Jonah was the town bad boy and Laurel was the good girl. The secrecy added to the spice. But Jonah had a lot of issues to work through, and back then he was numbing them with alcohol. Laurel was falling in love with him, but her father was an alcoholic and she knew the path Jonah might be going down was one she couldn’t help him out of. So she broke up with him. Ironically, her actions made him re-evaluate his life and he stopped drinking.

Why do you think Jonah picked psychology?
All the Van Allen brothers, at their core, want to help people, and this determined their career paths. For Jonah, his own journey through therapy made him want to help others the same way. He’s also an observer and so can keep his own feelings separate from his clients’. Unfortunately, he keeps them from himself as well.

What is Laurel’s favorite thing to cook? Do you have a recipe for us?
After Jonah’s reaction to her brownies, I think that recipe would be her favorite, and I’ve added it at the back of Forget Me. But her recipe for Mint Sauce really sends him over the edge, and it’s not something I see often in the U.S. This is my mum’s recipe and was my dad’s responsibility with roast lamb for Sunday lunch.

Mint Sauce
Wash and pull the leaves from the stems of a bunch of mint, discarding the ratty-looking ones. Put the leaves on a chopping board and sprinkle 1½-2 teaspoons of sugar over them. Get your biggest chopping knife and chop the leaves up small. This part will smell amazing. Put the chopped leaves in a sauce bowl and add 2-3 teaspoons of white wine vinegar. This will also smell amazing. Then pour enough boiled water over to about half-cover the leaves. Stir and leave for a few seconds to melt the sugar. Take a sniff of the whole thing because… yes, it smells amazing. You can add more sugar or vinegar to taste. Spoon over grilled lamb chops and hand-feed to tasty neighbors!

What are you currently reading?
I just finished reading Adriana Herrera’s American Dreamer. A wonderful, authentic voice that makes me want to go find an Afro-Caribbean restaurant, stat! For Mother’s Day my daughters gave me Tracey Garvis Graves’ The Girl He Used to Know, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to this second-chance romance.


Kimberley Ash is a British expat who has lived in and loved New Jersey for twenty years. When not writing romance or romantic women’s fiction, she can usually be found cleaning up after her two big white furry dogs and slightly less furry children. You can reach her at www.kimberleyash.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.