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Cowboy, Come Home, Book 5
Release Date:

Aug 15, 2024

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A Cowboy’s Pursuit


Anne McAllister

Jace Tucker Always Gets What He Wants!

Well, not this time. Celie O’Meara has had enough of the boy who was once her teenage crush, and then the devil-may-care rodeo cowboy who inspired her fiancé to jilt her. Now, working alongside him every day is driving her crazy. She needs a new job, a new life, a whole new world that Jace is not a part of.

She left! One day Celie was blushing at Jace’s teasing, the next she’s halfway around the world! So much for going slow, giving her space, letting her realize she’s the one woman who matters to him—and always has.

Jace has waited—through the years she blamed him for her being stood up at the altar, through her misbegotten infatuation with that Hollywood actor, through that ridiculous singles’ cruise she took to “broaden her horizons”.

He’s had enough of waiting for Celie to come to her senses. But can he convince Celie that he’s the man for her?

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This book will begin shipping August 15, 2024


August 15, 2024

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