Bethany Meets Her Match


Lisa Lin

She’s always been an unstoppable force, but has she finally met her match?

Bethany Lee has achieved every goal she’s had: attend a top-tier medical school, lead her pub quiz team to victory, and now an ER residency. But when an opportunity arises to win a prestigious fellowship that will pay off her med school debt and help her parents, it seems Bethany has suddenly slammed into a wall. A very tall, handsome, and infuriating wall.

Ethan Wu finally feels like he belongs. He’s enjoying his cardiology residency, his volunteer work, and the life he’s building in New York. The only cloud on his horizon is his mother’s belief that he’ll return to Taiwan once he finishes his training. Hoping to stay in the U.S. longer, Ethan applies for a fellowship. Only one other distractingly beautiful resident stands in his way.

Soon, they’re competing on everything, even a dumpling-making contest. When they start consulting together on medical cases, Bethany and Ethan are surprised to learn they complement each other. But with their futures on the line, can they fight for not just work, but the chance for real love?

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This book will begin shipping April 10, 2024


April 10, 2024

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