The Burlesons of Texas, Book 2
Release Date:

Oct 8, 2020

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A Family for Christmas


Nola Cross

For the past nine years Bill Smith has been on a single-minded mission, unable to set down roots or develop relationships. When he briefly met the beautiful and fierce Annie Burleson eight years before, she was an oasis in the desert of his life, a bright beacon he remembers with great fondness. Now, a remarkable turn of events has brought Annie back into his life and offers him the sweet temptations of home and family in small town Texas.

Annie never dreamed she’d see Bill again. That wasn’t in her plan. He had served his purpose without realizing he’d given her a son. But now he has stepped forward to save their boy’s life, and Annie can’t help but be grateful. And more than a little intrigued by this man she barely knows.

But can Bill give up his nomadic quest and settle down with her and AJ? Or is he doomed to continue alone on his futile search?

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This book will begin shipping October 8, 2020


October 8, 2020

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