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Little Dog Diner: Books 1 – 3

An Anthology

Murder wasn’t supposed to be on the menu at the Little Dog Diner, but that’s exactly what we got served anyway.

Hi, I’m Dani Mackenzie and I’m the unfortunate soul who owns said diner. Looks like business is going to be slow for a little while as the whole town scrambles to find whodunnit.

At first I just needed something to keep me busy while on my forced vacation, but now as the clues stack up, I’m caught in the middle of this crazy mixed-up murder. And I’ll do anything to get to the bottom of what really happened and why it happened in my kitchen.

Too bad the only known witness to the crime is the victim’s terrier, Pip, and no one believes she bludgeoned her owner to death. But if not her… then who? And, perhaps more importantly, who’s next?

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I always thought weddings were supposed to be about joining lives… Not ending them.

But when an unexpected guest shows up dead on the beach and the groom seems to be hiding more than just cold feet, I need to take my chef’s hat off and don my deerstalker once again.

Who was this mysterious stranger that came to town claiming to be a long lost relative, and why is she now dead? Who is the groom really, and are his intentions for my friend pure?

Deceit—like revenge—may be a dish best served cold, but I’m not quite sure any of us have the stomach for it. Wedding bells are ringing, but might they also be the death knell? And is the killer really going to be satisfied with just one victim when two could be twice as nice?

Oh, dear. Pip and I certainly have our work cut out for us this time…

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Little Dog Diner: Books 1 – 3 is currently available in digital format only:

ISBN: 978-1-964418-79-7

Spring 2024


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