The Accidental Ghost Detective

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Part of the The Accidental Ghost Detective series


The Accidental Ghost Detective: Books 1 – 3

An Anthology

When Nikki Knight returns to her childhood stomping grounds in Frog Hollow Georgia, she realizes life has become nuttier than the pecan muffins at her late grandmother’s haunted B&B. But the only ghost in the Moonlight Mansion is the previous lady of the house, still roaming the halls in her afterlife.

Not ten steps into town, Nikki finds herself with a furry new companion. An abandoned royal dachshund who just might carry the secret to his past owner’s untimely demise. But when Nikki is seen snooping around at one too many crime scenes, the local officer becomes suspicious and begins popping up where she least expects him.

Now, she needs to find out what happened ASAP and protect Prince Dasher Dangerdog Bean from falling into the wrong—and deadly—hands.

Can Nikki and her royal dachshund solve the case? Or will they end up roaming the Moonlight Mansion with her grandmother?

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The town fair has brought visitors to Moonlight Mansion and they’re keeping proprietor Nikki Knight and her cohorts hopping like the bullfrogs the town is named after.

What’s a burgeoning detective with a ghostly grandmother, and two mischievous dogs, supposed to do when she finds a dead body trapped under a massive frog balloon?

Why start up an investigation of course!

Nikki has a sneaking suspicion the person, or persons, responsible for the crime are staying under her roof, and discovering information is harder than she initially thought. She needs the help of the newest member of the Accidental Ghost Detective Agency…which means revealing all of her secrets.

Will Lacey send her off to the looney bin in a glittery pink straitjacket when she learns the truth? Or will her once rival, turned best friend, join forces with the zany cast of characters to help untangle the snarled web that has become her life once again?


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Nikki Knight and the Accidental Ghost Detective Agency should be getting ready for the mystery writers retreat at the Moonlight Mansion.

But when something other than Birdie’s pecan scones is found in the dining room, everyone is on the case.

With the appearance of one of the attendees’ dearly departed’s body, Nikki, Dash, Audrey, Birdie, and Lacey are in a race against the clock to identify whodunnit in a room full of people who write this stuff for a living.

Not to mention a new detective sniffing around the case, more so than Danger Dog.

In the idyllic town of Frog Hollow Georgia, there is never a dull moment, but the bonds of family and friendship are as strong as roots sunk deep into the Georgia clay.

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The Accidental Ghost Detective: Books 1 – 3 is currently available in digital format only:

ISBN: 978-1-964418-78-0

Spring 2024


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