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May 8, 2024



Twisted Cedars Mysteries: Books 1 – 3

An Anthology

Decades of silence. A shocking discovery. Some secrets refuse to stay buried.

True crime writer Dougal Lachlan swore he’d never set foot in Twisted Cedars again. Not even for his sister’s upcoming wedding. But an email promising the story of a lifetime pulls him back to his hometown against his better judgement.

Thirty years ago, five librarians were murdered across quiet coastal towns in Oregon, leaving a trail of unsolved mysteries. All signs point to a serial killer.

As Dougal plunges into the investigation, he enlists the help of local librarian Charlotte Hammond, who prefers her mysteries between the covers of a good book since the disappearance of her older sister Daisy.

The more they dig, the more buried secrets they unearth only to realize nothing is quite what it seems, and the danger may be closer to home than they thought…

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Five unsolved murders. A shocking new discovery. He’s back for the truth but Jane Doe holds a deeper secret.

Sheriff Wade Mackay needed a break. Little did he know, a day of fishing would land him right into the aftermath of a deadly accident.

The only survivor is a woman who doesn’t remember her name and has no identification. Wade’s instincts ignite when he notices the telltale marks of old bruises on Jane Doe. What hidden truths lie beneath the layers of her forgotten past?

For true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, Twisted Cedars holds secrets that refuse to stay buried. The librarian murders, unsolved for decades, drew him back to town, but intuition tells him there’s more to Jane Doe than anyone suspects.

Teaming up with local librarian Charlotte Hammond, they uncover a chilling link between the past murders and the mysterious Jane Doe. Will their discovery of past and present colliding be enough to convince the sheriff that a serial killer has resurfaced in Twisted Cedars?

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A serial killer comes home. A missing boy. A shocking revelation.

Charlotte Hammond wasn’t prepared to be the guardian of her murdered sister’s children. But when her brother-in-law is arrested for the murder, she has no choice.

When nine-year-old Chester doesn’t return home from school, Charlotte fears the worst.

True crime writer Dougal Lachlan is hiding his own secrets. He believes he holds the key to solving the thirty-year-old murders of five librarians, but if he’s right, the killer may be closer than anyone thinks.

Local sheriff Wade MacKay doesn’t want to believe there’s a serial killer in Twisted Cedars, but with a nine-year-old boy missing, he’s forced to confront the chilling possibility.

As the town grapples with the unsettling events of past and present, Charlotte, Dougal, and Wade must confront their own demons and work together to uncover the truth before more lives are lost to the darkness lurking within Twisted Cedars.

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Twisted Cedars Mysteries: Books 1 – 3 is currently available in digital format only:

ISBN: 978-1-988607-01-6

May 8, 2024

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