Jane Porter’s Ten Keys to Success & Survival

Tule Publishing founder and bestselling author Jane Porter recently spoke at RWA and led a workshop on how to succeed and survive in the publishing world. Check out her tips!


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  1. Set personal goals and revisit them. Be clear and specific with what you want.
  2. Don’t measure yourself against other people’s dreams and success.
  3. Know how you’re different. What can you offer your reader?
  4. Don’t look at the sales of one book. Realize you’re in writing for the long haul.
  5. Pick a lane. Do you need to write every kind of romance?
  6. A stand-alone is hard to sell. Are there characters you can pull from this story? Think series.
  7. Never burn a bridge. Try to get along with people.
  8. Get real. Have your own attitude. Don’t be a diva but have a positive outlook.
  9. Be proactive. Ask questions. You don’t understand what you don’t understand.
  10. Hang with others who are resilient, who will build you up, and won’t tear you down. Be likewise for them.