Kirkus Reviews Disaster Girl

Kirkus reviewed Michelle Dayton’s Disaster Girl, calling it “A sexy and satisfying read from beginning to end.”

More from Kirkus: “Dayton crafts a terrific hero: Tess is both independent and vulnerable, unapologetically work-driven and sex-positive, with a lot of love to give. Max has a rich backstory of his own, involving an ex-fiancee–turned–platonic pal, a Robin Hood–esque deed that wreaked havoc on his professional reputation, and a desire to connect with Tess that results in sweet romantic gestures and genuine devotion as she gradually lets her guard down. Each member of the protagonist’s personal network of supportive women—not only Abigail and Kat, but also Tess’ mother and the hero’s favorite local bartender—is memorable in her own right.”

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