The Lange Brothers

Abandoned by their ne’er-do-well father but raised well by their single mother in the trailer park in River’s Edge, Indiana, the Lange brothers, Becker, Ryker, and Max, are now serving their hometown as first responders.

Police lieutenant Ryker is a carefree bachelor until a wager with a flirtatious Irish lass finds him falling hard and fast. Max loves his job as an ER doc, but something is missing, and when an attractive new doctor hits town, he wonders if she might be the one. Firefighter Becker is back in River’s Edge after a divorce that has left him disillusioned and grumpy, but a reunion with an old friend just might bring him back into the light.

If you enjoy sweet, small-town romance, you’ll love returning to River’s Edge, Indiana and getting to know the Lange Brothers.