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A COWBOY FOR MERRY: Release day blog post featuring Jamie K. Schmidt!

In my new release, A Cowboy for Merry, our heroine is determined to be the first champion bronc rider in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Circuit of America.  It’s the first time that the WPRCA has offered this event, but in real life, some rodeos are now letting women compete in the rough stock events.

Bronc riding is a dangerous sport, whether you’re a man or a woman, and riders have to be prepared for the possibility of getting hurt. But the rewards can be great, both in terms of prize money and the sense of accomplishment that comes from riding a bronc. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a successful bronc rider, and it’s not something that everyone can do. Some of the challenges that women bronc riders face include:

  • Greater chance for a career ending injury than with the other rodeo events.
  • Facing discrimination: Unfortunately, women often have to deal with negativity, not only from their male counterparts, but also the fans and the rodeo industry as a whole.
  • The physical demands: Riders need to have the strength and stamina to handle a 1,200 to 1,500 lb. horse, so it’s important to be in excellent physical shape. The training process often includes weightlifting, cardio, and specialized exercises that help riders develop the endurance needed to ride a bronc.
  • The head game: Riders also have to mentally prepare for their competitions. This means visualizing themselves riding a bronc and staying calm under pressure. The competition can be very intense and nerve-wracking. This can make it difficult for riders to stay focused and ride the best they can.

Female bronc riders are changing the rodeo industry in a number of ways. They are proving that women can be just as successful as men in the sport of bronc riding. This is important because it challenges the stereotype that only men can be successful in rodeo. It could also be said that in order to prove themselves, the women riders are often more willing to take risks than their male counterparts. This means that they are more likely to push the boundaries and try new things, which can lead to innovations in the sport.  In any event, women bronc riders help create a more diverse and inclusive rodeo industry. This is important because it makes rodeo more accessible to people of all backgrounds and opens up new opportunities for everyone involved.

Being a woman bronc rider in the rodeo is definitely not for the faint of heart. But for those who are up for the challenge, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Ask any bronc rider and they’ll tell you that here’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a bronc and staying on for the full eight seconds. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other.

You can read about Merry Grayson and LeAnn Keller as they battle it out to become the number one woman bronc rider – and in Merry’s case, also fall in love.  A Cowboy for Merry releases everywhere on Tuesday, November 15th.


About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt, writes erotic contemporary love stories and paranormal romances. Her steamy, romantic comedy, Life’s a Beach, reached #65 on USA Today, #2 on Barnes & Noble and #9 on Amazon and iBooks. Her Club Inferno series from Random House’s Loveswept line has hit both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble top one hundred lists. The first book in the series, Heat, put her on the USA Today bestseller list for the first time, and is a #1 Amazon bestseller. Her book Stud is a 2018 Romance Writers of America Rita® Finalist in Erotica. Her dragon paranormal romance series has been called “fun and quirky” and “endearing.” Partnered with New York Times bestselling author and former porn actress, Jenna Jameson, Jamie’s hardcover debut, SPICE, continues Jenna’s FATE trilogy.