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Tule Author Q&A: Edie Grace talks snow and sushi

Tule author Edie Grace stopped by to chat all about her new Christmas novel, Boyfriends of Christmas Past! 


Emma is a laser-focused professional. What is her favorite meal to order-in when she has a long night in the office?

A creature of habit—and a practicing pescatarian for the past five years—Emma keeps it simple but tasty when it comes to food at work and always orders a dynamite roll from the sushi restaurant down the block (and wields chopsticks like a pro while doing it, thanks to a tutorial from Sam on one of their first dates!).


Sam seems like a mellow guy. What is his favorite band?

Sam is definitely a music lover—he can usually be found with jazz blaring while he’s cooking—but since he’s also a lover of classics, his favorite band is definitely The Beatles. “Yesterday” was the first song he learned to play on the guitar.


When did Emma first get into digital design and what prompted her to pursue it as a career?

From the time she was young, Emma had always wanted to pursue a career in advertising, but it was a guy who first drew her to the design side of the industry (although she would never admit it!) Hoping to catch the eye of a cute TA named Kevin, she signed up for a digital design course—and while Kevin turned out to be a pompous creep, Emma quickly discovered she had a great eye, and passion, for design, and a proficiency for working with digital imagining.


Where is the ultimate Christmas destination Sam would like to go to with Emma?

Sam knows that Emma has a tendency to be a workaholic and too often takes her work home with her, so he’d want to take her to somewhere off the grid where they could truly get away together. Definitely somewhere snowy and private—a small mountain town; or maybe a farm-to-table Bed and Breakfast where he and Emma could really immerse themselves in the creation of their Christmas feast!


What are you currently reading?

‘Tis the season! Since the only thing more fun than writing a holiday love story is reading one, I’m getting all the festive feels right now with Jennifer Gracen’s Holidays in Manhattan. It’s making me want to wrap up in layers and go skating in Rockefeller Center!


About the Author

Hooked on happy-endings from her first episode of The Love Boat at seven, Edie Grace lives in Maryland where she writes romantic fiction under the constant supervision of a big-boned cat, and who has never met a bottle of wine she couldn’t find something nice to say about. (Edie, that is. Not the cat.)