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Enjoy an Aussie Christmas dessert recipe from Marion Lennox

Delicious recipes straight from the kitchens of your favorite Tule authors.

Christmas at Waratah BayFrom the kitchen of author Marion Lennox:

A mango trifle. The stuff of life.

Make this in a glass bowl ‘cos it looks really pretty. A BIG glass bowl.


  • Sponge cake (pre-made or store bought)
  • Orange juice or sherry
  • Custard / custard powder
  • Full cream milk
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon or mango jelly
  • Fresh mangoes
  • Whipped cream


  1. Layer of sponge cake and lemon butter (or lemon curd)
    The original recipe says Swiss Roll made with lemon butter, made the day before, but who has time to make a Swiss Roll? I’d eat it anyway, so I buy supermarket sponge.
  2. Slice one layer in half and and make a lemon butter sponge sandwich to line the bottom of the bowl. (If I’m only making a smallish trifle I make lamingtons with the leftovers or say Happy Christmas to my bird table.)
  3. Sprinkle cake with sherry or orange juice.
  4. Layer of custard. If you’re using custard powder (and I do) 500 ml full cream milk with extra dollop of cream :-) plus 1 tsp vanilla. I almost double the amount of custard powder the pkt says. Sometimes this makes it a bit thick, but you can always thin it down with a bit more milk before it cools. Cool the custard with a bit of clingwrap over the surface to stop skin forming. Don’t put onto cake until it’s cool.
  5. Layer of lemon jelly. Since I started making this, they’ve started selling mango jelly and I keep looking at it thinking it’d be more sensible, but lemon’s such a pretty colour and tastes yummy and I’m not game to mess with a whole trifle by experimenting. So it’s lemon until someone else tries the mango and tells me it’s better. Make a packet up, leave to cool until almost set – just quivery, then pour over custard. Leave to set fully.
  6. First Layer of mangoes – when I chop my mangoes, I reserve the good slices for top layer, odd bits for bottom layer and I get to chew the pips :-) The more decadent the occasion, the more mangoes.
  7. Thick layer of whipped cream, slightly sweetened, plus a bit of vanilla. I use thickened cream rather than pure cream ‘cos otherwise it just gets too rich.
  8. More mangoes, nicely sliced this time, to look pretty. Done.
  9. You can make this really big. It feeds a crowd, and I’ve caught grown men in my refrigerator at three in the morning having third helpings. Oh, and it keeps beautifully, it even gets better for making the day before if you can keep the aforementioned night feeders away from it.

So there you are. Happy Christmas to all!

With love from Marion