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Celebrate the Release of A Cowboy’s Temptation with Michelle Beattie!

“This really is a story of relationships and love, of discovering who you are and what you want.”



When I wrote A Rancher’s Surrender, I hadn’t planned on a series. It wasn’t until I was reading the scene to my critique group of when Scott comes running around the bunkhouse with his open shirt flapping that someone said, “OMG, you have to write Scott’s story!”

So, many (way too many) years later, A Cowboy’s Temptation was conceived. I always knew Jillian’s sister Katie would be Scott’s heroine. From inception, she was going to have flaming red hair that matched her personality: fiery, plucky. A little wild. Who better to knock the normally affable Scott off his feet?

Certainly in today’s day, giving in to desires doesn’t result in a hasty marriage, but in the 1880’s? I love that the marriage is Scott’s idea. That Katie, the woman who would stand to lose the most in those days, is the one to say no, that nobody need ever find out. I think that’s one of the reasons I love this time period. The men had honor; they stood for something. And for Scott who grew up with worse than nothing, to have that kind of integrity despite his past? How can you not fall for a hero like that?

This story is a little different for me. Nobody’s on the run, nobody’s shooting and nobody’s life is at stake. This really is a story of relationships and love, of discovering who you are and what you want.

Welcome back to Frontier Marietta, folks, where you never know how far love and passion will take you.

Award-winning author Michelle Beattie began writing in 1995, almost immediately after returning from her honeymoon.  It took 12 long years but she achieved her dream of seeing her name on the cover of a book when she sold her novel, What A Pirate Desires, in 2007.  Since then she’s written and published several more historical novels as well a contemporary. When Michelle isn’t writing she enjoys playing golf, reading, walking her dog, traveling and sitting outside enjoying the peace of country life.