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Meet Featured Reviewer, Janine Rowe!

Tule Publishing is proud to have many talented reviewers promoting our authors and stories. This week, we’d like to introduce Janine Rowe of Janine’s Cool Cats and Reviews! Take it away, Janine!

meXandXKikiX3There have always been two major passions in my life, reading and cats. People who already know me, know this very well. You can usually find me with my nose in a book and one of my cats in my lap.

My life has always been far from perfect and for as long as I can remember. Reading had been my escape from reality. I remember when I discovered my first romance book. I found a stash of Harlequins that my mother would hide in her closet. I would sneak in there when she was away and grab one to read. After reading about beautiful women, handsome men and exotic lands, I was hooked. The happily ever after was the icing on the cake. Romance is my first choice in reading, but I also like women’s fiction and chick lit.

I enjoy being part of Tule Insiders Club because I like discovering new authors and different types of romance books. I like interacting with authors and I have made quite a few friends as well. Writing reviews has become one of my favorite hobbies. It gives me the freedom to be creative and share my thoughts about books, as well as helping boost sales for those books. Last year I started a blog as a place to store my reviews. But shortly afterwards I decided to open it up to the public and found it to be another fun creative outlet. I share cute cat pictures on the days that I don’t have a review (that’s where the name Janine’s Cool Cats & Review comes in). If you want to check it out, here is the link:


I look forward to all of the new Tule titles coming out and can’t wait to share my opinions of them with the world.

Pictured: Janine with her cat, Miss Kiki