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THERE YOU ARE: Release day blog post featuring Ieshia Wiedlin

When I started writing There You Are, I knew that my main character would be one that had a true love for all kinds of music. Hip-Hop, R&B, Amina would love, but Indie music would be the thing that she really connected to and wrapped herself around to convey her emotions and feelings. 

The more the story started to develop in my mind, and eventually on the page, I began making a playlist of songs. Each song I felt told a story of Amina and Nathan’s relationship. Stories of how they met, how it felt when they were together, how they felt about each other. Each time I came back to this story to revise and edit, I listened to this playlist, and was presented with a new idea or emotion. Before I knew it I compiled a playlist of 41 songs. I would like to share a few that are my favorites. 

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