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TRIVIALIZED PURSUIT – Release Day Blog Post Featuring Mia Heintzelman!


Book cover for Author Mia Heintzelman's book Trivialized Pursuit featuring illustrated graphic of couple.

There are few things I love more about a beautifully flawed, fun-loving, smart, and strong heroine. But give me one with a hankering for romance books, and I’m sold.

I instantly relate to bookish characters.

Not the ones who flush with embarrassment as they slyly slip it in their purse or hide the artfully heaving bosoms behind book jackets, either. I’m especially drawn to the ones who unabashedly read their favorite genre out in the open. The ones who equally appreciate the value of words and stories and a cover that boldly gives a glimpse of what’s between the pages.

To them, books are their treasures, more precious than gems and stones.

Woman lying on a beach wearing a sunhat and reading a book.

When I began writing Trivialized Pursuit, I didn’t plan on Roxanne “Rox” Sloane slipping into the bookish role. As her character became more three-dimensional, though, certain qualities stepped out into the forefront. For example, she’s adventure-seeking, always slipping in a chapter between customers, and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge only quenchable by books.

She’s also a list-maker. In fact, she’s got a Book of Lists. One of which, is her “One-Shot at Love” list. Immediately, my mind went for the hopeful romantic. 

Of course, Rox loves romance novels. She’s smart, her shelves are heaped with books, and she celebrates how love helps us grow. A few hours of reading gifts her with a guaranteed HEA (Happily Ever After) despite all the stakes raised against the heroine and the hero. It’s the whole life and art imitating each other thing.

As it turns out, along with lists, Rox is numbers and logic. She notices patterns. With her dad on his fourth set of nuptials and her mom never remarrying, the unfavorable odds of finding her rakish needle in a haystack aren’t lost on her. Add in a Dr. Murphy Theodore Sikes—ridiculously handsome, commitment-phobe, player extraordinaire—who she’s been crushing on for the past decade… 

And he’s even hotter in scrubs with his ruggedly messy hair, sweetly dropping by with takeout because he knew she’d be tired after work?

And he calls her sparky, too?

Yeah, Roxanne Sloane keeps a bighearted, laugh-out-loud rom-com on standby. Depending on her mood, she’s no stranger to an angsty, sweeping historical in her purse, either. 

For emergencies. 

Woman sitting on a beach lounge chair, looking over the calm ocean, reading a book.

Dating how-to books and romance novels are Rox’s go-to grabs for anxiety. In this flirty, friends-to-lovers, trivia-themed romantic comedy, she has a book in her hand by chapter three. It’s bright yellow with hot pink script on the cover, and filled with all the emotions, laughs, and steam she craves. It’s described as a bestselling enemies-to-lovers contemporary workplace romance novel about two coworkers who go on a strategic reality competition series where the players must choose whether to be themselves or other people all while chasing a cash prize.

It just screams romantic comedy!


I’m a sucker for books within a book. Give me a beach to go with it? Yes, please!

In this case, one of my favorite scenes is the beach scene. My heart about gave out when Murph joined Rox in the sun-soaked Mission Beach sand and didn’t lecture her about reading romance novels. Instead, he slid alongside her, intertwined their fingers, and listened while she read to him. When I say, my heart… 

By the time we crawl back onto our sandy towels, a new quiet energy settles between us. Rox reads from her book aloud to me, and as the characters fight the urge to be together, my ache to touch Rox escalates to combustible desperation. I inch my hand across the invisible barrier between our towels, and our fingers touch in the sand. When she slips her hand in mine without missing a beat, I know without a doubt Mom is right.”

Yes, Murph, Mom is usually right LOL. In case he didn’t notice, his mom usually has a book in her hands as well. 

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I hope you’ll hold your books proudly. I hope you’ll read books with smart and strong heroines who do as well. And if you’re really feeling good, maybe you’ll check out Trivialized Pursuit and root for Rox and Murph as they beat the stakes to find their HEA.

A️bout the author.

Mia Heintzelman is a polka-dot-wearing, horror movie lover, who always has a book and a to-do list in her purse. When she isn’t busy writing fictional happily-ever-afters, she is likely reading, or playing board games and eating sweets with her husband and two children. She writes fun, unforgettable, more than just laughs romcoms about strong women and men with enough heart to fall for them.

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Book cover for Author Mia Heintzelman's book Trivialized Pursuit featuring illustrated graphic of couple.

Trivialized Pursuit by Mia Heintzelman (American Heart)

Release Date: July 6, 2023

Love and Games, Book 2

Trivia (n.) 1) little-known facts. 2) a quiz game that has Roxanne Sloane questioning everything.

Roxanne Sloane’s life runs on checklists. As co-owner of a game store fresh off the brink of closing, she’s focused on spreadsheets, market research, and keeping Love & Games in the public eye. When Rox agrees to a televised interview, she doesn’t expect to learn the store’s crowd-funding account was compromised or that the news station has arranged a complimentary audit. She definitely doesn’t expect comfort from her co-owner’s player brother.

Murphy Sikes is many things—a handsome doctor, an overprotective brother, and a serial dater. Beyond casual hookups, he can’t separate settling from settling down. So, when he visits the store and finds Rox with a smooth-talking auditor, Murph’s confused—his inconvenient attraction for his sister’s friend is joined by a not-at-all-brotherly tenderness. It’s definitely not jealousy when he invites her to trivia night…

With each battle of wits, their undeniable chemistry weakens their willpower to remain platonic. But Murph’s unconvinced he’ll check all her boxes, and Rox questions if he’ll ever settle down. Can they overcome their trivial hang-ups and finally win at love?

Sinclair Jayne's The Cowboy's Word book cover with cowboy leaning on fence.

The Cowboy’s Word  by Sinclair Jayne (Montana Born)

Release Date: July 11, 2023

The Coyote Cowboys of Montana, Book 1

The Coyote Cowboys each made a vow to a fallen comrade and have one year to carry out their task…

Local hero Remington Cross has only painful memories of Marietta, Montana. He may want ranch work, but he’ll take it anywhere but here. Still, loyalty brings Remy to Marietta determined to locate Jace’s godchild, ensure his physical and financial security, then close this chapter for good. But a smoldering encounter with a beautiful bartender threatens his timeline and heart, and when he discovers Jace’s godchild is at risk, he enlists the aid of the enigmatic beauty who’s more no-strings than he is.

Shane Knight is no stranger to secrets, and she can tell the haunted ex-soldier is hiding plenty. She’s finished trying to fix wounded bad boys, and after her broken engagement, her heart’s permanently off-limits. When Shane jumps boots first into a red-hot one-night stand, she never anticipates getting tangled up with a sexy cowboy and a child who needs them.

It’s a chance for love, family, and a fresh start for them both, but will secrets break the fragile thread of their new beginning?

Man and woman smiling on book cover for The Fake Marriage Proposal by Susan Lute

The Fake Marriage Proposal by Susan Lute (American Heart)

Release Date: July 13, 2023

Angel Point, Book 5

When a fake marriage fails, what comes next?

Following a disastrous relationship, successful divorce attorney Wynne Olsen is ready to put her past firmly behind her and start fresh in sunny California. But first she’ll need to help plan her sister’s wedding and quit her new position as Angel Point’s city attorney. A local hero’s Nordic good looks are a distraction she doesn’t need at any time, much less when she’s tying up loose ends on her way to a better future.

Former marine and single dad Brett Macauley is focused on raising his daughter and opening a veterans village. There’s no time left for courting love, but when his daughter proposes a fake marriage between him and Wynne in order to adopt her best friend out of the foster system, Brett thinks that’s a worthy reason to pop the question. Especially since he’s realizing Wynne is quickly winning over his heart.

Another failed fake marriage isn’t what Wynne wants, but she does believe in Brett. Can Wynne finally say “I do” to a happy future…one with Brett in it?

Purple cover with white text reading "Two Sides of A Secret" by Kelly Cain

Two Sides of a Secret by Kelly Cain (American Heart)

Release Date: July 18, 2023

Secret Ties, Book 2

Her family history has more thorns than roses…

Lauren Steele has always been grateful for her adoptive family’s love and support. So much so that she takes over the family floral business when her parents retire, despite her dreams of working on political campaigns. Instead of crafting clever speeches, she spends her days writing out romantic messages on behalf of her clients—a bittersweet reminder that she’s never been on the receiving end of one of these orders. She’s accepted her simple life, until the sexiest man she’s ever met walks into her shop looking for a job.

Ben Specter fixes problems for a living, and he’s been hired to investigate Lauren. His client is a wealthy, powerfully connected man running for governor, and Ben’s research unearthed a massive skeleton in the man’s closet—a secret older sister that his mother never mentioned. Getting closer to Lauren is strictly business, but the more time Ben spends with her, the more the lines between work and pleasure blur.

But when his deception is revealed, will Lauren be able to trust Ben and believe that what they shared was real?

Couple outside at sunset for Lara Van Hulzen cover of Until I Met You

Until I Met You by Lara Van Hulzen (American Heart)

Release Date: July 20, 2023

The Endicotts of Silver Bay, Book 3

When his parents move to Silver Bay, California, Dominic Endicott, ever the dutiful son, packs up his life and heads to the small town. He sees it as temporary, appeasing his mother and making sure his dad’s health is stable while Dominic keeps the family business running. Dominic planned on keeping his head down, focused only on working and spending time with his family. Until a beautiful brunette forces him to look up.

Local Chaplain and community center employee Rachel Anderson loves her little town that she’s called home for the past year. Silver Bay is a far cry from her life growing up in LA, and that’s perfectly fine with her. When she mistakes newcomer Dominic for her friend, Chet, her simple, curated life becomes complicated.

Thrown together to work on raising money for the town’s community center, the sparks between Rachel and Dominic are too strong to ignore. But Dominic represents everything Rachel has been running from, while Rachel has Dominic rethinking his entire life plan. Can these two bridge the gap between their worlds and give love a chance?

Girl in row boat on creek with fireflies at dusk for Blink Twice if You Love Me book cover by Laurie Beach

Blink Twice if You Love Me by Laurie Beach (Southern Born)

Release Date: July 25, 2023

Crickley Creek, Book 2

She’s determined for her rags to riches story to have a fairy tale happy ending.

Krista Hassell might be a member of the poorest, least respected family in Crickley Creek, South Carolina, but she believes deep in her soul that character counts. She’s finally curated the perfect plan—and boyfriend—that, together, will save her societal standing and rewrite her future. That is, until a family tragedy strikes and her mother goes off the rails…again. If only Krista could show her community who she really is beyond her old, crumbling shack on the marsh, she could find the inner peace she yearns for.

Army veteran Johnny Merrick came to Crickley Creek for a wedding and decided to extend his stay in the quaint town, renting the small house next door to Krista for the summer. As their friendship grows, Krista is forced to rethink the very relationships her plan needs to succeed—and yet it might be exactly what she needs to fully embrace what fills her soul most: the marsh she’s trying to escape.

But only if she makes her move before the fireflies disappear for the season…

Man and woman on cover in winter for The Great Montana Cowboy Auction.

The Great Montana Cowboy Auction by Anne McAllister (Montana Born)

Release Date: July 27, 2023

Cowboy, Come Home, Book 2

Montana cowboy turned Hollywood heartthrob.

The last time Polly McMaster missed a meeting, she got elected mayor of Elmer, Montana. This time, she gets to organize a cowboy auction to save a neighbor’s ranch—bringing her face-to-face with the one man she never wanted to see again.

Former local cowboy turned Hollywood star Sloan Gallagher, with his roguish grin, easy charm, and to-die-for good looks, is every woman’s dream. But he’s Polly’s nightmare. Now a widowed mom of four juggling two jobs, a daydreaming sister, a mother at loose ends, and way too many rabbits, for once Polly is grateful for all the distractions. Besides, Sloan won’t remember her anyway.

Forget Polly McMaster? Not a chance. Polly was Sloan’s teenage dream. Of course, he’s moved on now. Seeing Polly again will let him finally shut the door on the past…right?

When the bidding is over and the auction has ended, will they be able to turn their backs on each other? Or can love conquer the obstacles between them?