Montana Darling Release Day Giveaway!

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Howdy, y’all! The third book in Debra Salonen‘s “Big Sky Mavericks” series has arrived!

Download Montana Darling today!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a print 1-9-2015 Deb Salonen Giveawaycopy of Deb’s Montana Cowgirl, along with everything pictured, plus an e-copy of Montana Cowboy!

To enter: Comment below with your favorite thing about Marietta, Montana. Good luck! A random winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 13th.

The “Big Sky Mavericks” series by
Debra Salonen:

Book 1: Montana Cowgirl 
Book 2: Montana Cowboy
Book 3: Montana Darling
Book 4: Montana Maverick – Coming Soon!


  1. Haha, Robin stole my answer! The cowboys, what’s not to like! Plus I loved living in Montana, it’s gorgeous!

  2. I love the town and the people. It’s a place I could imagine living and being happy. Of course the cowboys are a nice bonus.

  3. Never been to Montana, but based on the photo, I love the wide space and mountains. From reading the description of the town, the creamery looks like a cool place to take the kids. I count, too. Right? :P

  4. The Cowboys, the town folk, just everything about it makes me envious I’m not there. Thanks for the giveaway

  5. I love the sense of community everyone has and how important family is. I would really love to visit – and do every time I read one of the books that takes place there!!!

  6. I love Marietta! I like how everyone knows everyone else and will help each other.

    I just picked up your new book, Deb! :)

  7. After reading all the different answers I would love a chance to find out more about Marietta, Montana. :-) Sounds great.

  8. Just the small country town feeling I want to go eat at the diner and stop off at the chocolate shop and maybe on the way home we could stop at a ranch and get a puppy,

  9. I like that in most of the books, it feels like a real place. It feels like it could exhist. I want to go there! I want to live in Sage’s chocolate shop!!!!

  10. I’m going to have to repeat many people’s answer. Sexy Cowboys of course :) Thanks for the giveaway and Congratulations Debra on the release.

  11. I can not wait to read this book!! My favorite part of Marietta? The people, I love them all. Second, the small town feel. Everyone knows each other. I feel sad every time I realize Marietta isn’t a real place. :)

  12. It makes me want to visit Montana! I love the small town feel. It’s sort of like the first school community I taught in, in Indiana – part town, part farms but everyone has each other’s back. Plus it wasn’t too far from a larger city (South Bend in this case).

  13. I enjoy the family feeling and that everyone is looking out for everyone else.

    I also enjoy how the families intertwine with each other.

  14. The small town setting that seems populated with super sexy guys, and the scenic setting – a river runs through it, and the mountains, Copper Mt. and all the near ranges. I would like to vacation there!

  15. I have never been to Montana but I have seen pictures and it is beautiful. I would say the cowboys and Marietta sounds like a small community and they are usually friendly people and take care of each other.

  16. Unfortunately I’ve not had the joy of visiting Montana or read these books as of yet, but it’s definitely been added to my to do list!!! I love how Marietta is a close knit community where everyone knows your name, complete with old fashioned chocolate shop, & sprinkled with hot men…what’s not to love?! Thanks for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)

  17. I have never been to Montana but always wanted to move there. I always thought it looked peaceful and having cowboys around wouldn’t be too bad either.

  18. I would say the town, I live in a small town in Western PA but would love to live with my guy in a small beautiful Montana town :)

  19. Reading the excerpts, I have always wanyed to visit Montana – love wide open spaces. The Cowboys would be awesome.

  20. Oops – my emoji cut off the rest of my comment – the importance of dismally and community makes it a special place!

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