What Makes Aussie Heroes Hot? by Madeline Ash

Australian men. I say they’re as hot as the outback sun on a summer’s day – and fellow Australian romance authors Amy Andrews, Margareta Osborn, and Victoria Purman all agree!

But what exactly is it about the men down under that makes our hearts race? We’ll tell you, but fair warning: hide your credit card if you don’t want to be booking flights to Australia by the end!


  • TheHero-300dpiAmy Andrews says… “Well now I think it’s a whole bunch of things – charm, charisma, that easy-come-easy-go, laid-back attitude, and let’s not forget those hot bodies kissed by the Aussie sun. But it’s the flipside as well. The hard-working, helping-out-a-neighbour, never-say-die toughness that gives Aussie men a backbone made of steel. Hmmm…how about I demonstrate? I always say a picture is worth a thousand words…”






  • MTheCowboy-300dpiargareta Osborn says… “As I’m a country girl, my area of hero expertise is of the cowboy kind of nature. And I can categorically assure you that our Aussie stockmen have some of the cutest Wrangler butts, the sexiest smiles and the cheekiest personalities you will find. Throw in bronzed and muscled chests, far-seeing eyes that crinkle at the edges against the sun, tanned forearms that are corded with muscle, strong, capable hands and a languous and laconic accent that can charm you out of your cowgirl boots in no time, and you have all the ingredients for one seriously hot hero. (And did I mention they also have awesome utes (trucks in the US), great taste in horses and usually a cute dog?)”




  • TheMillionaire-300dpiVictoria Purman says…“Their sexy smiles. A sense of humour that says they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is so hot.  And shoulders. Did I mention the shoulders?
    In fact, I would argue that Aussie men are the sexiest in the world and I have evidence to prove my point. Check it out. When Hollywood needs a ruggedly handsome man to put on our big screens, who do they call? Yessiree, they call an Australian.
    Like Hugh Jackman. Or Chris Hemsworth. Russell Crowe. Sam Worthington. Another Hemsworth – Liam. Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-O). Simon Baker. Ryan Kwanten. Sullivan Stapleton (look him up). Oh, must I go on?”




  • ThePlayboy-300dpiAs for me (and I’ll second everything the others have mentioned), I love the accent. I know, I speak it too, and don’t notice it most days. But every time I hear an Aussie accent on screen (the Hemsworth boys are a perfect example!) I melt. Our sun-touched lads also make good music – and that makes for sexy men! There are loads of talented male musicians here, and even more who just like to pull out the guitar on a lazy summer’s day. I’m into that. Very, very into that. I’ll also agree with Victoria on their sense of humour – Aussie men can be pretty darn cheeky ;-)





Is there anything about Australian men that appeal to you? Or any kind of men, for that matter! We’d love to know. Leave us a comment!

-The Hot Aussie Hero Authors

Hot Aussie Heroes Series:

The Cowboy by Margareta Osborn
The Hero by Amy Andrews
The Playboy
by Madeline Ash
The Millionaire by Victoria Purman


  1. For me it’s that dry sense of humour that you won’t find in blokes anywhere else in the world. Oh yes, and as I’m sn Aussie country girl the way our boys are built is pretty easy on the eye. I don’t know that the city guys stack up quite so well but I could be biased. Oh yes, and add Eric Banna to the list of Aussie guys who are easy on the eye. Even Paul Hogan, though he is even older than me, is still in pretty decent shape. Need I go on?

  2. As I am reading these books, I can hear their accents talking to me. Another one me is their bodies, make me drool.

  3. Ah Aussie men… what can I say – second only to South African men (because I am biased on that one) – best looking, and eager to please!

    Ducking now before my Aussie friends start throwing things at me…hehe…

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