“What a Bachelor Needs” Sneak Peek and Giveaway!

Bachelor #4 has arrived! Start your bidding…

As if this cover didn’t have us drooling enough… What do you think of this description of Kelly Hunter‘s handyman hero Jett Casey?

Sneak Peek

“I’m having handyman fantasies. Or maybe they’re Jett Casey fantasies,” said Mardie. “Either way, I’m having them.”

“Very healthy.”

“He was ripping up the carpet in the front room and all those muscles were straining…and there was bending… and rolling, and wanton sighing on my part. Have you seen that man’s butt?”

“I’ve seen it. And you are right to be impressed.”


T3-13 Kellyo enter this giveaway, tell us how much you’d bid on ski champ and handyman Jett Casey. What a Bachelor Needs by USA Today Bestselling Author Kelly Hunter is available now!








Bachelor Auction Series
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Book 4: What a Bachelor Needs by Kelly Hunter
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  1. I would bid $250 on it. After all free ski lessons and a man who can fix anything. What more could you ask for? ‘Romance’ ;)

  2. I’d have my rich best friend bid on him for me. Lol I have some things around the house that need fixing….the bedroom mainly

  3. $1, I just love that amount and think that everybody should be able to “have them” or afford them :-)

  4. well money is tight but I might be able to bid $300 but then again I may just have to settle for reading the books lol

  5. I have $8 in my bank account right now. That would be a major insult to this hottie. I would just have to sit back and enjoy the fun of watching everyone else place their bids. Better yet, maybe I need to put on an apron and help Mardie serve those drinks so she can get off her feet for a while.

  6. OMG! If I had the money I’d bid 1M to go out with this bachelor and support a good cause! Can’t wait to read!

  7. I’ll provide all the equipment he needs for the lessons and the repairs plus a vouple grand for anything else he may need.

  8. I’m not single so I would not be bidding, but I sure am enjoying these books, the whole bidding thing and the fulfillment of the date or whatever it is sure good reading.

  9. I would start at $1,000. Even though I don’t ski I can find something else for him to do. LOL.

  10. Hmmm, every cent in my kids piggy bank, all the $$ in my wallet and anything else I can scrape together. Stay at home moms gotta do, what I gotta do.

  11. Let me check my change jar, and all the quarters that I have saved from the States quarter coin series.

  12. I need a handy man so bad. Honey do list is big. Let me check my bank account, hopefully I have plenty of fun money.

  13. – these are GORG. so amazing. i tlaotly understand feeling uninspired when life gets crazy. it feels so good when things fall into place and it comes back to you on your own terms. these feel real and special, and not forced. congrats!

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