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By Sinclair Jayne

Jayne-Broken-300dpiHeading south again to San Clemente in Southern California is always a hotly anticipated journey, especially now that I live in the Pacific Northwest where this winter has been disagreeably soggy.  So there was no procrastination to write the first lines of my second Sons of San Clemente contemporary romance, Broken.  My only question as I opened a Word file, which Son? Duh.  I had to go with Lane Duke, professional surfer, Kadan Carson’s (hero of Wrecked) best friend.  Intellectually I’d like to say it was because Lane made logical sense, but really, it was his gorgeous hair.  Long, bright blonde and curly.  It had taken on a life of its own in my imagination as I wrote Wrecked, and I really wanted to hang out with him (and his hair) again.  On the surface, Lane is the antithesis of what you’d expect a surfer to be.  As CEO of a billionaire dollar plus gaming empire, he’s an ultimate Type A: intense, driven, competitive, athletic, rich, and controlling.  But he has another side.

9781943963225Who better to discover Lane’s hidden depths than the heroine, Luz De Luna, who wants nothing to do with him?  Luz and Lane have a history that Lane, the ultimate risk taker who’s never met a challenge he didn’t want to get up-in-your-face- personal with, is tempted to dig up.  Luz, who’s always taken the safe path, wants to keep their ghosts buried.  Deep.  As I began to flesh out her history and backstory with Lane in November, Willamette Valley in OR had its first snow.  I watched our leafless grapevines get shrouded in snow, and I thought of the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.”  What if you could go back and take the road not taken?  What if you had to, especially if you didn’t want to?

That’s what Luz is facing when she returns to her hometown of San Clemente feeling broken.   Blazing new path she creates on her own.  She’s determined to walk this one solo, only Lane doesn’t do “no” too well. Lane may look like an angel with his halo of golden hair, but he exudes temptation like a devil, and Luz has never been as immune to him as she’d like to pretend.


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auth_SinclairJayneSinclair Jayne has loved reading romance novels since she discovered Barbara Cartland historical romances when she was in sixth grade. By seventh grade, she was haunting the library shelves looking to fall in love over and over again with the heroes born from the imaginations of her favorite authors. After teaching writing classes and workshops to adults and teens for many years in Seattle and Portland, she returned to her first love of reading romances and became an editor for Tule Publishing last year. Sinclair lives in Oregon’s wine country where she and her family own a small vineyard of Pinot Noir and where she dreams of being able to write at a desk like Jane Austen instead of in parking lots waiting for her kids to finish one of their 12,000 extracurricular activities.


    1. Thank you so much for reading my second book, Denise. I loved writing it, and yes, I too loves his name. Once I thought of the name his whole personality came to me.

  1. I loved this book and Lane. Of course his last name being Duke, got my attention. My first husband’s last name was Duke and I really didn’t want to change it after I got remarried. But it was the right thing to do. I already own the first book, so don’t enter me in the giveaway. I would rather it go to someone who hasn’t read it yet so they can fell in love with this series as I have.

    1. Thank you for reading my books Janine! I grew up in Laguna Beach CA so any chance to visit is a blast wine in my mind. I loved Lane Duke as a name and a character, but my husband who is a former Tar Heel hates the Duke name. Oh well!:)

    1. Shari, I am so happy you enjoyed my second book. I loved writing it so much and hope to have the third in my series “Damned” out later this year. If you get a chance, read the first, “Wrecked” and let me know your thoughts. I still feel Inam learning so much about my craft.

    1. I hope you enjoy Broken. Let me know what you think of the book. I appreciate any feedback If you have the time.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Creating intensely emotional characters and scenarios is something I love to do. It makes the writing exciting.

  2. Loved “Wrecked”! I feel like this was my own story. I grew up in Newport Beach. My first love was a “Kaden”,well known surfer, so many similarities in personality, looks and upbringing. We too were on again off again while I was in college. Our relationship didn’t survive, however I am very happily married, living in the Pacific Northwest also, with wonderful kids all off on their own now. I so often think back on those old days. A very important time to me. Thank you so much for sparking the memories. I really enjoyed your writing style, characters and all the SoCal references. I will be reading “Broken” next!

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