Visit with author Julia Justiss on her real AND book birthday!

ScandalWithTheRancher-300dpiThe release of a new book is always a cause for celebration, but especially so when it is the start of a new venture—in this case, my first historical novella for Tule.  A company which, as readers know, puts out some of the best stories by the best authors ever, which means I’m even more honored to join them.  And for the cherry on top of the celebration, the release day is my birthday!

It’s also a parallel of sorts. Just before my birthday in 1998, Margaret Marbury with Harlequin called to say she wanted to buy my Golden Heart-winning Regency Romance.  For all of my career since (25+ books and counting) I’ve set my stories in the English Regency.  So it seems especially fitting that my debut into a new historical time period with a new publisher will occur, once again, on my birthday.

Ronan “Booze” Kelly, the hero of SCANDAL WITH THE RANCHER, is also looking to start a new venture.  Having built a trading empire, founded a town, and earned a reputation as the most dynamic and charming man in the Hill Country, Booze decides to try cattle ranching.  The ideal land for his ranch belongs to a beautiful widow, Marguerite McMasters.  After the tragic death of her husband, she’s stubbornly hanging on to their dream of establishing a horse breeding farm.  Despite her attraction to Booze, she won’t be charmed out of her land—or into his bed.

Or so she thinks.

What happens when an irresistible force like Booze meets the unmovable determination of a Marguerite?  Throw in a highly-combustible passion, and the result is bound to be explosive!

As a birth marks the beginning of a new life waiting to unfold, I’m hoping my journey into the historical American West will bring fun, surprises, unexpected twists and lots of enjoyment for me and for readers.  Thank you again, Tule, for giving me the most wonderful birthday present!

Have you had any special milestones occur on your birthday?  Please share!

AuthorX1After writing more than twenty-five novels and novellas set in the English Regency, award-winning historical author Julia Justiss expanded her focus to pen stories that take place on the frontier of the Texas Hill Country, near where she lives with her native-born Texas husband. An avid reader who began jotting down plot ideas for…


  1. Happy birthday and happy release day! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate both. I haven’t had anything special ever happen on my birthday. I read and really enjoyed this book.

  2. Looking forward to reading this story! I can’t think of any, but I was born on Thanksgiving and every eight years or so my birthday falls on the holiday. It makes it extra special. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

    1. I can’t think of a better day for a new baby than Thanksgiving! We’re currently celebrating the birth of granddaughter #2. What a blessing! Hope you’ll enjoy Booze and Marguerite’s story.

  3. Looking forward to reading this one! Happy Birthday! My birthday is the week of Christmas and I had a cousin born on my 16th birthday and this last year another cousin had her baby on my (we won’t mention what number) birthday!

    1. How fun to have other family members born on your birthday. Sounds like perfect excuse for a reunion to me (I **LOVE** family reunions.) May is a big month for birthdays for our family; mine, my daughter’s, my mil, my stepmom, my nephew… Fun!

  4. Happy birthday, I will get my reviews on your book done tonight. I’m hoping for a book 2 any chance?

    1. Thanks for the review, Bonnie. I’m hoping to do Miss Evangeline’s story (she ends up with a yummy Texas Ranger–but will be doing some Marietta-set historicals first. But I love the Hill Country and hope to return to it.

  5. I’m so excited to see Scandal With The Rancher released! Whiskey River is so lucky to have you telling its history!

    And Happy Birthday, Janet!

  6. I loved this story. I couldn’t put it down. My due date was my birthday but my kids had a mind of their own

    1. How nice of you to let me know you loved the story! I hear you about due dates and babies with other ideas. My first was born a week early–thereby missing the return o his dad, who was deployed with the Navy and was in mid-Atlantic when he was born. He got to see Daddy standing on the quarterdeck as the ship came to the pier, though.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Happy Book Birthday too!!

    Nothing that really affected me. However, I’m always telling people that the reason I knew I had to be a teacher was because Brown vs. The Board of Education was decided on the exact day I was born. I spent 37 years teaching, 31 of them were in the Minneapolis Public Schools. I do think it was prophetic.

    1. Thanks for your years of service as a teacher. I spent 14 years teaching high school French, and know just how tough (and rewarding) it can be. Nothing more important than educating the next generation, though.

  8. Yay!! My wonderfully talented friend has a birthday release!! Happy Birthday and Happy Rekease Day!!! I have it on my e-reader!!

  9. Happiest of birthdays, Julia! I’m so excited about your new release for Whiskey RIver.

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