Visit with “Weekend with Her Bachelor” author Jeannie Moon!

When I climbed onto the Bachelor Auction train, I won’t lie, I was nervous. You see, I was going way out of my comfort zone with the setting. I was leaving the safety of the East Coast, the ocean and the bays of Long Island, and heading to Montana. Yep. That’s where I was going…a place of mountains, lakes, vast space, and cowboys. In Marietta there were no big malls, no endless battles against traffic, no real rush. I really thought I was in trouble. Weekend With Her Bachelor, was going to be a real test for me.

But it turns out I love it there, and not only that, I was comfortable.  The location has evolved so much, that the fictional town of Marietta embraces you in a very real way, and it doesn’t let go.  It’s not a stretch to say the town has become as much a character in the stories as any of the people who live there. So what did that mean for the hero and heroine in WWHB, Gavin and Ally?

2012-09-16X15.54.59Marietta gave them common ground. At one point in the story, when they were tiptoeing around each other, the perception that their lives had changed too much, and the

y had nothing in common, wasn’t actually true. The place they grew up, their home town with all the memories, provided them with what they needed to take the affection they felt in the past and bring it forward.

Hometowns do that for us. They give us a history with people–places we all know and love, and experiences we can all relate to. Marietta gave Gavin and Ally the common ground they needed for their hearts to find each other, and like so many other couples, begin to live their happily ever after.

What memory do you carry from your hometown?


  1. I go back to my hometown of Indianapolis once a year, and it really does give me a boost of those memories of family, favorite restaurants, and good times.

  2. I no longer have a hometown. My folks moved us to a larger house in a smallish town (~15,000) when I was in 8th grade. Understand, I grew up in the big city of Chicago. Actually, our new town was only 12 miles away but it crossed the state line (ti Indiana). Thus, I was in that town for only 4+ years before going off to college. About 10 years later my parents decided to move to Las Vegas for semi-retirement. That was 33 years ago and I’ve lived here in MN for almost 34 years. So, I no longer have a hometown.

  3. I moved away from what I consider my hometown in the middle of my third grade. My greatest memories are my visits with my grandmother. We would sit and read cookbooks together. I could pick just about any recipe in the book and she would have the ingredients to make it. I have a lot of her cookbooks that we used to sit and read. She passed away about 30 years ago. I moved back to my hometown about twenty years ago. I still think of her often and I think she would be glad to know that I’m back home.

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