Learn about Vella Munn’s Inspiration Behind her Montana Lakeside Series!

RedeemingHerMontanaLove-300dpiOne summer a few years ago, my husband and I were leaving our forest cabin during a fierce rainstorm. So much rain was washing off the roof that I didn’t stop long enough to lock the door but sprinted for the car. To get to the paved road, we had to bump and bounce along a narrow, rutted dirt road I could barely see for the downpour. If memory serves me, I’d just ventured the question of what wildlife does when it feels as if they’re in the middle of a waterfall when I spotted a doe among some evergreens so close to the road I could have reached out and touched them and her. She stared at me letting let me know this was her shelter and she wasn’t about to share it.

That memory and a million others, over the forty plus years our family has owned that cabin, is what prompted me to start writing my Montana Lakeside romance series. I’m a country girl down to my core. I will never understand cities. Give me mountains, wilderness, lakes, and wild animals and I’m at home. At peace.

Hopefully the four book, one novella series that’s coming out over the next few months conveys my love of the wilderness to readers and lets them experience the same. The stories are about second chances, accepting and revealing past mistakes, trusting enough to fall in love. Each book takes place during a different season because I wanted to explore the ways the seasons impact my characters. How and why they embrace the beautiful settings and the role the environment plays in helping characters get in touch with themselves.

I’ve been writing most of my life starting when I created comic books with the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver as the hero. (My younger sister insists I did a great job, that my ability to outrun her had nothing to do with her praise). With more than fifty books under my belt and in print, I’m delighted to have joined the Tule family. They’re a great bunch, and I hope to continue to have a home with them as I explore more characters’ hearts.

The novella Romancing the Montana Bride is about an estranged couple who have come to Lake Serene to end their marriage. Then they start to reveal their emotions and dreams while listening to the wind in the trees. Redeeming her Montana Love takes place in spring between a woman trying to plan her future and a man determined to forget his past. By the time you read this, I should have Summer (no title yet) back with my editor.

Redeeming Her Montana Love is available now. Buy below from your favorite retailer!

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 Vella Munn writes contemporary and historical romances to satisfy the insistent voices in her head. She’s convinced she has the best career in the world. Also thanks to those voices, she no longer has any other marketable skills.

She’s had more than 50 books published and is beyond exited to have joined the Tule Publishing family with a contemporary romance series set at Lake Serene, Montana. The series draws on her love of the wilderness as backdrop for new beginnings and love.

Vella lives in rural Oregon, is married, has two sons, and four grandchildren. She’s owned by two bossy dogs and is working on her master’s degree as a certified hermit.


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