A Look Inside Kadie Scott’s Inspiration for Saving the Sheriff

Anyone else out there a Pinterest nut? I use it mostly to pin tons of inspiration for my books. My new release, Saving the Sheriff, is included in this pile of inspirational photos. I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite piece of inspiration with you…

Meet Holly Jensen


Holly is an odd combination of small-town Texas girl (and large animal vet) and gypsy free spirit who dresses and dances to the beat of her own drum. Jeans and boots at work, flowing skirts and lots of color on her off time. Holly has lost everyone she loved, leaving her very alone. But maybe a certain Sheriff can come fill that hole in her heart…

Meet Sheriff Cash Hill


Cash is your standard gorgeous young Sheriff. His stand-out feature is his eyes—the Hill blue eyes (and boy does my inspiration have those). Gruff and standoffish, but by circumstance not by nature, poor Cash has had his heart and his life stomped all over. Now his only focus is his job and his daughter. Maybe Holly can help him start living again…


Travel to Texas Hill Country



I grew up in the Texas Hill Country, and so, of course, had to set my stories there. I moved here when I was 8, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t what I picutres (desert, flat, dry). This gorgeous land is anything but with rolling green hills, trees, and, in the spring, blankets of wildflowers.

BTW… It’s not a coincidence that Cash’s family name is Hill, it’s set in the hills of Texas, the town is called La Colina (the hill in Spanish), and the series is named “The Hills of Texas.” Too much? Lol.


Real Texas Dancing


Okay… It drives me bananas that movies and media portray country dancing as line dancing. Here, at least, most of the time it is NOT. Instead it’s a usually two-stepping or sometimes a Texas style of jitterbugging. This video is of the Texas Aggie Wranglers. They’re a performance team, so obviously better than much of what you see in a country & western club. But actually, I see these moves often at these places. So, to set the record straight, Cash and Holly demonstrate and the local dance in the book.

And More…

I hope you had fun seeing some of my inspiration.

By the way… if you want to guess at what’s coming up with the next book in the Hills of Texas series—Resisting the Rancher—which is coming in April, check out the newer pins in the series board: https://www.pinterest.com/abbyowen/the-hills-of-texas-series/





  1. I loved this story. I pictured Cash a little rougher around the edges but those eyes!!! Thank you for sharing the pics and your pinterest boards.

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