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For whatever reason, when anything medical happened around me, I ended up being the one people came to. In high school, college, and beyond, if someone ended up hurt or sick, the general consensus was always, “get Patricia.”

Why? Could it be the countless hours of watching M*A*S*H or Emergency! or St.Elsewhere helped me appear more med savvy? Add in the multiple stories my father told me about his time as a corpsman in the Navy, and I could throw medical jargon around with the best of the armchair physicians and nurses.

Whatever the reason, it all helped me make the decision to attend nursing school. First,  my LVN (LPN) then RN and to gain as much experience as possible before earning a spot in the ER. Eventually, I ended up in Level 1 pediatric trauma where I gained invaluable experiences, both amazing and heartbreaking.

Despite the long hours, crazy pace it’s a time I’ll always appreciate. It gave me plenty of situations to play a TV series in my head and now at Tule.

I look forward to bringing my characters to Marietta and I hope they win your hearts.


Patricia W. Fischer
Wife, mom, writer, and all that jazz

Native Texan Patricia W. Fischer is a natural born storyteller. Ever since she listened to her great-grandmother tell stories about her upbringing the early 1900’s, Patricia has been hooked on hearing of great adventures and love winning in the end.On her way to becoming an award-winning writer, she became a percussionist, actress, singer, waitress, bartender, pre-cook, and finally a trauma nurse before she realized she needed to get her butt to a journalism class.

After earning her journalism degree from Washington University, Patricia has been writing for multiple publications on numerous subjects including women’s health, foster/adoption advocacy, ovarian cancer education, and entertainment features.

These days she spends her days with her family, two dogs, and a few fish while she creates a good story with a touch of reality, a dash of laughter, and a whole lot of love.

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