A Southern Christmas


Susan Sands

Sinclair Jayne

Laurie Beach

A Georgia Christmas by Susan Sands

Christmas in Moonshine, Georgia is salon owner Merilee Bell’s favorite season. She might still be single in her mid- thirties, but she’s finally content, proud of her business and herself as she’s made strides to make peace with her past. And then just at closing time, a tall, dark and handsome new deputy enters her shop, and everything seems poised to change.

Weeks before Christmas, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, Randy Slade arrives in Moonshine posing as Moonshine’s newest deputy for an undercover sting to catch a group of high-tech property thieves. Only the sheriff is aware of his true identity, but from the moment he meets Merilee, who trades a haircut for free parking, he’s smitten by her smile and warm, friendly manner. Unfortunately, she also has a rental property perfectly suited for his undercover operation.

Randy doesn’t want to lie, but he has a duty to keep citizens safe, including Merilee. Can he do his job and still celebrate a small town southern Christmas, and maybe more with his dream girl?

The Christmas Chef by Sinclair Jayne

This Christmas, he just might believe in a little magic…

Rustin Wildish furiously left Belmont North Carolina as a teen to make his reputation in the culinary world. Over twelve years later, he’s back in the town that where the founding family of Mayes once branded him a worthless bad boy.  Intent to show them how wrong they were, he buys the local diner—considered an institution—from his former mentor and boss, Miss Millie Maye and transforms. Success will be his revenge as the Maye’s and other ‘upstanding families,’ are forced to eat their words and so much more. But then the youngest Maye daughter asks him for help, and he inexplicably says yes.

This Christmas Chloe Maye has finally bitten off far more than she can chew. She’s agreed to organize The Maye family’s annual fundraiser–a movable feast where historic downtown homes are open to the public and each serve one course of a lavish meal. Chloe can’t cook so armed with a historic handwritten cookbook she mysteriously finds in a mini library outside her Grandma Millie’s home, she approaches Rustin for help. She’s always crushed on him and is thrilled he’s back.

But when Rustin, who ignored her their entire childhood, takes a bite from the meal she cooks under his exacting supervision, the unthinkable happens. He falls head over heels in love…

A Saltwater Christmas by Laurie Beach

Christmas is a time of miracles–but is it magical enough to change a person’s mind?

Allie Westley’s Christmas will be a bit different this year. She’s taken a big step to move away from Nashville to Goose Island, South Carolina, to pursue her dream of becoming a wine enologist, and she’s not tripping over this chance to make a break from her family, either. She’ll spend December 25 doing her own thing. Although the beach might be cold, it is the perfect place for new traditions. 

But she was also counting on her new roommate, Sam Clare, to be a sister she never had. Instead, Sam is an ex-military man now working as a paramedic. Even his dog, Buttercup, is part wolf. Yet he turns out to be the most understanding person in her new world, despite the fact that she’s declared him her enemy.

As the season’s activities bring them together, Allie uncovers several details her new circle of friends weren’t forthcoming about. But will the secret Sam’s keeping break her heart or mend what she didn’t realize was broken?

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