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THE WITCH’S COMPROMISE: Release day blog post featuring Leigh Ann Edwards

I’m so excited to be back on the Tule blog today to celebrate the release of The Witch’s Compromise, Book Two in my Witches of Time series. It was a great book to write. I loved creating my hero and heroine, Cal and Ainsley, their world and their love story. They start out as opposites, but we learn they’re both far more complex than we first might believe. Besides falling in love in the middle of a war, they have past trauma and a lot of other issues to deal with. I really enjoyed how they grew throughout the book. 

I’ve always loved Ireland, the supernatural, magic, fantasy and time-travel. Witches have interested me since I was a child. When I was first inspired to write this series I knew it would connect to my original series, The Irish Witch Series and that time travel would be involved. Trying to decide what eras, centuries or actual historical people or events to include was interesting. 

I knew I wanted one book to be set in 1692 Massachusetts around the time of the Salem witch trials. So, that was the first book decided. The second was a little more challenging. There’s a lot of history to choose from. Even though I’ve lived my entire life on the Canadian prairies, I’ve been intrigued to learn about the American Civil War. When I was really young I watched a James Stewart film, Shenandoah, about how one family was affected by the Civil War. Then as a teenager there was a song I really liked, Carry Me by the Stampeders who are a Canadian band, which was also focused on the Civil War and a young man wanting to be back home to his wife and his home. I suppose that sparked my interest. Researching was great. I learned about nurses and doctors during that time, what medical procedures, devices and types of medication were available. I also found out many facts about what led to the war, the different battles and the aftereffects of all that occurred. 

(Three nurses from the Civil War.)

I always write more than the allotted word count in my stories. Many author friends who’ve occasionally suffered from writer’s block, assure me this is a good problem to have. I’m not sure my husband would agree when a deadline is approaching and I’m spending twelve to fourteen hours a day frantically trying to reduce the word count. 

I take far more time paring down, cutting and shrediting as one author refers to it, than actually writing the stories. When I’m creating it just flows and I can’t wait to get the words down. Then afterward, going back to see what parts aren’t as vital to the story, is more difficult for me. I’ve tried making an outline so I don’t go off in unexpected directions, but that hasn’t worked so far. Plus lots of times, the parts of the story I hadn’t originally planned, turn out to be what I like the most. I suppose that’s true of life, too. 

Covid has changed many things for everyone. For me, besides not being able to travel or entertain, I have fewer commitments. I can’t do author visits to libraries, schools or attend book launches. When restrictions are especially rigid, I haven’t been able to see my daughters or grandchildren. My husband hasn’t worked since before Christmas. He’s in construction which always slows down in winter, but has really been affected by the virus and the uncertain economy. That has definitely been different for both of us when he’s typically gone twelve hours a day, five or six days a week. He’s been keeping busy with some ongoing home renovation projects. We now have a second bathroom and a much more welcoming guest bedroom (when we can actually have overnight guests.) I’ve certainly welcomed his help with our four animals (two very large dogs and two cats) and keeping up with housework, but having someone around does create distractions when writing or editing. 

I’m scheduled to receive my first Covid vaccine next week. I’ll be relieved to hopefully go back to some type of normalcy. It’s been difficult having to distance from family and especially my grandchildren. As much as I sometimes struggle with technology, I’ve definitely been grateful for being able to video chat with grandkids, family and friends. 

Thanks to the great Tule team for all you’ve done in seeing, The Witch’s Compromise completed and to my fantastic editors and wonderful supportive readers, too. Wishing you all the best till I return in August with book three, The Witch’s Journey.


Leigh Ann Edwards has always been fascinated by history, magic, romance, witches and Ireland which all inspired her first series, The Irish Witch Series. Growing up in a very small Manitoba town on the Canadian prairies allowed lots of time to create stories and let her imagination soar. Now writing her third series with Tule Publishing, Leigh Ann also loves reading, traveling, spending time with her four grandchildren, doing intuitive readings and reiki.

Leigh Ann lives with her husband, their two very large dogs and two cats near Edmonton Alberta, Canada.