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4-21-15Tule’s Southern Born imprint is thrilled to announce its two newest releases this week: The Billionaire’s Bid by Kaira Rouda and Caught Up in You by Kim Boykin!










To celebrate, we’re giving away TWO prizes to TWO lucky book lovers! All you have to do is answer the questions below in the comments and check back next Tuesday to see if you’re the winner!

Giveaway Question #1

What do you love about second-chance romances like James Putnam and Aubrey Templeton‘s story in The Billionaire’s Bid?


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Giveaway Question #2

Do you have memories of your high school crush? Declan Enright is someone Shelby Worthington can’t seem to forget in Caught Up in You. 





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Good luck, Southern Born readers!


  1. 1. Who doesn’t want a second chance at anything in life, especially love?!
    2. I have very fond and cherished memories of my high school crush. Hard to believe it’s been almost 25 years since he died (harder to believe that it’s been 36 years since I graduated from high school). He’ll always have a small part of my heart.

    1. I have fond memories of my high school crush. Its been over 30 since I was in high school. But, i will never forget my first crush.

  2. 1. Love second chances

    2. Been Married too long, but I think with social media it would easily be followed

  3. 1. Yes I think they make the best reads because of all the angst.
    2 I better remember him we will be married 55 years this May and we have a Great Great Granddaughter, I am getting kinda forgetful now though!

  4. Both are great stories which I enjoyed reading.
    Question !. I always enjoy a good reunion story because they characters already know a little bit (if not a lot) about each other and they don’t have that awkward getting to know you stage to go through.
    Question 2. I really didn’t have any crushes on boys in high school. I was always considered very plain and no boy wanted to look at me. So, I didn’t want to give them the time of day as to thinking about them. I did have meet an older guy while I was in school and he was already out. But the memories of him are all bad memories. He was a heartbreaker.

  5. Everybody deserves a second chance sometimes!
    Too happily married to turn back the clock, but nobody can take away your memories!

  6. 1 Sure everyone deserves a second chance.
    2. Teah but it was on a teacher but I would not want to go back in time.

  7. 1. I love the opportunity for second chances. I like the possibility that people can overcome their pasts.

    2. I have memories of my high school crush, of course but I don’t think of him very often. We are friends on fb.

  8. 1. Love that there are many second chances for both of them, not just in love
    2. Yep, and he is still a part of my life…

  9. 1. Second chances sometimes are

    2. My high school crush was killed in an accident when he was 17. Sad but true. I almost married a friend of his.

  10. 1. I love that there are second chances at love and it works out.
    2. I have not forgotten my high school crush.

  11. The guy I had a crush on in high school was name Richard. I never saw him after high school and I learned about 10 yrs or after graduation that he passed away.

  12. I love second chance romances. Loving someone is the easy part. Making it work is the difficult part. Second chances mean they want it to work so they are more invested.

    It’s always fun looking back and remembering your first crush.

  13. Strongly believe in second chances :)
    About first crush, I don’t think you ever forget. Still have fond memories of him :)

  14. 1. Sometimes a second chance is needed !!
    2. Reconnected with my high school crush after 30 years, we’ve become friends again, but I’m happy with the choices I’ve made!!

  15. I like second-chance romances as long as they don’t linger on the past & expect things to just resume from the break-up. Both people have changed & they need to respect that. I still have memories of my high school crush, not that anything happened from it. I haven’t seen him since graduation. I don’t know if the fact that I live 250+ miles away from that town is part of it.

  16. 1. I love the fact that fate has finally brought the lost lover together as they should have been. A second changes at true love.

    2. My memories of my high school crush have long passed. My current sweetie has done a great job and keeps me more in the present. :D

    My daughter is the complete opposite. She was so in love with her high school sweetheart that she had a hard time with relationships. When her high school sweetie became available and moved back into her life, they married a year later. True love that was meant to be.

  17. 1) I appreciate story lines w/second chances. With life’s learning we can be a better person. I think when there was a connection years ago the flame gets reignited

    2) My school boyfriend totally ignored me at my 20th reunion, if my husband hadn’t been with me I would have started a conversation. Not that I would want to go there again but we were all such good friends back then

  18. I actually have a friend who is going through a second chance romance. I love it! Sometimes life doesn’t work the way we originally want it to. Getting a second Chance, when it happens, means to me that is how it needed to work out as maybe it wouldn’t have worked as well the first time. Hopefully that made sense!

    High school crush? Ah yes! Many memories actually! What is funny, we just liked each other on Facebook and have talked more now than we ever did back then! Nope…I am not looking for a second chance here. LOL

  19. Question 1) I think second chances are necessary.

    2) I have thought about my high school crush a few things but enjoy my life right now better!


  20. 1. I love that all the misconceptions from the first time around are cleared up. Sometimes it is just a miscommunication that was blown out of proportion.

    2. I had a few high school crushes and my friend Michelle and I had code words for them (hers and mine) that were named after birds so no one would know who we were talking about, lol. I think that might have been 8th grade, so it wasn’t really high school :)

  21. 1. Second Chance? It depends on the situation. If it’s something light then I would consider second chance, but if it’s something unconsiderable then…No. I don’t do second chance.

    2.Yes. My high School crush was something unforgettable. Cos’ I think that was the first time I felt that I’m attracted to opposite sex. And having a crush during HS is really fun and exciting. Add spice to the school life.

  22. 1.I hope if ever needed I will find my second chance so I wish that for everyone as well!
    2. I am still friends with my crush/ first love! Both happily married with kids of our own now however not to each other!

  23. I really like second chance romances. Especially if they are written well and you can see the couple is really meant for each other. I like to see their past and what happened between them and if they can find a future together. I never knew what happened to my High School crush lol.

  24. I like second chance romances!
    I try not to remember the hs romance and I happily have not seen him for many years.

  25. 1. I love the hope a second chance love gives a reader. It’s especially hopeful as I’ve watched my Dad be lonely since my Mom passed.

    2. I know where my high school crush is thanks to Facebook (lol!) but I’m happy and in love with my husband of almost 16 years. I’m looking forward, not back.

  26. I remember how he looks and his name but have not seen him since he graduated two years ahead of me.

  27. 1. My first husband passed away 21 years ago, I was still in my late 40’s & I was able to find a second man to love & we will be marred 19 years in June. 2. I remember having a crush on this one guy in high school, but he had no idea I was crushing on him.

  28. 1. Second chance romance give people a way to see how people have grown yet stayed the same…blissful rediscovery.

    2. I think of my high school crush from time to time.

  29. 1. I know a real second-chance story and I’m so thrilled with it. So fiction is icing on the cake. It’s hope, it’s exciting, it’s happy ever after. :)

    2. I had several high school crushes – well, really junior high. We moved to a much larger city when I was in high school and I never really found a crush there. Ever once in awhile I’ll check facebook to see if one is on there — actually found one just today. But I’m happily married to my forever love – we’ll have our 48th anniversary next month!

  30. I have some great memories of my high school crush, haven’t seen him in years and not even sure where he is now. I wonder sometimes though.

  31. 1. Second chances can be good or bad, but it’s nice to know we can have it…

    2. My high school crush is married to a lovely lady that I’m so proud to call my friend! He introduced us…he is one lucky man!

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