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Southern Born Books is thrilled to share with you the debut of the “Runaway Brides” series! How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days and The Wedding Auditionco-authored by Catherine Mann and Joanne Rock, are available now! Keep reading to learn more and be sure to enter the giveaway!


He thought their love was a grand slam, until his bride called foul…

After an impulsive courthouse wedding with one of baseball’s rising stars, landscaper Melanie Webb wonders if she’s fallen victim to lust at first sight. She hardly knows Grady Hollis, the Atlanta outfielder who swooped into her Florida hometown and charmed the socks—and more!—right off her. She couldn’t resist when he proposed under the stars right on the outfield she’d worked so hard to maintain. But when the aftermath means moving to Atlanta and following him around the country for his eight-month a year travel schedule, she gets cold feet.

But Grady has never been a man to give up on a dream and Melanie is everything he ever hoped for in a woman. He knows if only he can convince her to come along for the ride, he’ll convince her that their forever can be something special… and sizzling too. The road trip brings them both deeper understanding, surprise revelations and a love every bit as fiery as the passion.

Review: This is the perfect story that you can read in one afternoon while enjoying the nice spring weather. I highly recommend this story. -NetGalley Reviews


TTheWeddingAudition-300dpihe tabloids call her the Hit and Run Bride after reality show star Annamae Jessup walked out on Atlanta’s favorite baseball player on cable television. Eager to escape her notoriety, Annamae takes a road trip to find the grandmother she’s never met and winds up discovering a whole lot more than a band of back woods relatives. There’s no escape from reality TV, even in Beulah, Alabama, population 3000.

The last thing Wynn Rafferty needs in his new life is a spoiled television princess who can’t even know his real name. He’s in temporary witness protection as an apple farmer after his undercover work put his life in danger. He needs to lay low until the heat dies down from his last case— even if he sucks at growing apples as badly as he sucks at relationships. But Annamae turns his new town into a media circus, unwittingly threatening the lives of him, her and most of Beulah. Wynn is an expert at keeping the world at arm’s length, but when it comes to Annamae, the only way he can keep her safe is to keep her very, very close.

Review: I loved following up with Annamae’s story after being introduced to her at the end of How To Lose A Groom in 10 Days. I really enjoyed The Wedding Audition because I didn’t expect what would happen, how this would unfold, and I loved how Catherine and Joanne managed to do this! I always find it fascinating too how authors can write a book together, and it is so smooth and well written that it’s like one person wrote it. -NetGalley Reviews


FullSizeRender (43)Giveaway!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of  Tina Ann Forkner‘s Southern Born story Waking Up Joylots of reader swag, plus a $5 Starbucks gift card! To enter, leave a comment and tell us why you love stories set in the south! Good luck, Book Girls!


  1. I enjoy the stories that depict Southern Ladies as strong and capable instead of the old stereotypical way we used to be portrayed.

  2. I’m from the south! So I love books from my area. I am really looking forward to reading Cathy and Joanne’s books but especially the one based in Alabama, the state I’m from. Love both authors, and them together is just a homerun! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  3. One thing I really enjoy about stories set in the south is that it’s so different from where I’m from. The way of life, the closeness in a southern hometown and the speech patterns even. I like to get lost in a story so different from my own everyday life.

  4. Two of my favorite writers! I’ve just picked up these two books.

    I like books set in the south because I’ve never lived there and I like experiencing it through the stories.

  5. Southern girls have the perfect blend of sassy and gentility that just doesn’t work as well if you take them out of the South.

    Thanks for reviewing this pair of books from 2 of my favorite authors!

  6. All the best love stories are set in the south! Example of one of greatest….Gone With the Wind.

  7. I love stories set in the south because the women may be a little shy but they ate tough.

  8. I love reading stories in the south as they always have a home feeling to them – and there is no place like home !!! The scenery adds a romantic flair not found elsewhere!!!

  9. Love books about the south because the gals are so sassy and the southern gentlemen are so FINE!!

  10. I LOVE southern settings. I live in the south as the saying goes “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” I love to see the south in books. And will pick up a southern setting over a northern setting any day.

  11. I’m not from the South, so reading stories set in the South give me a climpse of their lives. I can hear the Southern accents and can imagine the smell of their baked good.

  12. I love these books set in the South because I love to read about the small towns and the sassy women and hot men that inhabit them!

  13. I just love to read about different places (like the south, I’m from California) with different customs!!

  14. i love stories set in the South because the way of life is a lot slower than where I live. I imagine the voices, the people and the scenery. Thank you for this giveaway

  15. I love books set in the South because Daddy’s from the South–been visiting there my entire life! It’s my second home.

  16. I like stories set in the south because it takes me out of these West Virginia mountains!!! My imagination runs wild as I picture in my head what the scenery and clothin

  17. I like stories set in the south because it takes me out of these West Virginia mountains!!! My imagination runs wild as I picture in my head what the scenery and clothing would look like.

  18. Well, I love books set in the south because I can relate. I was born and raised in the ‘Deep’ south of Georgia and still live in the south. There is just a friendliness to most romance books that are set in the south. The female characters in the romance books are sassy and feisty and the men folk are always gentleman at heart.

  19. I love southern-based stories because I consider myself one. Have been a huge fan of Catherine Mann for a long time.

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