Did you ever want to be a princess? Blog & Giveaway by Melissa McClone!

MelissaMcClone-300dpiOnce upon a time, I wanted to be a princess. Sure, I lived in a small town near the Washington-Idaho border and attended a high school with the nickname Cow Valley, but in the mind of a bookworm teenager with an overactive imagination, anything was possible.

A few years later, when I learned that a real life, honest-to-goodness prince would be attending the graduate business school at my college, I thought this would be my chance. Princess Melissa still had a nice ring to it, even if I knew the life of a royal wasn’t as wonderful as I’d believed as a teen. But alas, I never did see the prince on campus, not even at a distance. So much for a cute, royal meet!

At least a real life one.

As a romance writer, I’ve been able to take my royal daydreams and turn them into stories. Seriously, this is the best job ever!

Last year, when Holiday Books’ senior editor, Kelly Hunter, and I were emailing about my next project, I kept seeing a prince hero. I asked if I could write a royalty-themed story. She said yes, and that led to the new series called Royal Holiday.

I’m so thrilled that THE CINDERELLA PRINCESS is part of the four book series along with Madeleine Ash’s HER SECRET PRINCE, Kathleen O’Brien’s HIS DEFIANT PRINCESS and Jeannie Moon’s HIS FORBIDDEN PRINCESS. Needless to say, I fell in love with my hero Prince Lucas Alexander Leopold Casimir von Rexburg aka Prince Luc, long before my heroine Emily Rodgers could tolerate him. Let’s just say, unlike me, being a princess was never one of her dreams.

IMG_2703Did you ever want to be a princess? Answer the question in the comment section, and I’ll pick a winner to receive a prize pack including a Tule Book Girls tote, a $10 Amazon gift card, an autographed copy of THE HONEYMOON SUITE anthology, a Harry & David chocolates and some bookmarks.







auth_MelissaMcCloneMelissa McClone’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University led her to a job with a major airline where she travelled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters. Her first full-time writing endeavor was her first sale when she was pregnant with her first child! Since then, she has published over twenty-five romance novels with Harlequin and been nominated for Romance Writers of America’s RITA award. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually driving her minivan to/from her children’s swim and soccer practices, 4-H meetings and dog shows. She also supports deployed service members through Soldiers’ Angels and fosters cats through a local non-kill rescue shelter. Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three school-aged children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds and cats who think they rule the house.



  1. After watching Cinderella on TV (with Leslie Ann Warren) I did want to be a princess. I loved her dresses and happily ever after with her prince.

  2. i sure did. when i was little and we watched the Wonderful World of Disney on Sundays back in the 1970’s.

  3. I am a big Disney fan, so I love the princesses! My daughter even got engaged at Cinderella’s castle lady spring to her own Prince Charming.

  4. No, I didn’t want to be a princess growing up. I did watch Cinderella on TV (Leslie Ann Warren version) whenever it came on. I love all of the Disney princess movies that I watched growing up, watched with my daughter & son and now watch now with my granddaughter. They never get old.

    I’m looking forward to reading The Cinderella Princess.

    1. Thanks, Anita! I loved watching those same shows with my kids. One thing I did do was take my oldest to see the Rogers & Hammerstein traveling show of Cinderella when she was three or four. It was her first musical and it was so much fun watching her watch it!

  5. I still fantasize about being a princess. As long as I could have the fun parts of the life without the bad parts and hassles. I dream big ;)

  6. I grew up in the 50’s and my grandmother had the most marvelous collection of ‘dress up’ costumes. We had wonderful tea parties, dances, etc. But that was back in the era of using your imagination.

  7. Yes, I dressed up as a princess several times for Halloween and had a princess doll that I loved.

  8. Did I ever want to be a Princess?/Ha! Oh yes, if you ask my parents all growing up ( I lived on a farm) I was singing, dancing, cheerleading and practing carrying a crown on my head while doing chores, while taking a bath, etc ALL THE TIME. I loved pink & purple and everything was painted in those colors! The closesed I ever got was winning the Region 10 Dairy Princess & Miss Congeniality. I got to feel like a princess then. I also married the man of my Dreams who happened to be from London, England so our wedding was a WHOLE fairytale, princess, even had glass slippers filled with candy! Memories I will never forget! Congrats on your new book!

  9. My husband refers to me as his princess. So I guess I already am one!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. I love the Cinderella Movie! As a little girl I had a trunk filled with princess dresses, absolutely swore I’d be a Princess on day! Well that happened the day I married my husband! I am Princess Mommy-bean Kuehn, lol! I Always enter Melissa’s Contests not one win, however this one hits home for me , brings back some wonderful childhood memories! I REALLY HOPE I WIN THIS PRIZE PACK ♡

  11. Oh yes..After my first princess movie Beauty and the Best..But now when I wan’t feel like princes I just grab my favorite book and voila..hello imagination! ;)

  12. Yes I would like to be a princess when I was a child. ben watching all disney princesses movies until now ahaha

  13. I’m looking forward to reading this story! I don’t ever remember wanting to be a princess. I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher :)

  14. not that I can think of cuz I was part girlie girl with my barbies but also a tomboy playing sports, climbing trees and playing with my dinky cars :)

  15. I don’t remember wanting to be a princess, I just remember dreaming of growing up and my life being touched like a princess :) I would marry these famous singers, my life would be everything I wanted. Of course, that was as a child, a child’s dream.

  16. I was the oldest and always told my mom she treated me like Cinderella because I was always scrubbing, cooking or picking up after my 4 younger siblings. I really wanted to be a princess and go to the ball and meet my prince charming. There were many times I did feel like a princess when my mom made me beautiful prom dresses and styled my hair in a fancy updo with ringlets so many years ago.

  17. I think I’d like the not having to cook and clean, But I can imagine you still have to do things you don’t want to do!

  18. I don’t remember wanting it as a child. But now, as a grandma, it’s fun to wear a slowly tiara with my granddaughter. I guess I am a little late to the party. Ha ha

  19. Yes, I wanted to be one! I had adults who were so fond of Princess Diana when I was a child so besides being in love with Cinderella I also loved the British Royals as a child too. I still think I wouldn’t mind it too much. lol

  20. I loved to be a princess for Halloween. Now as an adult my sister teases me and calls me princess because I am particular about how I like things.

  21. As a child I dreamed of being a princess. All the ball gowns and parties from the movies seemed magical. I wanted so bad to be apart of that.

  22. Yes!. I am a disney fanatic and I watch every single princess movie. I even wanted to have Cinderella’s dress for my wedding.

  23. I think most little girls dream of being a princess and of course i did ! I am now promoted to Queen …..Queen grandma that is

  24. of course I did!!!! I remember watching all of the Disney Princess movies growing up and dreaming about being a princess…possibly even marrying a prince!!!!

  25. I loved The Cinderella Movie I use to be such a girly girl and I have to admit I still love princess movies!!

  26. I would love to be a princess, except for all the hard work it entails lol!!

    I think I’ll just stick with the I’m a Princess T Shirt and enjoy reading about them!

  27. I don’t think I want to be a princess but love watching the princess movies and reading books about them!

  28. Yes when I wanted to be a princess. Not only because they live in a castle but also because everyone loved, respected and looked up to them!

  29. When I was a little girl and watching the Disney Princess movies yes I did. Hopeless romantic. Now I feel like I am for total different reasons than what the Disney princesses are. :)

  30. My man’s pet name for me is princess and he spoils me as such. I am very lucky. Thanks for the chance to win

  31. When I was little I was a tom boy and wasn’t into doll or princess. Then when I met my husband I truly knew what being a princess was as he made me feel like one

  32. No I don’t believe I ever wanted to be a princess. You have to be in front of to many people.

  33. Since I was little I dreamed about being a princess like the Disney movies. I loved princesses.

  34. Oh Yes! Wanted to be a princess and to find my very own prince and the whole thing of happily ever after :)

  35. Yes I would love to be a princess! It has always been a dream and I married a man who treats me as a princess so I feel my dream has come true

  36. I love a good fairy tale and reading. The idea of being a princess is fun I already have my prince charming! Loved The Cinderella Princess!

  37. No, I never really wanted to be a princess. I never wanted to be in the public eye that much.

  38. I never really wished to be a princess, and while I still don’t want to be a princess, I would like to be TREATED like one! Lol. Sometimes I’m too realistic for my own good!

  39. Yes, from the moment I saw Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. Unfortunately I let my prince get away a long time ago & haven’t found another one.

  40. I am a princess. Maybe only in my own mind, but I am. I believe every girl and woman should treat herself and respect herself just as if she were a princess. And making sure that the men in their lives treat them the same way.

  41. Of course I wanted to be a princess when I was young. I wanted to be part of the British Royalty since Prince Charles was close to my age (of course I lived in US and he was in England but that didn’t bother me much lol)

  42. When I was little I wanted to be a princess. Loved Disney or other movies that had a princess in them!

  43. Yes, and my daughter and granddaughter, love all Princess themed books, movies, clothing and accessories about all Prinesses :) Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful prize!

  44. I never wanted to be a Princess. I think I always knew they had the no privacy problem and I am very shy. That said, I do love reading about them. ;)

  45. To be honest, no I really never wanted to be a Princess, although I did love the original Cinderella movie.I am more of a camping, outdoors, fishing kind of girl.

  46. I wanted to be a Princess the first time I saw Cinderella when it aired with Lesley Ann Warren.

  47. Hm some days I thought I did but others I just wanted to be a mom. I would love to not worry about so many things. Lol

  48. i actually thought I was a princess cause Wonder Woman was Diana prince and my name was Diana too.

  49. oh yes,what little girl doesn’t,,my youngest granddaughter calls herself the princess,,so cute and funny

  50. I wanted to be a princess when I was little but now that I’ve seen what they go through, no thanks!

  51. Yes! I’m a huge Disney fan, Snow White is my favorite. But I also loved Princess Diana’s story too, even with all the bad things, the life of a royal has always fascinated me. I absorb reading anything about William, Kate and Harry. Some of my favorite books have been about Prince’s of glamorous countries. Thanks for the chance

  52. I loved Cinderella but I don’t think I ever wanted to be a Princess. The princess in my life now is our granddaughter. She is our only granddaughter and is our special princess.

  53. Absolutely!! I suppose every girl wants to find her Prince Charming, but the dresses are a huge part of it, too!

  54. I don’t ever remember wanting to be a princess..but I’m so thankful to have nieces, great nieces and a daughter of my own that are all princesses!

  55. I wanted to be a Princess when I was young. Now in the age of social media and paparazzi I think it wouldn’t be as much fun. LOL

  56. For me yes and no. I was a tom boy growing up so sometimes I would pretend I was a princess but get all dirty in the process. I loved to climb those trees. :)

  57. Yes I have always wanted to be s Fairy Tale Princess, but I am a Princess in my husband’s eyes.

  58. Only for a day when I was a young girl. Who could resist those beautiful cloes and that tiara. :).But the rules would have been too strict for me.
    Carol L

  59. I was a princess for Halloween and I wanted to wear a princess gown for my wedding but of course that didn’t happen either, so I want my daughter to have her chance if and when she gets married to her prince charming

  60. I don’t remember wanting to be a princess as a child but as an adult I can say for sure I don’t want to be one- no privacy!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    BTW- I’m reading The Cindetella Princess right now.

  61. Seriously, doesn’t EVERY little girl want to be a princess at least once in her childhood? I used to daydream all the time as a girl about being a princess, but not necessarily about having the handsome prince or living in a castle. For me, it was more that I dreamt about having a stable full of beautiful horses for riding and a bedroom with a huge feather four poster bed with curtains and canopy and a fully staffed kitchen that turns out gourmet food!

  62. I’ve always wanted to be a princess and even more when Diana married Charles and watched it on tv when I was a little girl.

  63. I remember dressing up in my communion dress and my mom making me a tiara made of foil.I felt like Cinderella and I felt so beautiful.I can’t wait to see Cinderella. Thank you for the chance :)

    1. I wanted to be a princess also when i was little.Then when i was 13,i finially made my First Communion and per the parish dress code,had to wear a poofy,communion dress and the veil with white tights and white mary janes.The dress code called for a white cloth diaper and plastic pants to be worn under the tights with an undershirt as our top.I felt like a real princess for the day!

  64. I’m sure most little girls dream of being a princess and I did too. Oh the fantasy and glamour of it all! But as an adult…not so much lol. I don’t think in reality it would be so much fun so I think I’ll stick with the fantasy! Can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  65. Oh yes, I wanted to be a princess for most of my childhood years. And then later on, when I had to start working and I was really hoping that my Prince Charming would come riding up on that white horse to take me away. But he must have got lost because he never showed up.

  66. I didn’t dream of being a princess when I was young. But after the princess diaries movie I kinda wished lol. I love to read princess/ prince books. Would love to win this for my birthday!!! :)

  67. No. Can’t say I have.i don’t really like to dress up and I did have a beautiful wedding dress, but if I got married in jeans that would haven been ok too

  68. Almost every little girl dreams about being a princess and just yesterday, I bought my 13 month old granddaughter a top with Princess on it. Some Things Never Change!

  69. Yes when I was little I always wanted
    to be a Princess. I really wanted to
    be Cinderalla. I wanted Prince Charming
    to take me away to a castle and live happy
    ever after.

  70. I absolutely wanted to be a princess growing up! Now I watch my girls my 7 &5 year olds wishing to be princesses!

  71. When I was growing up, no way. When I was growing up I was all tomgirl. I climbed trees, played kickball and dodge ball with the boys and played in the mud. Now I would love to be a princess. No worries , pretty dresses and handsome princes.

  72. Not until I saw the Cinderella movie where Brandy was Cinderella. Being a princess was a dream of mine, even though I am a tomboy.

  73. I never dreamed of being a princess but I did have an imaginary treasure chest under the floor boards of our bathroom closet when I was a wee one

  74. I never dreamed of being a princess but I did have an imaginary treasure chest under the floor boards of our bathroom closet when I was a wee one

  75. Yes I always wanted to become a princesses growing up in a country with princes and princesses and castle’s and so on.
    I enjoyed reading this story very much. It was just so good

  76. Once when young I put on a little play with friends and I was the fairy godmother – that was the closest I came to being a princess lol.

  77. At the age of 57, I can honestly say that when I was young I wanted to be Cinderella. I just loved how she faced her problems and was rewarded with becoming a princess. What a dream come true for such a beautiful soul.

  78. I would love to be a casual princess. I don’t like to wear the fancy clothes but helping people would be nice with the money they have.

  79. Well, like most any little girl, I definitely dreamed of being a princess. Not so sure I really wanted to be one other than I wanted the money and to escape the reality I was living with, but it was a nice fantasy for a while.

  80. Yes I’ve always wanted to be a princess you can make my dreams come true.would love to be a princess before I’m to old

  81. I think every little girl that grew up in the 50-60’s wanted to be a Princess including doing the dress up and playing you were. As I grew older, I realized that pretending to be someone other than yourself wasn’t going to make you happy. Took a lot of years and a lot of errors as well as having a few frogs in my path, but I finally learned to love myself and my life – making it the very best that I could. And that’s when my true Prince came along and made me HIS princess. We may not live in a castle or have a vault full of jewels but we have something better – each other and a love for all time. :)

  82. I have always loved Cinderella. This is by far my absolute favorite. Still today sometimes I feel like I should be her. The problem is it is always the part of the story where she cleans and slaves in rags for everyone. I would love to feel the prince charming part of the story. Awesome

  83. WHen I was little and saw Leslie Ann Warren as Cinderella, I wanted to be a princess just like her. But then I grew up & found out that real life was a bit different. I can still dream about it on those overwhelming days despite haveing a wonderful, loving husband who treats me like I am his princess.

  84. I did want to be Cinderella when I was little. I felt like a princess on my wedding day though. THANKS!

  85. What an awesome prize. Loved the Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren as well as the Disney one.

  86. Of course!! What little girl wouldn’t want to be a princess :) My girls LOVE playing dress up- they are MY princesses! shanna.u(at)gmail(dot)com

  87. Yes, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a princess especially after seeing all of the Disney movies.

  88. I always wanted to meet a prince, but never pictured myself as a princess. I know that sounds strange. I did imagine myself growing up to get married and have kids just not with the prince.

  89. I never wanted to be one myself but love reading or watching movies with princesses in them!

  90. I can’t really remember wanting to be a princess when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be a mother, and I received a baby doll that drank water and wet for Christmas when I was in first grade. I did receive a “princess bride dol” for CHris when I was in second grade. I loved the clothes that princesses wore and always wanted to be dressed like one. I have 4 cats who are all princesses now! They rule the house with lots of fur and love!!

    1. I can’t really remember wanting to be a princess when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be a mother, and I received a baby doll that drank water and wet for Christmas when I was in first grade. I did receive a “princess bride doll” for Christmas when I was in second grade. I loved the clothes that princesses wore and always wanted to be dressed like one. I have 4 cats who are all princesses now! They rule the house with lots of fur and love!!

    2. Sorry I posted this comment before I had time to proofread it! I posted the corrected version below. ;)

  91. I always wanted to be a princess in disguise, so that no one would actually know I was the one =)

  92. YES! I dreamt of being a princess all the time as a little girl! Then I grew up and got married! After 25 years of marriage I feel like a princess every day thanks to my wonderful hubby! We are more in love now than we were on the day we married! I thank my lucky stars every single day for the wonderful Prince that I found!
    Would love to win these goodies so I could get him a little treat and have some treats for me too! Thanks for the chance to!

  93. I used to want to be a princess, but then I realized that it’s a lot of work, you’re always in the spotlight (and I hate that), and it’s not all pretty dresses and fancy things. I guess I’m pretty content being who I am. :)

  94. I was the baby of the family in a house of 4 kids. I was a total Daddy’s girl. My brother and sisters took to calling me Little Queenie which is where my email comes from. I didn’t want to be a Princess, I was going to be the Queen. Lol. Never made it that far.

  95. Why yes I wanted to be a princess! Doesn’t every girl LOL Love all the Disney princesses & still watch them even at my age. So I guess we never out grow it!

  96. I can’t recall ever wanting to be a princess. I grew up with 2 older brothers and was always playing outside.

  97. Always. I love princess movies and always will. I used towatch the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella every year beginning with the black and white Julie Andrews version, then Lesley Ann Water’s version. If it were still televised, I’d still be watching.

  98. nope, never wanted to be a princess. I don’t recall ever being into the disney movies/stories as a child.

  99. yes,ever since watching cinderella as a little girl its been my fav all time disney movie and wanted to be a princess so bad. my name actually means princess.

  100. Cinderella is my favorite movie. I always want be like Cinderella when I was growing up course life other plans for me I never married prince charming. Neither my one of my ex’s was no count. Being Probation and Parole Officer make you look at life in a different way.

  101. I wanted to be a princess but after a growth spurt and awkward stage I felt too ugly to be one. Thankfully I found love and live as a Queen with two young Princes

  102. I don’t think I ever did want to be a princess. I don’t remember even wanting to be one for Halloween; I wanted to be a gypsy. Of course, at 68, I just might not remember. :)

  103. I was never wanting to be a princess–too much work. LOL I have no problem admiring those that are.

  104. I don’t remember wanting to be a princess when I was little. I did Love the movie the Parent Trap, so I always wanted to find a long lost twin sister (the fact that my parents were happily married to one another was an obvious impediment to that dream coming true, but I still held out hope :) ).

  105. Yes! I Always Thought many Times I Was Born Into THE Wrong Family, Was always treated poorly , and got the bad end of things , grew up poor . Was always looking for my prince charming to take me away from the sadness and make me a princess

  106. Oh my, I absolutely wanted to be a princess and a rock star! Instead, I named my first born Sara, which means “princess” ;)

  107. Of course I wanted to be a princess! And I still dream that one day all of the forest creatures shall come and help me clean and make my clothes for me :)

  108. Like every girl, I wanted to be a princess. I loved pretending I could be Jasmine or Ariel. However, when I friends and I played, I somehow always had to play the prince! I always lost in the ‘getting my way’ fight with them. It was still fund though.

  109. I grew up in the 50’s and of course I wanted to grow up and be a princess. Walt Disney’s shows were inspirational and when we played dress-up, we had beautiful gowns and tiaras to wear. Life was good!

  110. When I was little I saw “The Princess and the Pea”. That very night I was very uncomfortable in bed because there was a few crumbs in my bed. I was convinced that I was really a princess. My dad went along with it and told me they were keeping me safe from an enemy of the crown. I’m still waiting for it to be safe enough that I can return to my castle. Meanwhile I wear my tiara while I have coffee in the mornings and may or may not practice my wave and curtsey in the bathroom mirror… just in case.

  111. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess? But it also comes with a lot of demands(guess I have to much Practical and not enough dreamer? But I would LOVE to be a princess with all the bling, glitter and pizzaz that goes too.

  112. i loved watching cinderella but i dont think i ever wanted to be a princess because i hated wearing dresses.i havent worn a dress since my 8th grade graduation.and that was a very long time ago.

  113. I don’t think I needed the tiara ( though I love sparkle). I justalways wanted the stature to be able to have the authority to be able to be the one to give people what they need to be happy, heathly and cared for. if I could make some wishes come thrue and smiles happen all the better…I guess a secret fairy would better suit me LOL…with the tiara haha

  114. Yes, my loving parents always encouraged my dreams. As a little girl a princess, my fairytale life dreams drift into my imagination. My real life dreams are pursuing Nursing and caring for others.

  115. Yes, I think most little girls wanted to be a princess. I would wear my Mom’s fancy dresses and shoes. Now my 4 year old daughter is the princess in our house. With her pretty long hair,tiara,wand and her pretend jewels she is set to rule the kingdom or slay the dragons or even drink tea with Mommy while we cuddle with the cats !

  116. Yes, I did want to be a princess. In my own mind I am one -haha. I really loved all the Disney Princess movies and I made sure I bought all of them when my daughter was little and we watched them over and over. Looking forward to this series.

  117. Being such a tomboy growing up, I wanted to be the Prince so I could save the day.It wasn’t until I got married at 18 and was the mother of three by the time I was 22 that a wanted to be a Princess.

  118. I definitely wanted to be a princess. I fell in love with the TV version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella back in the 60’s.

  119. Cinderella was always my favorite fairytale as a child. Who wouldn’t want to be like her?

  120. Aaah, the dream of being a princess. Yes I have. To wear a tiara and beautiful dresses would be a dream! But then I realize I’m a rule breaker, not follower, and I’m better suited to the life of a commoner. ;)

  121. I used to dress up in my sister’s petticoats, veils and way to big high heels. I guess I was trying to be a princess bride? But the next minute I’d be outside with my cats and dog running through the trees like a little heathen. Loved Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren.

  122. Not really. I didn’t have anything against them but I was too busy running around outside getting dirty and playing with other kids…

  123. I sure did…Always wanted to be Cinderella. In many ways I am..Find a prince, marry him have a boy and a girl and live happily ever after..and in some ways I still am..found my prince, had two beautiful girls(no boy.:(.) but I’m still doing all the house work, cooking, cleaning, and driving all over the place..LOL..Cinderella lives on here FOREVER…Loved the new movie also..Good Luck EVERYONE!

  124. Most little girls want to be a princess and even adults. Let’s us escape to an another time and place just like books.
    Thanks for the chance xx

  125. Of course I did! Then I watched the Princess Sissi movie series and I kind of realised it wasn’t such a pleasant life…I did keep dreaming about a charming count or lesser duke for a few years, though, their lives seemed to be as glamorous and yet less demanding :P

  126. I have always liked the villains better than the princesses. But when I was little I loved pretending.

  127. Totally always wish I was a princess. Get to have an awesome wardrobe. Have people looking up too me. Get to have amazing balls and dance the night away. And of course I cannot forget Mr. Princes charming :)

  128. For my wedding day growing up I wanted to be a princess just for that day but now I’m a queen! I am the only female in my house so by default I get to be the queen!

  129. Unfortunately I didn’t want to be a princess when I was little. I was quite a tomboy growing up and played football, cars and climbed trees with all the boys on the street lol! I would get all muddy catching tadpoles and frogs instead of playing dress up. I have changed now that I’m older but do still like to catch frogs ;)

  130. My little 3 yo granddaughter was a princess for Halloween. So wanting to be a princess has been going strong for 3 generations!

  131. I loved the many versions of Cinderella, esp. The Glass Slipper with Leslie Caron and Michael Wilding. I also love reading about Cinderellas becoming princesses and other princess stories. Now I have been a princess, because I have been married almost 7 years to my own Prince Charming. Don’t ever say you can’t marry 1st and best after 50!

  132. I don’t think I wanted to be a princess as much as I wanted to find my prince with the HEA ending.

  133. Did you ever want to be a princess? That’s a tough one, really. I was a tom boy growing up. I don’t think I did actually. I think I was trying to get trucks, and race cars, lego’s. Oh I did have a baby thataway and a bionic woman doll. But as close to being girly as I got.

  134. I thought every young girl’s dram was to marry a handsome Prince, fall in love and have a fairytale wedding. I remember watching the royal wedding of Prince Charles and lady Diane when I was a small girl. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!

  135. Cinderella has always had a special place in my heart as a young girl. But I never dreamed of being a princess. Too much of a realist for that.

  136. Spending a few days as a princess might be nice, but I would not want to live in the public eye

  137. Honestly, No,I never wanted to be a princess. It’s just way too much work…All the pomp and stuff. I rather just have a guy that loves me for me and not make me have to conform to a life of dresses and stuffiness!

  138. I love Princesses & Cinderella, but I have found my Prince, he’s my Husband for almost the last 19 years. Love your book, thanks for the Giveaway.

  139. I wanted to be a princess, but I wanted to be a ninja princess.
    I just wanted to surprise people that I could ninja them while dressed like a princess.

  140. I still dream about being a princess and one day meeting my prince watching princess movies and reading about it gives u that hour or two of make believe yea even as a grown up :) who does want to put on a fancy gown n tiara and ride away in a stage coach n dance the night away with hopes of meeting prince charming

  141. Of course, I wanted to be a princess growing up. Heck, I still want to be a princess. Wait a minute…I’m NOT a princess?

  142. Oh yes, of course I wanted to be a princess! I wanted the singing mice and the pumpkin carriage as well! :) Then when I was older and traveled to Europe, I imagined the lives in each castle that I visited. :) Looking forward to reading this one!

  143. I’ve always wanted to be a princess. Never could decide if I wanted to be Ariel because I love mermaids, or Belle become I was jealous of her library lol!

  144. I never wanted to be a princess, but I have always loved the happy ever after story lines though.

  145. yes I wanted to be a princess. I idolized Pricess Diana and one of my favorite disney movies is Princess Diaries.

  146. I would love to wear the clothes and be pampered — for about a day! Ok, maybe the pampering a little longer! But what I really wanted to be was a Goonie! ;)

  147. When I was little, I was determined to name my daughter Cinderella. I loved reading all the fairy tales with princesses in them, but never really wanted to be a princess.

  148. I’ve always wanted to be a princess. I still do really. Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance! Happy Easter!

  149. I never really wanted to be a princess. I loved watching Disney movies but never pictured myself in the life. Growing up, I wanted super hero powers instead. =)

  150. I sure did !!!
    Loved watching Walt Disney’s Cinderella when growing up.
    I finally have a girl in our family!!!
    I have 3 sons & 3 grandsons…and now we have our own ‘Lil Princess Rain Marie! She just turned “1” a week ago!!!
    LOVE all my kids/grandkids!!!

  151. I’ve always been a princess (at least in my own mind.) And now that I’m all grown up I most certainly turned into a Queen. With three absolutely gorgeous little princesses of her own. :) My youngest swore for years that she was Cinderella. We even started calling her Cindy for a bit. :)

  152. I was always a tomboy so never really interested in being a princess or dressing up like one that much unless I was playing with my cousin – even then we just played on the monkey bars. lol

  153. I was more of a tomboy but did have the dreams of having a princess wedding… Didn’t work out that way but still got my Prince Charming (been married 18 years this year).

  154. I wanted to be a princess, but not like Cinderella… If Brave had been out when I was a kid I would want to be that princess.

  155. I have never had a desire to be a princess, I’m to much of a tomboy! Hahaha! My niece is the princess in our family and she acts it to! I love her to death! :)

  156. Yes, I wanted to be a princess. I was born in 1963 and was raised on all the classic Disney Princess’s. I loved to daydream of finding my very own prince charming. A few years ago I was given a pretty rhinestone tiara( like a bride wears)for my birthday. A gift from my mother. Guess I am a princess in her eyes.

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