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HisChristmasMiracle-300dpi1. Do you have any special holiday traditions with your family?

This is our first year as empty-nesters so we’re reinventing the entire holiday. Our children are living near my mother-in-law now, so we suggested going to them this year. My daughter is a tiny bit devastated. Even though she’s twenty-one and living with her boyfriend, with minimal time off work, she wants to come home. We’re still figuring it out.

sugarcookiesdc2. What is your favorite holiday recipe?

I personally love gingersnaps and shortbread. For some reason, I only seem to make them at this time of year. My kids always loved decorating Sugar Cookies so I’m including that recipe along with a picture of actual cookies they made. But you can get recipes for all of those cookies as part of my Advent calendar kit. Read below for more info.

3. In your story His Christmas Miracle, the characters countdown to Christmas with an Advent calendar. Tell us about how that inspired a special stocking stuffer for your fans:

I had so much fun with this book! The hero, Quincy, has just taken custody of his four year old son and he is completely unprepared to be a parent. Nicki realizes right away that father and son need ways to bond.

As I began writing, I scheduled activities for the characters on an actual calendar, to track the story for myself, but I realized very quickly that Nicki could do the same. She puts together a calendar that takes them ice skating, sleigh riding, fetching a tree and visiting The Stroll in downtown Marietta. The more I worked through this, the more I saw an opportunity for a fun craft readers could do at home with their little elves. It turned into a kit with recipes and suggested activities you can print, colour and assemble through December as you count down to Christmas. Look for the link in the back of His Christmas Miracle.

4. Do you like to stay home for Christmas or travel to a destination?

I’ve always wanted to go away somewhere hot for Christmas, but so far it remains a dream.

5. What is your favorite Christmas song?

My favourite has always been The Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas. It just breaks my heart every time, which doesn’t sound very cheery, does it? But I still love it.
On the topic of Christmas cheer, however…Have you seen my book trailer?

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Award winning and USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani Collins, has written more than two dozen romances ranging from sexy contemporary for Harlequin Presents, to romantic comedy, epic medieval fantasy and even some erotic romance. Lately she has also been writing rancher romance for Tule’s Montana Born. Since she’s a small town girl at heart, this makes her feel at home.

Dani lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart and two mostly-grown children.


  1. Congratulations on the release of this wonderful story. The Advent Calendar was a wonderful idea that can even be adapted by families who don’t celebrate Christmas, but as an activity claendar.

  2. Felicitations on your new book!
    Christmas stockings are a . Must in our family, for everybody! That includes friends of friends who have no place to go.
    I love the classic Christmas carols and for modern: Silver Bells and The Little Drummer Boy.
    What a good interview! Most enjoyable! Thanks.

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  3. My newest favorite Christmas carol is “Mary, did you know?” It’s a powerful song and it touches my heart every time I sing it or hear it.BTW I’m a Mezzo Soprano although I don’t sing very much anymore. After 48 years of singing in choirs and church type music, I’m worn out. But I still love hearing that Christmas music.

  4. My favorite Christmas carol has always been O Holy Night, especially by Josh Groban. I’ve always wanted to go on a trip for Christmas too, preferably Disney World.

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