Celebrate the Hotel Hookup Series with Author Annabelle Snow!

Hearing from my readers and knowing that they can connect with these women has been one of the joys of writing a series.


As a reader, I have always enjoyed books written as a series. Multiple stories allow me to journey with an author, and I get to fully explore fictional worlds and experiences in ways that are limited when I read a stand-alone work.

Turning the tables, I have now had the experience of writing a series, and I hope readers have enjoyed the escape of the four novellas in Hotel Hookup. While the heroine, setting, and plot of each story are unique, common threads laced throughout the series have helped readers stay connected whether they travel with me to Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, or Miami.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from readers through the release, and comments which carry special meaning are when readers tell me these characters are relatable. Amaree struggles with body image. Molly contemplates choices in her career. Hannah nurses a break-up. Katarina craves escape and takes a chance on a new hobby. Hearing from my readers and knowing that they can connect with these women has been one of the joys of writing a series.

Other joys in series writing have been to learn how erotica helps readers become more comfortable with conversations about sex. Steamy scenes and sultry dialogue are fun to read, but beneath the surface, these fictional encounters help readers safely explore sex. That exploration can lead to healthy adult conversation. Whether those conversations take place with our sisters, our friends, or our partners, having the confidence to communicate about sex and not be ashamed in doing so is empowering.

That brings me to my biggest joy in writing this series: empowerment. I hope that readers have felt as empowered as I have in exploring sexuality through this lens of fiction.

I am grateful to the readers who have joined me on this journey, and I am especially grateful for the Tule Publishing team for championing women everywhere through the books they publish. Book girls rule!

Annabelle Snow, winner of Tule Publishing’s 2016 Pillow Talk contest,  is a well-traveled author whose love of adventure (and luxury accommodations!) inspired the Hotel Hookup series. A fan of good coffee and high thread count sheets, she enjoys sharing fiction using real-life locations. Annabelle earned two undergraduate degrees before completing her Master of Arts degree in English and lives, for now, in a house. Maybe one day she’ll live in a hotel.

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