RELEASE DAY POST! Lara Van Hulzen Shares Her Inspiration for A Recipe of Romance!

When I was given the opportunity to write in the Bachelor Bake-Off Series, I jumped at the chance. The concept of writing in a series with other authors was new to me and not only did I learn a lot, I was able to work with some wonderful people while having fun creating – a great combination.

This was my first time writing in Marietta, Montana as well and I can’t think of a better setting to do so. And as much as I love cowboys, I enjoyed writing a wealthy businessman who finds love, even though he believes that’s the last thing he needs in his life. The St. Claire family have a home in Marietta, their home base being in New York. However, after the matriarch of the family passes away, Daniel St. Claire decides that his wife’s favorite place – Marietta – is exactly where he wants to be.

Not understanding why his father would want to completely change his life, Wes St. Claire comes to visit with the mindset of a quick trip to see family, then get back to work and his world in New York. However, his father and young niece sucker him into baking in the Bachelor Bake-Off. Although horrified at the idea, he caves when his niece gets her beautiful dance teacher, Noelle Olsen, to help Wes learn to bake.

I have to confess, I’m not much of a baker myself, so I had to refer to my daughter throughout the process. I can bake, it’s just not my strong suit. But it made A Recipe For Romance that much more fun to write. As Noelle helps Wes learn to bake, I got to be a part of it. I got to walk right along with them on their journey to each other, as well as new beginnings in Marietta.

My favorite thing to write is families. And I love the St. Claire’s. Their wealth and status is a part of their life, but it isn’t who they are. And having spent most of their lives in New York, Marietta changes each one of them in it’s own special way. The Bake-Off is just the beginning for them wanting to be a part of the community and make a difference for the town that meant so much to their mother.

As a huge fan of cookies, I couldn’t resist a series like this. It’s impossible to turn down romance mixed with decadent desserts – a perfect combination.

Lara is a published author and public speaker with a degree in journalism. Writing stories since she was a young girl, Lara’s dream of being a novelist became a reality with her Men of Honor Series. An avid reader, she worked as a book reviewer for 18 years with various organizations such as Crossings Doubleday, YouthWorker Journal, and Lover of movies, music, art, travel, baseball, CrossFit and her dog, Lara lives in California with her husband, teenage daughter, and teenage twin boys.


  1. I loved this story and hope you will write about the other St. Claire siblings. Happy Release Day Lara!!!

  2. I like this ‘Bake-Off’ because it’s a nice twist on the usual ‘Chili contests or BBQ contests.. I also think it’s nice for men to find out that not everything that’s usually classed as ‘womens work’ is easy!!

  3. So thrilled with this Bachelor Bake-Off series from Tule! It’s great to jump into a series like this as spring approaches. Congratulations, Lara, and keep the romance coming!

  4. Sounds like a great book, looking forward to reading it! I am not much of a baker myself, I would love to learn how to make a few things though, maybe I will take a class.

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