Exclusive Barbara Dunlop Q&A About Her New Release Chase!

1.  What can we expect from your hero, Chase Garrett?

Chase is very self-reliant. He’s hard-working and extremely principled. Ever since his fiancée cheated on him with his best friend, Chase has guarded his emotions. But his principles won’t let him walk away from someone in need. You can expect Chase to step up and help, and to stick around until the job is done.

2.  Which character do you relate to the most in this story? In what ways?

I think I relate to Maddy’s determination to protect her son, and her struggle with balancing her child’s interests with finding time for herself. I relate to Chase’s goal-oriented approach to problem solving. And I relate to the teasing rivalry and love between Maddy and her siblings. I very much enjoying writing family dynamics.

3.  What kind of research went into writing this story? What was the most interesting information that you discovered about the sport or the circuit?

I may have had more fun researching this book than any other I’ve written. I went on a fabulous road trip to Deadwood, the setting of the story, with Jane Porter, Kelly Hunter and Megan Crane—girl’s road trip to the bull rides! We had an amazing time, and learned a whole lot about the bull-riding events and circuit. I was impressed by the hard work and dedication of the riders, but also of the team that surrounds them. Everyone seemed to pitch in to help everyone else.

4.  What was your greatest inspiration for this story?

I loved the bull riding setting. Cowboys make some of the best heroes. But I was particularly excited about writing with such an amazing group of creative women. We had a chance to get together in San Diego to brainstorm our ideas and storylines. It was fascinating to watch each author organically bounce ideas around and come up with things that worked for their own story but, at the same time, supported their fellow authors.

5.  Can you share a deleted scene from the book with us?

I don’t have any deleted scenes. I write from chapter one, word one chronologically to the end of the story. If something isn’t working, I’ll delete it. But I it’s a hard-delete. I don’t save it anywhere. My philosophy is words are free—I can always write more.

Barbara Dunlop is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fifty romance novels. A three time finalist in the prestigious RITA award, she is also a two time winner of the RWA Golden Heart award. An Unlikely Match, the first book in her acclaimed Match series, was a number one bestseller on Amazon. Barbara makes her home in Yukon with her bush pilot husband and the moose and bears that wander through their yard.


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