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Tule Publishing has hit a milestone 10 years and we’re celebrating all month long with showcasing some of our first 10’s! Learn more about our first 10 authors, meet our first 10 cowboys and cowgirls, watch our first 10 films, and maybe find yourself wrapped up dreaming of the holidays with our first 10 Christmas stories!

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Add Tule Publishing’s First 10 Films to Your “Must Watch” List. The following Tule books have been turned into films:

Hallmark: 2017

Hallmark: 2017

Hallmark: 2018

Hallmark: 2019

Hallmark: 2020

GAC Family: 2021 (Filmed as “An Autumn Romance“)

Hallmark: 2021

Hallmark: 2021

GAC Family: 2021

GAC Family: 2021

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Tule Author Q&A: Barbara Dunlop loves opposites attract romances and dogs!

Barbara Dunlop stopped by to talk about her new sweet romance, Kiss Me in the Summer!


Kiss Me in the Summer is such a sweet opposites attract romance. What drew you to this trope? What’s your favorite trope to write?

Opposites attract is high up there on my list of favorite tropes. I also love writing fish out of water stories, because there’s so much opportunity for funny conflict and misunderstanding. I like to toss my characters into the unfamiliar so I can really see what makes them tick. I also like writing stories that naturally lend themselves to comedy. There’s nothing better than a fun write that can turn into a fun read. 


Black Long Coat Medium Dog on Grey Concrete PavementDogs play such a big part in this story. Are you a dog person?

We’ve had two Bernese Mountain dogs over the years. They were both amazing pets, smart and loyal, but very different from each other. Our first was a people dog, wherever we went, no matter the adventure, he was game to do it with us. Our second felt the homestead was his special responsibility. Our house is in the middle of a forested acreage. We could try to take him for a walk, but half a mile or so from the house he’d give us a look that said: “Keep going if you must, but I’ve got a job to do.” He’d head back home, and we’d find him on guard when we got back.


How do you relate to Laila and Josh, and how do you hope readers will relate to them?

What I really liked about Laila is her refusal to let life get her down. She’s a go-getter, willing to look seriously at her own shortcomings and try to do something about them. She often fails, because she has both strengths and weaknesses, but she generally gives it her all. I was drawn to Josh’s patience and kindness. He accepts people the way they are without judging them. He’s loyal and dependable. Those are two of the things that have kept him in his small town and appreciating the little things in life.


What was your favorite scene to write and why?

I loved writing the scene where Laila and Butch first connect. Butch might be a misunderstood mutt, but he sees better than the people what Laila needs to overcome her fears.





What are you currently reading?

While we’re all staying home, I’ve been re-reading some classic comfort favorites by Lisa Kleypas and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Right now, I’m in the middle of Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas.


About the Author

Barbara Dunlop is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over fifty romance and romantic comedy novels. She is a four time finalist in the prestigious RITA award and has had her work optioned for film and television. The first book in her acclaimed Match series, An Unlikely Match, was a number one bestseller on Amazon.

Exclusive Barbara Dunlop Q&A About Her New Release Chase!

1.  What can we expect from your hero, Chase Garrett?

Chase is very self-reliant. He’s hard-working and extremely principled. Ever since his fiancée cheated on him with his best friend, Chase has guarded his emotions. But his principles won’t let him walk away from someone in need. You can expect Chase to step up and help, and to stick around until the job is done. Continue reading

Visit with NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara Dunlop!

UnpredictableMatchI can’t believe we’ve released Book Five in the Match Series!

I can clearly remember the holiday where my daughter and I brainstormed ideas for the zany senior citizens at the heart of the stories.  There are five of them: JW the former Green Beret, Sam who was a NASA genius, quirky, impulsive Daisy, Lizbet a highly successful businesswoman, and earth-mother Hannah.

From their Florida seniors’ residence, they invent the most successful matchmaking program in the world.  I knew right away the crew would have endless fun messing with the lives of their grandchildren.  Each story is a new match.  And each new match brings tougher challenges to the seniors who have to surreptitiously throw their heirs into the paths of their perfect mates and keep them there long enough to let the magic—or the science, depending on who you ask—go to work.

It started with An Unlikely Match, featuring a nerd and an aspiring actress in Southern California.  An Impractical Match pairs an uptight perfectionist of an event planner with slightly wild motor cross racer.  In An Extraordinary Match, a float plane pilot puts the daughter of his family’s arch-enemy in prison.  While a typo in the matchmaking program has a construction contractor reluctantly attempting to match the perfect woman with his brother in An Astonishing Match.

That brings us to number five, An Unpredictable Match.  Obviously, the crew can’t leave the brother from book four all alone and lonely.  He’s a brilliant, independent, workaholic, coerced by his grandmother into offering his mansion as a film set.  She’s a charming film producer battling a tyrannical boss.  For good measure, the seniors toss in a beautiful starlet as a red herring.

Summer’s nearly here, and I’m looking longingly outside at the sunshine.  Still, I can’t help thinking about book number six…

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BarbX2015XLargeBarbara Dunlop is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fifty romance novels. A three time finalist in the prestigious RITA award, she is also a two time winner of the RWA Golden Heart award. An Unlikely Match, the first book in her acclaimed Match series, was a number one bestseller on Amazon. Barbara makes her home in Yukon with her bush pilot husband and the moose and bears that wander through their yard.