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I’m so excited that Tule has given my McLaughlins series a new home with beautiful new covers, and new titles. If you’re new to the series, or here for the insight, stick around and read more about the McLaughlin family, the pub they run, and the Island they call home.

Meet the McLaughlins, or as I like to call them: Scotland’s sexiest export! The McLaughlins moved from Edinburgh to Whidbey Island
(a real island located in Washington State) with their parents when they were kids. Now we’re in the present date, where each book shows how each sibling There’s Kenzie (the youngest and only girl), Ian and Colin McLaughlin (the middle children–twins), and Alec (the oldest). The stories in this series show how each sibling struggles with life and ultimately love.


The series kicks off with One More Round!

When Sarah Rawlings fell for her best friend’s older brother in high school, she knew he was trouble. But she couldn’t resist his pull and the sweetness she sensed underneath his protective bad boy persona. Their relationship was everything she had ever dreamed of, until she was rocked by his painful betrayal. Eleven years later, Sarah must return to Whidbey Island following her beloved grandmother’s death. She knows she must stay away from Ian, but he’s not making that easy and every time she sees him, she’s reminded of what might have been.

One look at Sarah stirs up memories regrets that still linger in Ian McLaughlin’s heart. She was the love of his life and he still can’t understand how he blew it and how she could have also hurt him so badly in return. He plans to steer clear of Sarah while she’s on Whidbey Island, but that’s impossible when she’s often at his family’s pub. Thinking to indulge in a little casual seduction for fun, neither is prepared when the embers burst into flames.

So many years and secrets separate them. Can their powerful attraction also include understanding and forgiveness? Find out!


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