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2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Tule Publishing

Welcome to Tule’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whether you’re looking to get the book lover in your life the perfect gift or you’re shopping for yourself (you deserve it!), you are guaranteed to find your next favorite read in this gift guide!

For the person who dreams of marrying a cowboy…

The Cowboy’s Daughter by Jamie K. Schmidt

“This one grabs you by the heartstrings and does not let go.” – Bonnie G, Goodreads
“A captivating read from beginning to end…Emotionally heartfelt, enjoyable and fun!” – Kathleen B, Goodreads
“A fast paced, thrilling, sexy romance that was filled with drama and misunderstandings…This romantic second chance love story that should not be missed.” E.L, Goodreads


For the friend who loves dogs more than people…

A Dog Called Valentine by Roxanne Snopek

“A sweet, slow burn romance with all the feels, two souls in need of love, and a dog who brought them together.” – Denise S, Goodreads
“It’s been ages since I laughed so much while reading. A Dog Called Valentine is pure fun — romantic comedy at its best.” – Shelagh, Goodreads
“Loved, loved, loved this heartwarming romance.” – Shari, Goodreads


For the person who is obsessed with Christmas…

Oh, Christmas Night by Jane Porter

“A heart-warming, charming and sigh-worthy holiday romance that feels like a Hallmark movie with words.” – Dianne, Goodreads
“This is the perfect book to read to get yourself into the mood for the holiday season. Wonderful characters, wonderful setting and a wonderful storyline all add up to another winner from Jane Porter.” – Mia, Goodreads
“A sweet, charming holiday story with all the magic of Christmas.” – Debra S, Goodreads


For the armchair detective in your life…

Bittersweet by C.J. Carmichael

“A great addition to the Bitter Root Mysteries series. The perfect mix of both mystery and romance that keeps you going back for more.” – Donnajo, Goodreads
“I was intrigued and held in suspense…A tale rich with suspense, growing love, and interesting interactions between the endearing characters.” – Eileen, Goodreads
“Full of suspense, mystery and a splash of romance that kept me turning the pages.” – Shari, Goodreads


For the one who swears they were born in the wrong century…

Romancing the Laird by Gerri Russell

“If you enjoy historical tales filled with strong heroines and sizzling romance, this book will pull you in and warm your heart.” – Ann C, Goodreads
“I was captured by the first page and this exciting adventure did not slow down…Gerri Russell successfully immersed me into this time and place with her wonderful descriptions and strong characters.” – Lori D, Goodreads
“A riveting, fast paced, action packed, nail-biting, romantic adventure.” – Barbee, Goodreads


For the friend who likes sports mixed with their romance…

The Perfect Catch by Joanne Rock

“A sweet story of two people who had been beat down in the past and given a second chance at happiness.” – Carol, Goodreads
“A hunky ballplayer, family drama galore and lots of sassy banter! Joanne Rock brings a baseball dynasty to life with the backdrop of a good-hearted Texas family.” – Lynn B, Goodreads
“A heartwarming and enjoyable baseball themed country romance.” – Maria R, Goodreads


For the person who wishes their life was a Hallmark movie…

Holiday Hearts by Barbara Ankrum

“Two best friends team up to make a little girl’s first Christmas without her mother special and discover they can make each other’s Christmas special too.” – Janine, Goodreads
“The perfect book to curl up with this holiday season!” – Michelle, Goodreads
“A truly beautiful Christmas story…I totally loved this spell binding romance.” – Elaine, Goodreads


For the friend who dreams of having a paranormal boyfriend…

Junkyard Dog by Katja Desjarlais

“Filled with humor, intrigue, danger and lots of love, this is a book that will definitely keep you interested to the end.” – Peta, Goodreads
“I really enjoyed this mix of fun, action, romance with a little mythology thrown in for good measure.” – Carolyn, Goodreads
“The chemistry between Charlotte and Alex sizzles with lots of heat.” – Eva M, Goodreads


For the person who has a case of wanderlust…

What Happens in the Highlands by Kelsey McKnight

“The descriptions of the beauty and uniqueness of Scotland drew me in and made a lovely backdrop for Lachlan and Rose to fall in love against all odds.” – Marsha, Goodreads
“I enjoyed this light romance and it DEFINITELY made me want to visit Scotland more than ever.” – Kat, Goodreads
“A love story rivaled only by the magnificent back drop of the Scottish Highlands and one that deserves every star I can give it.” – Erin R, Goodreads


For the one who is a sucker for a second chance romance…

A Son for the Texas Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne

“A fabulous Cowboy story with all the angst, drama and passion needed to capture the true romantic’s heart.” – Karen R, Goodreads
“Second chance romances are my favorite ones and this is right up there with the best of them.” – Bonnie G, Goodreads
“This is one story that stays with you long after it has been finished.” – Becky, Goodreads


Tule’s 2019 Holiday Book Wrap-Up

We had so many wonderful holiday releases this year! Take a look through everything we released this season and see which titles you’ve already read and which need to be added to your TBR list. Happy Holidays from Tule!

GIVEAWAY: We will pick TWO winners to receive a digital book of their choice from our holiday releases. Comment down below saying your favorite holiday tradition!

Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, December 18th!

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Tule Author Q&A: Nan Reinhardt ‘shows’ potential of River’s Edge

Nan Reinhardt took some time to talk about her new release, Christmas with You.


Christmas with You features a showboat. When was the first time you saw a showboat (real life or on-screen)?
Hmmm… I would say the very first time was in the movie version of Showboat, the 1951 musical based on Edna Ferber’s novel. I love the songs from that musical and somehow, showboats have always fascinated me. There are two on the lakes where we have our summer cottage—one, the Madame Carroll, is sort of what I based Aidan’s showboat, the River Queen, on since she has a stage and the owners do dinner theater on her, as well as proms and private parties and other events. The guys who own her were kind to answer my questions and share their knowledge.


What was Aiden’s role on the hit TV show he was written out of?
He played Detective Pete Atwood,  a “hot cop” on the TV show, LA Detectives. Young, smart, hip, and sexy, he was the perfect foil for the older, more staid police detective he was partnered with on the show. Women fans adored him and he was the only one on the show to win both an Emmy and a Golden Globe in the same year.


Why is Holly’s son so fascinated with the showboat?
I think it is the combination of missing his dead grandfather, who owned the boat and the fact that Mateo wants to be an actor. The showboat represents that dream for him. Once Aidan bought it, it became even more fascinating because he already had a hero-worship thing going with Aidan’s character on LA Detectives, which is one of Holly’s big worries in the story.


How has Aidan invested in River’s Edge?
Mostly, he’s invested financially in his family’s winery, helping Conor and Sean out with new equipment and also, he always helps around the vineyard when he’s home. But he sees the showboat as another way to bring tourists to a small river town that depends on tourism to survive. Buying the River Queen, renovating her, and starting up the Showboat Summer college course with the local college is his way of giving back to the town and to the college that helped him get his start as an actor. He wants to give young actors the same opportunity to practice their craft that he had.


Does Holly have a favorite tea set? If so, what is its significance?
Interesting question—she should have, shouldn’t she? That didn’t come up in the book, although she did haunt flea markets and estate sales when she first bought the shop, looking for all kinds of different teacups and saucers and luncheon plates to supplement the plain white china that was already there. It was her effort to make the tea shop a little bit more kitschy and fun. I think maybe her mom should produce a tea set that Holly doesn’t know about as a wedding gift in book 4 (yep, another Flaherty wedding is going to happen in Brendan’s book). Perhaps a sweet set with hand-painted violets that might be a family heirloom. Thoughts, anyone?


About the Author
Nan Reinhardt has been a copy editor and proofreader for over twenty-five years, and currently works mainly on fiction titles for a variety of clients, including Avon Books, St. Martin’s Press, Kensington Books, Tule Publishing, and Entangled Publishing, as well as for many indie authors.

Author Nan writes romantic fiction for women in their prime. Yeah, women still fall in love and have sex, even after they turn forty-five! Imagine! She is also a wife, a mom, a mother-in-law, and a grandmother. She’s been an antiques dealer, a bank teller, a stay-at-home mom, and a secretary.

She loves her career as a freelance editor, but writing is Nan’s first and most enduring passion. She can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t writing—she wrote her first romance novel at the age of ten, a love story between the most sophisticated person she knew at the time, her older sister (who was in high school and had a driver’s license!), and a member of Herman’s Hermits. If you remember who they are, you are Nan’s audience! She’s still writing romance, but now from the viewpoint of a wiser, slightly rumpled, post-menopausal woman who believes that love never ages, women only grow more interesting, and everybody needs a little sexy romance.



Tule Author Q&A: Edie Grace talks snow and sushi

Tule author Edie Grace stopped by to chat all about her new Christmas novel, Boyfriends of Christmas Past! 


Emma is a laser-focused professional. What is her favorite meal to order-in when she has a long night in the office?

A creature of habit—and a practicing pescatarian for the past five years—Emma keeps it simple but tasty when it comes to food at work and always orders a dynamite roll from the sushi restaurant down the block (and wields chopsticks like a pro while doing it, thanks to a tutorial from Sam on one of their first dates!).


Sam seems like a mellow guy. What is his favorite band?

Sam is definitely a music lover—he can usually be found with jazz blaring while he’s cooking—but since he’s also a lover of classics, his favorite band is definitely The Beatles. “Yesterday” was the first song he learned to play on the guitar.


When did Emma first get into digital design and what prompted her to pursue it as a career?

From the time she was young, Emma had always wanted to pursue a career in advertising, but it was a guy who first drew her to the design side of the industry (although she would never admit it!) Hoping to catch the eye of a cute TA named Kevin, she signed up for a digital design course—and while Kevin turned out to be a pompous creep, Emma quickly discovered she had a great eye, and passion, for design, and a proficiency for working with digital imagining.


Where is the ultimate Christmas destination Sam would like to go to with Emma?

Sam knows that Emma has a tendency to be a workaholic and too often takes her work home with her, so he’d want to take her to somewhere off the grid where they could truly get away together. Definitely somewhere snowy and private—a small mountain town; or maybe a farm-to-table Bed and Breakfast where he and Emma could really immerse themselves in the creation of their Christmas feast!


What are you currently reading?

‘Tis the season! Since the only thing more fun than writing a holiday love story is reading one, I’m getting all the festive feels right now with Jennifer Gracen’s Holidays in Manhattan. It’s making me want to wrap up in layers and go skating in Rockefeller Center!


About the Author

Hooked on happy-endings from her first episode of The Love Boat at seven, Edie Grace lives in Maryland where she writes romantic fiction under the constant supervision of a big-boned cat, and who has never met a bottle of wine she couldn’t find something nice to say about. (Edie, that is. Not the cat.)

Tule Author Q&A: Leigh Ann Edwards goes deep on life mottos & lineage

Tule author Leigh Ann Edwards took a beat to chat about the second book in her Vikings of Highgard series, The Norse Sorcerer.


How did being a descendant of Solveig affect Brenna’s childhood?
Being a descendant of Solveig affected Brenna’s childhood in many ways. She lived in the grand Solveigian castle-like fortress. She and her sisters were protected by the towering walls and gates surrounding the fortress. There were many lavish rooms such as the Hall of Ancestors and Brenna and her twin sister, Asta, shared a huge bedchamber. Brenna had stronger powers than most Highgardians because she was of the line of Solveig. Perhaps the biggest and most life-changing difference of being a descendant of the goddess, Solveig, was it was believed they were immune to the Red Death.


If Mikkel had a life Motto what would it be?
I think Mikkel’s life motto would have changed a few times throughout his life. After Mikkel, Brandr and Hagen arrived in Midgard, his life motto might have been – Survive at all costs.  Later, it was probably – Look out for number one. After he met Brenna it became – Be the man she believes me to be.


What is Brenna’s biggest phobia?
Brenna’s biggest phobia is the fear of being alone. The thought always terrified her. That was the main reason she was the second sister to make the journey to Midgard. Torunn would be there to meet her and Brenna wouldn’t be left alone in their realm as Asta was.

Tell us about Mikkel’s first time on a ship. How old was he?
Mikkel’s first time on a Viking ship was when he was nineteen – older than many Vikings for a first-time sailing experience. He was physically strong for he had worked on a farm and then later in an ale house carrying heavy casks. He had been training for a long time with swords and learning how Vikings fought.

Mikkel had already made up his mind he would one day become an important earl with a grand longhouse and an army of warriors. When he was on the Viking ship for the first time, he realized how much he liked being out on the open sea. He was intrigued by voyaging to other lands and saw how respected the ship’s steersman (captain) was. He decided he wanted that, too. He worked hard toward making his aspirations a reality.


What actor do you envision to play Mikkel if The Norse Sorcerer was adapted for the screen?
I sometimes find it a challenge to visualize who might play my characters. There are some actors I think would work, but often I find the ones who might be best suited have already played another iconic character. However, I do think maybe Ian Somerhalder who played Damon on Vampire Diaries might do nicely as Mikkel. He has the sultry, bad-boy darkness and the mesmerizing blue eyes. Give Ian some Viking hair and clothes, I think he would be great as Mikkel.




About the Author
Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in the Irish Witch series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.

Tule Authors Q&A: Kelsey McKnight & Sarah Fischer give a ‘taste’ of Christmas release

Tule authors Kelsey McKnight and Sarah Fischer took some time to discuss their new release, Royally Abandoned.

Tell us about the fictional kingdom of Aldora — what real-life country is it similar to?
Aldora is a small island nation off the coast of Great Britain. It’s most like the city-state Monaco, since although it’s tiny, it’s a wealthy nation with a strong monarchy. Now for some Aldora fun facts! The Montgomery royal family took the throne when an ancestor of theirs, a blacksmith, challenged the reigning king to a duel. Because the king was so disliked, the blacksmith beating him in combat brought a new reign of peace to the kingdom. Since then, the crown and the people have lived in perfect harmony. Greyson’s mother went to school with the late Princess Diana and they had a lifelong friendship…then they each married princes and became cousins through marriage!


How does Greyson pick Savannah, Georgia, as his destination?
Greyson’s mother was a fan of Gone with the Wind, a classic American film set in Georgia. When Greyson was deciding where he should move to, Georgia was the first place that came to mind. Then, he figured the easiest place to find construction or carpentry work in Georgia would be Savannah. Finding the perfect girl who just happened to be named Scarlett was just the cherry on top.



Scarlett teaches Greyson how to cook — what is her go-to dish?
Scarlett can’t just pick one dish, so let’s get a meal! From our personal recipe books, here are some things we think Scarlett would approve of…











If Greyson and Scarlett had a song, what would it be?
“If I Were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls.


What is your favorite holiday book of all time?
That’s a hard one, but we both read and enjoyed It Started With a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson


Note from the Authors

Royally Abandoned is the first time we’ve officially joined literary forces to write and publish a book we wrote together, but we’ve been friends for many years.

We met in college when we joined the same sorority and have been together ever since, even when we both began building families and lives in different states. Through constant texting, daily phone calls, and telepathic ability (just kidding), we’ve turned our university sisterhood into a lifelong friendship. When we each learned the other was writing their own little novels, we became each other’s makeshift editors and sounding boards as we learned the ropes in the publishing world.

When we finally decided to collaborate on a project, we knew we could build a charming world set in the thick of the holiday season. From a cozy peach cobbler café in Georgia to the opulent ballroom in the Montgomery Castle in Aldora, we want everyone who reads Royally Abandoned to feel that a book is better when you have someone to share it with.


Sarah and Kelsey

Tule Author Q&A: M.A. Guglielmo gets creative with characters

New Tule author M.A. Guglielmo took a beat to talk about her new release, Summoned.


Zahara is an outrageous character. If someone gave her $5,000 to spend freely, where would she go?

Vegas, baby! And since she can magically enchant slot machines to do her evil bidding, that 5K might end up as a lot more money for her to spend on fashion and sweets.




What is Daniel’s favorite memory with his grandmother? Were they close?
Daniel received a good deal of comfort from his grandmother during his parent’s divorce, and her grand love affair with his grandfather is the kind of love he hopes to find.



Who would you like to play Zaid if Summoned was adapted for the screen?
Marwan Kenzari, who plays bad guy Jafar in the life-action Aladdin, has great potential to play the good-but-dangerous Zaid.




If Zahara had a favorite song, what would it be?
Bad Girls by M.I.A.


What are you currently reading?
King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. Awesome world-building and a great slow burn on her romantic arcs.


About the Author
Born and raised in Rhode Island, M.A. Guglielmo is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters and works as a neurosurgeon in academic practice. Drawing on her life-long love of imaginative fiction, she writes stories based mostly on Middle Eastern and Southern European mythology and legend.


Tule Author Q&A: Megan Ryder talks relaxing & redemption

Tule author Megan Ryder sat down to discuss her second book in the Redemption Ranch series, Coming Home to the Cowboy.

Chase seems to have developed a defense mechanism with his personality. When did he start to hide behind humor?
Chase learned very young that humor made people like him more and hide his pain. He learned this as a very young child, particularly in school when the other kids liked him and making jokes allowed him to pretend that he didn’t care that he didn’t have what other kids had – birthday parties, people who cared, a family. Also, making jokes and being funny allowed him to build quick connections for a kid who changed schools often and had to go one of two ways – be strong and dominant or be funny and liked. Despite the humor making him likeable, he didn’t have a lot of close friends. He kept to himself, preferring not to create bonds knowing that he would probably be moving on soon and didn’t want to lose those friends. So he became an island until he came to Redemption Ranch and Douglas told him no matter what, he was there to stay. Adam was an easy-going guy and persistent, keeping at Chase until he let him in. They remained friends until Adam’s death, which put Hailey permanently out of reach for Chase, until she came back.


How does Hailey like to unwind?
Like many single mothers with young, active sons, it’s hard to find time to herself. But Hailey likes to read and do any activity that she can in quick, little bursts. As she settles in at Redemption Ranch and has more time, she’ll take up more hobbies and crafts to fill the creative well inside her, including quilting and knitting with Tara. But prior to coming home, she mainly read.


How does Chase initially interact with Hailey’s son?
Chase wasn’t quite sure how to interact with AJ, Hailey’s son. He had never saw himself as a father or a father-figure. He always thought there was something wrong with him, since no one ever adopted him or kept him around for long after he was abandoned. Now, there is this little, inquisitive six-year-old asking a lot of questions (as only little boys can do) and following him around, and he has no idea how to handle it. He makes mistakes, as everyone does, and Hailey is a bit overprotective, which is also natural, and he retreats. But then he finds parenting books and early-readers books for AJ at the local bookstore to help him connect with AJ, and AJ’s father’s old pony to help them bond and the connection is complete. Building that relationship between the two characters – a boy who never knew his father and was desperate for a father-figure, and a man who never expected to have children and had no clue how to handle him – was one of the hardest and best parts of this book for me.


What first drew Chase to bull riding?
Initially, Chase loved the adrenaline rush. He loved the action, the risk, and the reward. High risk, high reward. But he also loved the money that he could earn, once he proved that he had talent, and he was able to help the ranch out with his winnings. He felt like he could do more for the ranch by competing and sending money home, than by riding the range and herding cattle. Also, it allowed him to not get too close to the ranch in case it was ever taken away. His biggest fear was losing his home and ranching is risky business. By not getting too close, he wasn’t risking the bonds of home and family, the two things he desperately wanted. He said he wanted to travel and see the world, but the reality was, he was running away.


What is next for Redemption Ranch?
We have one more brother, Ty Evans, who needs his own happily ever after. Ty thinks he’s happy. He works the ranch, content to ride the range, play his guitar on Saturday nights at the local bar, and have a home, especially after his home and family was so cruelly ripped away from him. He has no need to go wandering or find anyone. He knows what it’s like to have it all and have it taken away. But he is missing something. So, when Tara and West are getting married, he is going to be confronted with his missing piece and the one ambition he had suppressed forever. Let’s see if he is man enough to go for it, or if he decides to stay on his butt on the ranch forever.


About the Author
Ever since Megan Ryder discovered Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught while sneaking around the “forbidden” romance section of the library one day after school, she has been voraciously devouring romance novels of all types. Now a romance author in her own right, Megan pens sexy contemporary novels all about family and hot lovin’ with the boy next door. She lives in Connecticut, spending her days as a technical writer and her spare time divided between her addiction to knitting and reading.