THE COWBOY’S WORD – Release Day Blog Post Featuring Sinclair Jayne! (Plus a Giveaway!)

Sinclair Jayne's The Cowboy's Word book cover with cowboy leaning on fence.

I can’t even tell all of you how happy I am to be back in Marietta, Montana writing cowboy stories for Tule. This series—The Coyote Cowboys of Montana—has, in my opinion, it ALL. My favorite hooks—cowboys, ex-military, jilted bride/substitute groom, prodigal son, barrel racer, doctor. My top tropes—reunion romance, secret baby, marriage of convenience, secret illegitimate son and the themes I adore exploring—redemption, re-invention, forgiveness. I have a rodeo cowboy, a jilted, expecting bride, A secret son finding his family, a Christmas homecoming and even a romance with a hint of mystery and long buried secrets (literally).

I’ve been thinking about this series, Coyote Cowboys of Montana, for a few years. I was playing with the idea of leaving home at eighteen, reinventing your life and building a successful career and then returning home again as a mature adult to fulfill a childhood dream/wish/fantasy. I wanted to explore the challenges my characters would face after stepping far outside their box and then trying to step back in. Would they fit? Do they want to? How can they bust out? And while I definitely wanted my heroes to be cowboys, I also wanted them to have been forced to leave the land they loved, become something else before returning to their ranch roots. 

As my premise, I made all five heroes teammates in Special Forces. Over the course of a year, each of them travels to Marietta, Montana as part of a vow they made to their fallen team leader, Jace McBride and to each other. Each of them has a task or an “amend’ that they will carry out in Jace’s honor.

While I love cowboys, the military piece was important to honor. I’ve had several family members serve in the armed forces—both Navy and Army, and while I have had one ex-soldier as a hero (Seducing the Bachelor), I never had a series centered around former soldiers. I wanted to explore these two iconic romance hero archetypes and I hope that you fall in love them as much as I did.

First up Remy Cross in The Cowboy’s Word. I created Remy especially for Shane Knight, a character I wrote in two early books that were part of a multi-author series featuring the Graff Hotel through the Holidays. Shane Knight is one of five sisters (three of them have their own love stories) and a bartender at the Graff Hotel (and former army psychologist with a painful secret). I have been wanting to write a love story for years, but the timing never felt right. Enter tall, dark, and determined Remy reluctantly back home in Marietta. He’s her perfect match. Remy’s task is to be a god father to the child of Jace’s best friend from high school. It seems easy enough, but of course his plan skews immediately into the late summer weeds. While Shane wants to remain emotionally safe, she’s sucked into riding rescue.

Photo of giveaway items that include three books, a "giddy up" throw pillow,  a hat, and some bandanas.I have been collecting some fun western themed swag, and would love to share a signed print copy of one of my Marietta Books and a few western items—bandana, jewelry, socks to a random reader who comments below to answer to this question: Is there a secondary character in any of the Marietta books you have read that you think deserves their own love story—who and what intrigues you about them?

–Happy Reading, Sinclair Jayne

About the author.

Sinclair Sawhney is a former journalist and middle school teacher who holds a BA in Political Science and K-8 teaching certificate from the University of California, Irvine and a MS in Education with an emphasis in teaching writing from the University of Washington. She has worked as Senior Editor with Tule Publishing for over seven years. Writing as Sinclair Jayne, she’s published over 20 short contemporary romances with Tule Publishing. Married for over twenty-four years, she has two children, and when she isn’t writing or editing, she and her husband, Deepak, are hosting wine tastings of their pinot noir and pinot noir rose at their vineyard Roshni, which is a Hindi word for light-filled, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Shaandaar!


  1. I am happy Shane finally met her true love. She was the one I always wanted to have a story of her own.

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