Tule Author Q&A: Leigh Ann Edwards goes deep on life mottos & lineage

Tule author Leigh Ann Edwards took a beat to chat about the second book in her Vikings of Highgard series, The Norse Sorcerer.


How did being a descendant of Solveig affect Brenna’s childhood?
Being a descendant of Solveig affected Brenna’s childhood in many ways. She lived in the grand Solveigian castle-like fortress. She and her sisters were protected by the towering walls and gates surrounding the fortress. There were many lavish rooms such as the Hall of Ancestors and Brenna and her twin sister, Asta, shared a huge bedchamber. Brenna had stronger powers than most Highgardians because she was of the line of Solveig. Perhaps the biggest and most life-changing difference of being a descendant of the goddess, Solveig, was it was believed they were immune to the Red Death.


If Mikkel had a life Motto what would it be?
I think Mikkel’s life motto would have changed a few times throughout his life. After Mikkel, Brandr and Hagen arrived in Midgard, his life motto might have been – Survive at all costs.  Later, it was probably – Look out for number one. After he met Brenna it became – Be the man she believes me to be.


What is Brenna’s biggest phobia?
Brenna’s biggest phobia is the fear of being alone. The thought always terrified her. That was the main reason she was the second sister to make the journey to Midgard. Torunn would be there to meet her and Brenna wouldn’t be left alone in their realm as Asta was.

Tell us about Mikkel’s first time on a ship. How old was he?
Mikkel’s first time on a Viking ship was when he was nineteen – older than many Vikings for a first-time sailing experience. He was physically strong for he had worked on a farm and then later in an ale house carrying heavy casks. He had been training for a long time with swords and learning how Vikings fought.

Mikkel had already made up his mind he would one day become an important earl with a grand longhouse and an army of warriors. When he was on the Viking ship for the first time, he realized how much he liked being out on the open sea. He was intrigued by voyaging to other lands and saw how respected the ship’s steersman (captain) was. He decided he wanted that, too. He worked hard toward making his aspirations a reality.


What actor do you envision to play Mikkel if The Norse Sorcerer was adapted for the screen?
I sometimes find it a challenge to visualize who might play my characters. There are some actors I think would work, but often I find the ones who might be best suited have already played another iconic character. However, I do think maybe Ian Somerhalder who played Damon on Vampire Diaries might do nicely as Mikkel. He has the sultry, bad-boy darkness and the mesmerizing blue eyes. Give Ian some Viking hair and clothes, I think he would be great as Mikkel.




About the Author
Since she was a child, Leigh Ann Edwards has always had a vivid imagination and lots of stories to tell. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, her adventures in Massachusetts, Ireland, and the UK inspired The Farrier’s Daughter and its sequel novels in the Irish Witch series. Edwards adores animals, history, genealogy, and magical places—and Ireland is filled with many magical places. She lives with her husband and two cats in the lovely city of Edmonton, Alberta.


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